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I literally cried because I couldn't stop laughing. Especially because that pic. Lol.:rainbowlaugh: Also Celestia is now Trollestia :trollestia:

6679727 Phew! I was starting to think no pony laughed!

That pic just made my day, you deserve a fav.


Who wouldn't laugh? Also I don't know how to do that reply thing so this will have to door.

Twilight is in for a bucking

The last part made me laugh the most. Never create art that Celestia doesn't approve or be sent to the moon.

6680222 Same here!

I bet that painting would become very popular in equestria! :rainbowlaugh:

Had trouble breathing at the end. Just pure gold. Pic source/link?


Ha! Brilliant image at the end!

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, my sides hurt.

Love it :derpytongue2: Keep On Writing Good Stories My Friend

Engineer: "Ah told ya don' touch that darn thing!"

6682660 Your leg. My humping motions. No restraining order shall hold me.

6682662 Just a "you are welcome" will be enough from my side :rainbowlaugh:

That painting XD

:rainbowlaugh:That painting at the end...can't breathe...

That painting... Of course Celestia isn't happy about it. I wonder what she'd do to Discord, if he had done that...

Lol the picture at the end I ain't gonna stop lafin 'bout that

Well, Big Mac did technically commit thievery. And AJ was in the process of robbing Twilight's home. A two day time-out with company is pretty darn reasonable.

And Luna deserved it!

You would say that, you lackey of the tyrant.


Do my ears deceive me? A sycophant of the usurper dares question my standing in the Solar Empire and insult The Dawnmother Resplendent? Perhaps I should paint an unflattering picture of the moon's moon and see what YOU think! What say you to that, wayward minion!

this could have been avoided if twilight just duplicated smarty pants. eggheads, never seeing the simple solutions.

"Did you just insult mah brother's decisions and tastes?!" growled Applejack, her chuckle fading away under her icy cold voice.

At that point you should probably run.

Eeyup! Like, run very, very far!

Or, you could just give the gullderned doll back:facehoof:

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