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Sweetie Belle and Button Mash are transported to Minecraft.
And it's not that fun anymore...

Especially when you could really die.
Especially when you have to kill to survive.
Especially when you have to protect the one you love...

Chapters (20)
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Probably shouldn't have waisted my health potion...


Rumble jumped strait into it and burned to death.


A world of cubes and blocs was bestowed upon him.


You also consistently misspelled "lose" as "loose," but I didn't see any others.

Apart from the typos, I like it and hope to see more.

6322305 omg thanks so much! I'll fix it as soon as I can!


I love your story it really made me smile :pinkiesmile:

I have used my phone to write stories too, in fact both my published stories were done on a phone, so I know that it can be annoying.

I hope to see more of this story soon.

6323016 Thanks! I'll check out your stories to see if you do better with writing on a phone ;)

Wow, someone seems to have a massive prejudice. They are just disliking any comment supporting it. What reason would someone have to hate ButtonBelle?

6324638 Thanks so much! I'm working on the second chapter, don't want to let you down...

6325316 eh, your story your stuff. Do it how Ya want it, when you want to. Sure, we look forward to stuff, but your the author, your in charge of this one.

It's popular cuz it's good. Oh, and I've been trying my hardest to get a lot of popular authors to write it, one author took the request and made it beautiful. But anyways, one problem. Why do you say Buttons instead of Button?

Next thing you know Button Mash sacrifices his life for Sweetie Bell that is if herobrine is in the world :unsuresweetie:

"It's a camera that can transport you into any game... You just take a picture of yourself and of the main menu of the game you wish to go in, and it'll do just that!"

I'm not sure Mr. Game Spark has quite thought this one through. Hasn't he ever heard of Dark Souls?

Ok, so if I'm visualising this correctly, the spider wouldn't just be sitting just outside the door. The spider would be sitting on top of their roof. I thought Sweetie and Button were veterans, but getting caught out like that by a spider speaks of profound amateurity.
Buuut, on the other hoof, the world prob looks different from the other side of the screen. So I'll give them that.

Answer me this question, is is there going to be more romance? and is there going to be herobrine? You don't have to I'm just asking...:twilightsmile:

Why did they even go out? Put dirt in front of the door and over any holes, and wait for dawn. They could have curled up and slept through the night safely, and killed the spider in the morning.

6348872 Yes there will be more romance and... no spoilers!
(Even though you've all figured it out already)

Comment posted by CristalGalaxy deleted Aug 24th, 2015

QI? I've heard of AI.

Put tragedy because that's what I see:twilightsmile:

6362173 Umm you do realise that the correct application of a tragedy tag implies that the story ends in a tragic manner? that is one or more of the main characters dying, and/or failing to accomplish what they set out to do?:applejackunsure:

If you didn't, then I don't blame you. After all, it seems that practically no-one on this website knows how to use the tragedy tag correctly:ajbemused:

...Why not name the dog Marrow? You're obviously going to use him in a fight. And when you crack open a bone, you get Marrow. And, it comes with an adorable nickname! Marley!

Or you could name him Chaser. You know. Fetch things. Or Bobby. Because why not.

Personally, I'm fond of Marrow. That's what I named my Dog in Minecraft. Honestly? It's my good luck charm. Every time I first get a dog and don't name him Marrow, bad things happen. I name him Marrow, and I am safe from a Zombie that would have knocked me off of a cliff into some lava to boot. I like Marrow.

This name is for kicks and giggles but, why not name the dog "Job" because the scootaloo I mean chicken was name helper so the two names complement each other and it's a game grumps reference.

Let's name the Button's wolf: Grim:twilightsheepish:
Or name it Protecter because you know if you hit a mob the wolf protects you

I say he should be named Streak. Just sounds good.

Button remembered how the little thing had chased the chicken and piece of bacon around.

"I say... Chaser?"

Aw, YIS! You used mine! Glad I could help! Hmm... OH SHIT, I JUST HAD AN IDEA!!! What if you gave one to Sweetie?! Then what would you name her?

6397724 Grimm has already been taken by Diamond Minecart.

6399400 Nice name. I'll use that for my cat. Fitting name for a cat. Plus, the added bonus of a reference to Krypto!

6401615 I know, I just was saying like it was a reference:twilightblush:

They should have downloaded this mod:

And since Sweetie Belle wants to find a village here is a mod:

6401597 I do plan on doing that ;)

6404188 Hooray! Hooray! Happy, HAPPY DAY!!!

Ok, so the gap makes sense when you think about it in relation to the game update. Two-three months seems a decent amount of time to churn out an update. It's probably the basework for a patch to make it compatible with the GameSpark device... Unless that's a seperate version, like Xbox is to PC...
Well, for their sake, here's hoping it isn't like the Nightmare Night Update....

OH HO HOLY SHIT!!! This... Wow... WOW!!! This just took a turn for the dark! Really nicely done! Love it!

So if 3 days = 3 months then 1 day = one month? So much time wasted down the drain.

6410242 Hey, miss. I call it like I see it. If this story was shit, you'd know it.

6410839 Girl actually but hey, can't blame you for not knowing ;)
And I just can't thank you enough for all your comments and suggestions... They just make my day! And omc! Your user page is so sad... Almost cried :'( You have my sympathy...

6410882 Oh, well, thank you, Ma'am... It is... Greatly appreciated.

6410889 I oddly think I ship you two :rainbowhuh:
And also for the story : Shit just got real...

6410895 I have no idea what to respond to that

Okay, so: The day before this was posted I discovered the Don't Mine at Night pony parody. Then I read this.:applejackunsure: Is that supposed to be a coincidence or do you know me? Just assuming you don't read my search history. :pinkiegasp: (You don't) Not that I hold anything against you.

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