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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".


Being a superhero is not easy. Twist, Button Mash, Dinky, Tagalong, Tootsie Flute, and Nursery Rhyme will soon learn about it the hard way. Timberwolves, Snips and Snails, evil filly scouts... The evil has many faces. But the brave group of foals will soon manage to defeat them all...

Or so they think.

A part of The Silver Spoonerverse. Preread by Bootsy Slickmane

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 54 )

Quite interesting... Waiting where you'll go with this whole thing.

Double Twist. All of my yes. Please more.

Twist, Button Mash, Dinky, Tagalong, Tootsie Flute, and Nursery Rhyme

That's racist. *ding*

Why racist? Also, Tag has a rather interesting superpower...


Because I thought you were going for a mane six style lineup, but then I noticed that only two tribes are represented. :)

Yeah. The fact that none of them can fly is touched upon, though.

Hmm, I just noticed that supplemental verse docs mention, like, only one pegasus. Maybe they think flying is not a superpower?

Hmm, that reminds me that I need to watch it sometime :twilightsmile:

If Captain Cockneigh's favorite team turns out to be "Plotnal", I am officially leaving the planet

“reading the future from piss” weren’t useful in fighting crime.

That's not what the internet says.

Oh, so that's why there's a Gore tag...

Tagalong is, if I recall correctly, the sole supplier of the gore tag in this fic. Also, reading the future from piss is actually a thing? I kinda made it up on a spot while writing.

Though to think about it, imagine that cutie mark...

And I'm pretty sure I did some research on football teams in London and since then I imagine her wearing West Ham gear.


And I'm pretty sure I did some research on football teams in London and since then I imagine her wearing West Ham gear.

West Ham (or "The Hammers", as they're nicknamed) is indeed a likely team for her to support (or its Equestrian equivalent, at least). West Ham fans typically come from East London, which is the cockney epicentre.

I recognize Twist and Button Mash, but who's the third filly?

Dinky's canon outfit

Wouldn't that be "cannon"? :trollestia:
Potato cannon!

Nursery Rhyme, the nurse that first appears in Read It and Weep:
She uses Twist's character model, so she's Twist's twin sister in the story.


Man I always thought buttons power or special talent would be to be like a video game kung fu master pulling off 100 hit combos and falcon punches but, secretary/engineer works too.

Can't wait for super villain or any one bad really falling for Button because he's the only colt on the team how would the rest of the fillies react how would he react that would be funny

Wait why does Nursery like Button exactly or was it explained and I just missed it

She haven't seen many colts in her life and she's rather curious. Also, her social skills are rather off, so she prefers very direct approach :pinkiehappy:

6941651 so is she just doing it for experience I guess I just want to know her thought process of liking him and why she likes him

It's all for science, indeed :twilightsmile:

6943083 well I hope it turns into more or Button gets something other than just getting c%&k teased

“When she says ‘bargain hunt’, she actually means cu–”

Cover your Britneys, kids!

A small, grey filly

*distant excited bunny squee*

Well, they're 11 at best, so they may wait for a few years :ajsmug:

:rainbowlaugh: I wonder what words other filly scouts learned... (though interestingly, Tag is rather normal by those scouts standard, as we'll see soon).

6946073 11 so you have themselves blowing off heads, Potatoes, knowledge of male genitalia, fighting timber-wolves, and being superheros yes, sex or something a kin would be the most obscene

Actual sex scenes would bump up the rating. There could be implied ones, but it'll take a while anyway, as far as character development goes. Mostly because Button is in the age when he's more interested in video games than anything else, so Nursery will have to work on it for a while.

6946096 eh you do whatever I guess I'm being critical because Button Mash in my opinion is best pony but I have to put that aside fanfics are to read about what could happen and this is a good and interesting one if I wanted something I should make it. you're the author you write whatever.:heart:

Oh yeah :twilightsmile: I don't write that much romance, but I've heard rushing things is bad. I guess this arc will carry over to the sequel too.

Nursery being jealous so cute. time for party they successfully did something

Oh yeah. They definitely gained some recognition. Also, Nursery may be cute, but one has to watch out – touching Button may end up in being strapped to an operating table...

The Potato Mare is my favorite hero so far. XD

Button doesn't seem surprised that the Silver Spooner knows who he is.

Silverspeed sat on the toilet, put some white crystals from the string bag on the mirror and began pulverising them with the razor blade.

I guess she's doing some crystal prep.

Also, for some reason, I imagine that the street name for that drug would be "Cadance". (Assuming it's not just fancy salt).

If only he knew who she is... (she borrowed her glasses from Superman. It's hard to recognise her without them).

Also, now I have a headcanon that much of the Crystal Empire's wealth comes from drugs...

this is a really good idea and execution of a fanfic but why excluding Nursery dislike my man Button. Then again maybe just part of the story but no one likes seeing there favorite pony get the short end. I guess I'm just being butt hurt but it still would be nice to know why they dislike him. still I have to forgive because I am loving this story soooo much

Nah, they're mostly just bickering (except maybe Tootsie, but she's not into nerds in general. Except Truffle Shuffle).

Also, Button is the most normal guy among rather unusual characters. Misfortune happens to him by default...

6962486 OK, but his mom has to be noticing his bruise's and Celestia, Luna, and even Discord help them if his mom finds out mothers are scarier than dads when it comes from protecting there babies if past experiences have taught me anything. Normal he has a hat that is always spinning

The trip to Tagalong’s house wasn’t long. She lived quite close to the cemetery

The irony!

“I can’t see a problem,” Peachy muttered.
“I do.” Twist frowned. “I’m pretty sure Tootsie sees it too.”

With her spelling, I wouldn't count on that.

I love Sunny and Peachy's superpower, it's really smart. This is so awesome. ^^

Your image of Iron Twist has been shamelessly stolen and posted in one of the image threads in the Twist group. Naturally, I provided a link back to the story as well.

I approve of this :twilightsmile:

The Grim Reaper wanted to suggest something to her. She didn't get a suggestion, though.

test tubes and counters that go ‘beep’ when you least expect it.

But do they have the machine that goes "PING!"?

Then she grabbed a battle saddle

"Battle saddle" is now my new favorite thing

All they could see was Tootsie grabbing Dinky and squeezing her, sending a barrage of potatoes at the unseen enemies.

This scene was too awesome to be shown firsthoof.

“So are you,” Dinky replied, her voice harder and lower than usual. She was holding Rah Rah Raisin upside-down, tangled in vines. One of them was holding filly’s horn, preventing her from teleporting. “Give up, or…”

Dang. The Potato Mare is just a top-tier hero. She's smart and she can fire potatoes.

Having said that, Caramel deLite is one scary cheval. Almost got a whole team takedown. I wonder if the team'll consider recruiting her in future. :)

Now I'm writing a sequel

Looking forward to it, 'cause this has been a fun ride.

Also, it's always nice to see someone else showing the same fondness for background fillies that I have.

Oh man, it's over already? I need hero fillies in my life! (I'm classing Button as an honorary filly. He wore that waitress outfit like a pro).

This was a ton of fun. You've put together an awesome team. I can't decide between The Potato Mare or Captain Cockneigh for my favorite. This story seriously needs way more views. I was thinking about throwing it into The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau, but I figured you might want to do that yourself. (Not that TSSPB always nets you much, but no harm in trying)

Also, cyber-Twist should be called Twyst. Or maybe Twy5t. :twistnerd:

I can't wait for the sequel. ^.^

This story was a mess for me to read.

The main problem for me was that, despite you separating the dialogue from the narrative onto their own lines (most of the times), the banter between characters often muddled the two and made it difficult to tell if the story was finally moving forward or gags were still being drawn out. This story, had something of a slow start and a disjointed plot. (Intentionally so?)

Though I do want to see her character develop more, I'm not sure what the plot significance of Nursery Rhyme was outside of introducing the Potato Mare - which could have also been accomplished in Chapter 2 - aside from maybe making Tagalong's DNA disappear - which hadn't been presented as a real problem for her up until now.

Also, I have no clue what the significance of either the Silver Spooner or her storyline were in the general plot;

#1: How did she know somepony was trying to steal the necklace? Did they tell her?
#2: Why didn't she take care of it herself?
#3: Why create OC relatives for her? Were they supposed to be some kind of red herrings?

I could wave potential plotholes away if they're small enough - but for me, this story's biggest problem was that it had too much idle banter - which may very well be what most people like about your work, and indeed, I think it's a strong point of yours - but the balance between story and comedic dialogue was very fuzzy here and not in a way I liked. As a result, events often feel disjointed and rushed.

To illustrate this (ironically, using a chapter which was intentionally uneventful - I hope):

In Issue 7: Slow Day! :

One moment Nursery Rhyme is filming them all, then Tagalong is approaching with a supposedly important message and getting killed, then she's crashing in an unfinished glider because of an off-hoofed remark, then the chapter's over.

Also, I have no idea what the whole, “A chav and a zebra are in a cart. Who pulls it?” exchange was all about. There's just so much pointless chatter in here that it all just muddles together.

On a side note, you missed a huge oppurtunity to make Tagalong's green raincoat costume in the design of a parka hoodie covering all of her face except for her eyes.


This story, had something of a slow start and a disjointed plot. (Intentionally so?)

I ended up making it a one story rather than a series of one-shots. Also, the plot was somewhat inspired by Silver Age of Comic Books. Making sense was rather optional back then:

#1: How did she know somepony was trying to steal the necklace? Did they tell her?

She observes everything in town, including the main characters. Which directly leads to this:

#2: Why didn't she take care of it herself?

She was testing them, in case of bigger threats in the future. She gave them a message and in the end of the fic she proposed them to work with her. She'd disqualified Sunny and Peachy right after witnessing the whole HayDonald's action since she thinks they cause too much property damage (she tells it to Button in chapter 6).

#3: Why create OC relatives for her? Were they supposed to be some kind of red herrings?

Well, Silverspeed is a canon character, actually. She first appears in the same episode as most of the background pegasi, that is Hurricane Fluttershy. As for the rest... Well, someone had to show up at the party, after all.

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