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318359 I have no idea how I got it to look like his leg is his horn, but somehow I did. The worst part... I didn't even mean to make him look like this. xD :facehoof:

306112 OH GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Yeah... About that Pony Generator thing... I see why you told me I should leave it alone... xD

306011 Alright, thanks. I'll probably turn in for the night. It may say I'm online, but I actually just leave my browser and computer going so I don't have to wait I the morning. Have a nice night! :pinkiehappy:

305993 Well, whatever the cause, it was hilarious indeed. Also, just wondering, do you maybe have an estimate on when the next chapter will be done? I'm not trying to rush, but just curious.

305971 Yes! :yay: I can't wait to see what it is... :pinkiecrazy: Also, I forgot to mention, The Dr. Seuss reference was amazing. I got a good laugh out of it. What made you think of it?

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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