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Zew loves space. In particular, stars and constellations. But tonight, the stars seem to be her enemy. She sees in their paths alternate futures, presents, and more. What's a young filly to do, especially when it's far past her bedtime and their whispering robs her of sleep?

Luckily, her twin sister Zippi is around to help her relax enough to get back to bed.

There is vague mention of adoption. Shouldn't be anything upsetting beyond a brief uncomfortable moment, but if you think that that moment might be a bit much for you...that's your forewarning. Otherwise just some cute fluff.

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More to come on these two later! For now, just some (hopefully) cute little fluff to introduce them. You can also find a visual reference of them near the bottom of my user page, should you wish to have one.

That was a lovely and oddly relatable read as I read this at half past midnight. I feel glad for Zew having Zippi, and for both of them for having their mom.

Star-loving filly and cute sister hugs? Well, you've got me hooked. (more than before)

I was laying awake in bed unable to sleep, and I suddenly realized I hadn't read this yet. No wonder I like Zew so much, I feel like we have a lot in common!

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