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Ron Jeremy Pony

What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.


A day of playing Videogames with Sweetie Bell turns into an epic adventure when Button's grandfather arrives. Di tap convinces the two young foals to try Dungeons and Dragons Nightmare Moon edition. As they play they learn what it means to work together as a group, to trust one another, and just how deeply their friendship will go.

Join them as they travel out of the mythical town of Neighdowell, and go further into the more savage parts of Equestria in search for someone who has been entralled by the dark ruler Nightmare Moon. Together, with the help of a black magic Unicorn (played by button's mom - Love), they might have a chance of righting some wrongs, and possibly winning the game.

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Comments ( 15 )

DMing is both a challenge and a joy.

Nothing quite like dropping a mountian of hints that the party shouldn't head in a certain direction only for them to do so...

Right into the home base of the massive evil army they're supposed to warn their home nation about...

And then getting to just sit there for an hour doing absolutely nothing as they plan how to sneak in and cripple the evil army...

Only for them to forget their entire plan the minute they meet a Minotaur General who has an exchange of insults with the Minotaur-raised Paladin. Then force me to create a sub-plot on the fly involving what was supposed to be a one-shot gag character, a bulked up amazon woman who slept with the Knight.


This is the highest amount of likes I've seen with no dislikes. Beeindruckend.

“It’s an arrow not a death warrant. I mean it didn’t hit me in the knee for Celestia’s sake,” he replied.

NO :facehoof: i am not amused even though theres derpy tongue --> :derpytongue2:

Would it be possible to invite someone else into this who might enjoy it?

ooo i wonder who :trixieshiftright: maybe twilight? or the other cmc? idk guess ill just have to wait :pinkiehappy:

Its cool and I like it but its a little confusing it sounds more like a story than a game:rainbowhuh:


That's the magic of Dungeons and Dragons. A really good game of it usually feels like a massive story that's being told by at least five different guys and gals. Most of the folks I still play with use the old original D&D set up. First generation all of the way, and it really uses the story element.

4288299 oh cool! I didn't know it's an actual game that's awesome!


So just to clarify Grandpa Di is Button's mom's dad and her husband is his son in law right ?


Yep. Di is Love Tap's Father, and Button's dad's father in law.

D&D's really cool, but I've NEVER played it. Why can't a 20-year old woman play Dungeons and Dragons?! Waaaah!!!:raritydespair:

ordering a delux pizza

Should have an "e" at the end

the golden fleece of the Phoenix King.

Two references in one go

This has the makings of a great story, I wonder why it was never finished.

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