Give The Darn Thing Back!

by CristalGalaxy

First published

Twilight just took something from Big Mac. And Applejack is not happy about it...

Twilight took something from Big Mac and hurt his feelings.
And Applejack is not happy about it.

Before ah REALLY get mad!

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Applejack's worried expression quickly turned into a huge frown.
Then her face became angry.

She gave one last sorry look at her brother who was still lying in bed after 'the horror'.
He certainly wasn't doing too good and surely would have trouble going to sleep after that, especially with the fact that he had just found the courage to remember it all and explain everything to his little sister.

Applejack silently closed the door and turned to face Granny Smith.
The elder green pony was looking at her with an extremely serious face.
"So... It was her after all?"

"Yeah..." replied Applejack, still not loosing her fury. "Apparently it had gone missing for a couple hours and as he was looking for it, he saw Twilight sneak out of his bedroom window and fly all the way back to her castle with it in her hooves! The nerve that mare's got sometimes!"

"Don't ya worry! I'll look after Big Mac while ya go get it! Everything's gonna be fine after that. Now get!" urged Granny Smith, pushing Applejack out of the house. "And hurry up!"

Applejack nodded and rushed through the front door, her mane freely blowing in the wind, only illuminating the determined expression she wore on her face.
Oh Twilight! Ya really did it this time... When ah get mah hooves on ya! You'll be sorry ever touchin' it!

Applejack ran through the streets of Ponyville, not bothering to say hello to the ponies she passed and in the blink of an eye, she arrived in front of the importantly sized castle that was towering above her, its delicate crystal features in view.
But the cowpony didn't take the time to admire it and stormed inside, looking around and trotting right up to the main room where a purple figure was sitting.
Applejack's hooves tapped against the crystal floor as she approached the thief.

Twilight looked up from the book she was reading and smiled to Applejack. "Hello Applejack! I didn't expect you to drop by today! What is it?"

She seemed fine. But the orange cowpony knew her friend better than any pony. Like the small twitch of Twilight's left ear, the shaky smile and somewhat unsteady and unfocused gaze that didn't dare look into the eyes of the one confronting her.
Applejack gave a tired expression. "Don't think ah don't know what ya did! And ah have no idea why ya did it... But ah want it back!"

Twilight squinted her eyes as her calm composure faded away. "I don't even know what you're talking about!"
Applejack did the same and leaned in closer. "Big Mac saw ya. Your purple coat ain't easy to hide now is it?"

The princess then lost her defense and tried attacking. "I don't even know why you'd want it!"

Applejack felt a little embarrassed for her brother. "Big Mac can't sleep without it. And as his sister and on behalf of the Apple family, ah want that doll back! Why would you want it anyway?"

It was Twilight's turn to become red. "It's mine! And I like it! She's called Smarty Pants!"

A deadly silence flowed through the room as Applejack's mouth slowly started to open up. Her eyes then flashed a bit and the corners of hers lips started to lift up.
"Y... Yours..."

"Yes! But hey don't laugh! What about your brother? He seems to love that doll! My doll!"

"Did you just insult mah brother's decisions and tastes?!" growled Applejack, her chuckle fading away under her icy cold voice.

At that point you should probably run.

"P... Perhaps!" muttered Twilight, looking away.
She heard hoof steps get closer.

"Nopony..." growled Applejack's voice. "Ah mean nopony!" her glare intensified and Twilight almost felt it burn the back of her neck. "Messes with mah brother... And especially not one of my best friends!"

Twilight bit her lip, still not daring to look into the cowpony's eyes.
"Sorry..." she articulated.

"That's better." The atmosphere seemed to get less dark. "Now ah'm gonna go get that doll of yours and be on mah way."

The Princess of Friendship simply nodded and pathetically watched as Applejack disappeared through one of the many doors, going strait for her room.
Twilight shook her head.
Smarty Pants was hers! She would never let some pony else have her doll! And since she couldn't face her friend... Somepony else was going to have to do it for her...

A scroll appeared into thin air and Twilight started to quickly scribble on it...

Applejack smiled as she walked back through the empty corridors of the castle.
Twilight can be so stubborn! Well... Ah'm the one to speak!
The orange cowpony chuckled to herself as she entered the doors to the main room.

"Hey Twilight... Ah guess this is what happens when ya go on a wild rampage and loose your things..." she said before stopping.

A giant white alicorn was standing in the middle alongside Twilight.

Applejack didn't have the time to bow for a blast of yellow magic shot through her...

"For how long...?" asked Twilight as her friend disappeared in a flash.

"Two days should do it!" smiled Celestia.

Twilight looked a little frightened. "But isn't that going to be a bit long?? Won't she be lonely up there?!"

Celestia just chuckled. "Lulu did something pretty annoying as well so she'll have company, no worries. You get used to the moon after a while."

Twilight picked up Smarty Pants and simply hugged her.
Applejack is gonna kill me when she gets back...

Applejack sighed and stomped her hoof on the dusty gray ground. It had already been ten hours...
Ten freaking hours where she's stuck on the bloody moon.
At least she wasn't alone.
"So anyways..." she turned to Luna and tried to break the silence. "Why'd you get sent here...?"

The Princess groaned. "I did a harmless little prank on my sister... But she didn't take it very well."

"What was it?" curiously asked Applejack.

"Let's just say..." Luna smiled. "That I'm not a very good artist..."