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73136 :pinkiegasp: Didnt know my stories could influence people like that :rainbowlaugh: Stawpp it yeww. Next chapter is another overview, but this one is a bit longer than the other overviews I've been writing lately. Don't stop dreaming, go back to sleep :heart: /)

So yesterday I started reading the sequel to "Painting our life" and finished it. I had a dream about it :D
Kyle and I walked into a very fancy restaurant/hotel (he was 16-17). I saw a very good looking girl in her 20's (OMG dat ass), she was cleaning the floor.
We walk up to the registration. Beside the registration counter, on a wall, was a board with names and surnames of people who worked there. Like a check-in and Check-out thingy. A woman then takes out the "fake name" (when kyle rang the restaurant and asked about the manager to see if he was fired). So he(kyle) thinks that everything is back to normal, except the fact that he's 16.
Anyways, he gets recognized by his co-workers/friends and they offered to eat lunch. Kyle, his...co-workers/friends and I were sitting at a tablen next to the counter. We order our food, it was free btw. Then every one goes "omg! he's coming! sit up straight!" I see a very important looking man walking by with a friend. He must have been the owner.
Sadly my aunt woke me up for some reason and I couldn't go back to the dream.
I didn't sleep for 34 hours =\
So that was pretty cool: living in a fan fic for a bit. Gosh i want to do that again :)

51986 Stop fucking with me, and keep your damn ignorant opinions to yourself.:scootangel:

51543 Stop talking to me

50522 I'll have you know I have a plot written out that involves 4 different 120 chapter long sections. I DO have a general plot.

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