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This story is a sequel to SweetieMashMinecraftAdventures YAY!

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash find themselves once again trapped in their favorite video game, this time accompanied by many of their friends.
But their enemy is more determined than ever to get his revenge.
And conflicts start to appear, splitting their friendship...

Plus, a mysterious pony starts to appear a bit everywhere in the world, seeming to study them.
But is he to be trusted...?

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Comments ( 396 )

wow this is gonna be a great story I just finished reading the first one (which was also great) and now I can't wait for the next chapter of this one!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:

Yay! I found the sequel! After Eons or 20 seconds of my life :rainbowlaugh: of searching i found it! And now... the work will be paid off!!!


:rainbowlaugh: now that i have finished my weird and Dramatic enterace, i wanna say i LOVED the first story... and im sure im gonna love this one! So i'm gonna be bugging you for while until you've finished one of my favourite stories!

Also, just call me Shield because its part of my new OC's name so... Shield... yeah...


I loved the last one, I read it in one night, so I'm really looking forward on this one! Also GameSpark is creepy as hell :rainbowderp: :pinkiecrazy:

I'd like to but i drew mine in paint, so ot wont submit :rainbowlaugh: but good luck for anypony else who can go through :rainbowlaugh:


Love the chapter

WE MADE IT THROUGH 2015!!!! WOOOO! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

6792051 No, please submit it! I don't care if it's horribly drawn or whatever!

6792162 wont let me do it :rainbowlaugh: i only have one oc and that's my oc that i have as a profile pic :rainbowlaugh:

6792217 Can I check it out and make it enter the competition...?

My oc is my profile pic it's my only one

Yay! Even though its unlike my oc to let her guard down yay still! I havent really finished her story yet so i cant really say shes one way, but i love a bubbly personality! :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Loved he chapter! Dis gonn b good! :rainbowlaugh:

6809558 Haha I don't want to give out any spoilers but I particularly appreciated her design so I gave her something that the others don't have. You'll discover it throughout the story!
Can you tell me her character traits please?

Might want to change the Summary. You flat-out told us it was Herobrine. How about, 'a strange pony', instead of what amounts to Herobrine?

6809698 UGH how stupid can I get...? Thanks.
Good to have ya back!

One stallion should at least have a muscular body or be a little busty



A... Busty stallion?


Pffffftt hahahahahah!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

Y-you mean like This?!


Oh, oh man. I think you meant, 'Beefy'.

6809679 sure, Strong willed, a little stubborn, over protective of those of who she loves, keeps her guard up at all times, is aware of her surroundigs, strong physically and mentally, a better fighter than the royal guards ( We'll just say they're horrible at protecting Canterlot let alone equestria- NO OFFENCE!!!!) loyal and kind to the more vaunarable.

Her father is Starswirl (When the story is out you'll understand :rainbowlaugh: ) and her mother is an earthpony with a sky blue mane in a ponytail and her coat is the same dark colour as Magics (The oc is called Magical Star, Magic or Star for nicknames, HoneyPoem is just me being me :rainbowlaugh: ) oh and she was born in a forest called Survivor :rainbowlaugh: I'm too clechè :rainbowlaugh:

6809716 It's good to be back.

Wanna know what's not so great?

Seeing your ugly mug in a Santa Hat.

Welp, there goes my childhood.

6809735 Oh... O... Ohhhh... Oh jeez... Oh god.

*squeals, face buried in hooves* Oh... There goes my childhood.

6809808 Good! I do so love ruining things! Especially childhoods!

In all seriousness, though, glad to have you back, and DAMN, is it good to be back.

I take it you weren't expecting that image?

Yay u updated it and I like how u made my oc sound :pinkiehappy:

I turn around and drop,

Yahoo you ready for a right rumble mate
This is free fonts on the corner I know what I want we on can you hold on I'm worn we're Oneonta 101 Oregon


6815454 Preeeeetty sure you were half drunk when you wrote this.

OH MY BUCKING GOD!!!! There's a sequel!!!!???:pinkiegasp:

6820198 Y... Yes! Scared the hell out of me :rainbowlaugh:

Yay sequel finished reading the last story about 15 seconds ago and now this yay!!! :yay:

Well the best of luck to ya' I hope this time the story ending and mid story has a bit more than just mystery and mild gore. I'll see you on the next one you have my support from now on. Also do you plan on making another sequel? How do you feel about Hitler's rush full surrender? And do you think Al Capone will rule the streets of Chicago for years to come?

*Scribbles on parchment and rushes over to a public phone box and starts dialing*

6815454 Nice Japanese also you are a legend (a bad ass one, is that a reference to Soul Eater with Excalibur??).

Here try this on for size -----> DerpMuffinNewsはここで仲間でした

6822240 *covers her head with her wings* P... Please don't hurt me with your endless line of questions

6820198 6822258
try voice recognition gone haywire and then click enter before realizing what it put:rainbowlaugh: can someone tell me what I put there in Chinese or is Japanese I can't tell the difference

6822832 You put that you are "King Arthur" I know my Japanese. I took classes to watch anime without having dub nor sub.

6822405 Don't worry, I won't it's my job. I feel like I should make more references tho. So, do you plan to update soon or making a sequel? SRRY get into my job easily, I'm a reporter for my college paper. I go to Berkeley, good school, I'm studying sound and technicalities. Y,know a sound technician. Engineering at its finest.:derpytongue2:

6824269 Oh lol I don't even know Japanese it just appeared when I was talking hold on let me see something

air horn ダラー value of love
:rainbowlaugh: voice recognition can be weird at times, am i right?
(p.s can you tell me what that stands for it might even be Chinese cuz both of them are on here)

6824756 that means dollar my friend you should take a Japanese class (or use google translate for beginners, like yourself), you have no idea how much stuff you can get away with like insulting people around you or keeping texts private. But the texts might have a few setbacks. I use it to watch anime though that and I want to go to Kyoto, Japan on spring break.

6824286 A sequel for this...? Huh... I don't know actually... I'll have to see if any more ideas pop into my head.

HOLY STARS! THIS SHIT GOT REAL AND FAST! :twilightoops: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiecrazy:

Why are you so evil and how would they not notice a fire. Eh, it's your story hope we get to the whole Welcome To Minecraft!! thing again. This time they put it on Hard, and the only way to get out is through the camera or through beating the game by defeating the EnderDragon in the END. If you were planning this SRRY for breaking into your house, hacking your computer, and reading ahead.

6827992 Nah no worries totally wasn't planning that!
*locks doors*

6829418 Oh...okay.

*puts away lock picking set and takes off beanie and night vision goggles and zips up duffel bag with the words "House Breaking Kit" spray painted on it and walks home*

Reason I broke into your house-----> Btw Pinkie is the one who told me you were the one that stole my Amazon package.

:pinkiehappy: :That was not me it was her....okay it was me.

Pinkie you shouldn't lie remember what happened last time?

:pinkiehappy: : Oh yeah.

So SRRY my friend and his marefriend Pinkie here are staying over so....yeah, my marefriend or Dancing Drops is already moved in so, meh.

PS: Damcing Drops is my girlfriend's OC. She likes MLP ever since I went out with her. She pretty much Sonata...oblivious and very energetic, but limited. Anyway SRRY again I have to stay of the coffee sauce for a few days....y'know college and stuff. *almost inaudible dialogue* "Man, my professor from Japan, Dr. Wright, was right."

6829613 Oh great now I know who stole my Amazon package...

Where'd you get that "House Breaking Kit"?

I need it because my boyfriend just broke up with me, it's time to get serious :pinkiecrazy:

6829881 EVERYTHING IS SERIOUS WHEN STUFF LIKE THAT HAPPENS!! I will literally go over there and help you destroy that dudes house! THEN STUFF GETS SERIOUS!:pinkiecrazy:

I can lend you mine. Just beware of the lasers and breach charges in there. They're kinda sensitive and last time I dropped it well, let's just say I had to repair SugarCube Corner.
You can borrow my spare. And don't worry you both can keep them. I have a spare for my first spare.......hey I plan ahead. Also if up you want to get revenge I suggest you use those bear traps I have in the bags as well. Ooh and maybe those flash bangs proximity mines too. Oh, and my personal favorite the "Pinkster". She can talk for ever and she'll get annoying quick. That and you can tell her to steal his Amazon packages....wait don't use that she'll turn into a defective main character and steal everyone's packages.

6831303 Yes! Bryan be prepared, I got reinforcements :rainbowlaugh:

I'm so hyped!!!! I read the first book and loved it!!

NOOO!!!! Moar chapters please :raritydespair:!!

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