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A war started over tension among the color countries, Blue and Red fought many war against each other, Red won some wars, Blue won some. After the assassination of King Blue, the two countries are going at war, both sides have strong allies. Equestria and Sky Blue stayed neutral. Sky Blue have no interest in supplying the warring nations or joining the war. Who will win this war?

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Why is it always have to be black vs white or red vs blue? Why cant the war be turquoise vs chartreuse or banana vs mangoes or something?

You are right, maybe in the next chapter, I will do something else.

No dont, i like where its going, keep with the current storyline.

One bit of advice; if you have a plan of what to write it makes it much easier.

I guess "military stuff" is the technical term?

Sounds like more a game then an actual war, which could be very comical, over the barrels episodes sounds like an equivalent with lots of pushing shuffling and pie throwing. If this is a TCB and maybe a generation after the events it could be a way to simulate wars that were on hearth in a kid friendly kind of way in how to deal with disputes with Celestia playing referee for the 'rules'.

Why isn’t Equestria named after a color?

Gore and Death as tags but not violence?

Also, wow, 190 groups is a lot.

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