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New Korean Federation of Occupied America 2029. Two years passed since Greater Korean Republic invaded America, pushing back the once powerful US military more and more. A young soldier of the Korean military, finds someone in need that gives him a journey around the USA.

Note: This story is a crossover of the game Homefront. I know that this scenario shown in this story is hightly unlikely but this is what happen in the game, so please, don't judge this story by this scenario.

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So N. Korea somehow is able to unify the Korean peninsula? And then they modernize? Dude, I know this is fantasy but this is a little much.

It's a crossover of the game homefront where exactly this happened


Not exactly impossible... If South Korea and America was dealt with in such a way to cripple them they might find it way more easier to industrialize and modernized themselves. Yes with a huge portion going to military and such but doesn't me they won't relax if there biggest enemies are gone. Open your mind :twilightsmile: plus it's all set in stone just read the Wikipedia article about the game.

You really should tell what crossover even was. I was surprised by the Fallout Equestria: Horizons appearance. Still, it's a pleasant surprise. I just hoped there was less exposition.

So much exposition. :pinkiecrazy:

Glad to hear that you like the surprise, i see what i can Do

Something I'm confused by.
Where's China in all of this?
I mean, last time North Korea made a scene, China explicitly stated they wouldn't support them. They spend ages trying to mend relations every time things heat up (I feel kind of sorry for the guy who has to do that. Telling the American diplomat and the North Korean diplomat to come to a compromise must be like a worn-out mother breaking up her kid's argument and yelling 'I DON'T CARE WHO STARTED IT! I'M FINISHING IT!')
What happened to them?
Did they get hit by this debt crisis as well and, if so, surely North Korea would go the same way considering how much they already owe China. And if North Korea was able to prosper, it would be in China's best interests to ensure their unreliable allies didn't rise higher than them.
I'm sorry but I'm just not a fan of modern genres were organised diplomacy just doesn't exist. So what, a country everyone knows is apparently 'eeeeeeevil' stocks up on weapons, artillery and tech and invades its neighbours and no-one does a bloody thing?
It doesn't say much about the heroes when they only seem to give a damn when its their stuff that's being trodden on.

Well, acording to newspapers and the wiki, China's econemy weaks as Korea rises and America falls, due to China's primary market for exports changing radically in the last few years, suffering a sharp decline of 15% in manufacturing jobs. But got spared from Korean annexation

Is there a scene you liked very much or a scene that should I change/improve?

By 2017, the KPA was outfitted with trained special operation teams and was supposedly made as a worldwide peacekeeping force.

Oh, kind of like the US military?
I dunno'. It could be either the writers are pointing out how it looks from the other side, when a military force that greatly overpowers your own takes charge of your lawless nation and punishes any sign of dissent ruthlessly while claiming it's all for your sake.

Born in South Korea and being of American descent, he never believed in Kim Jong-un’s messages.

I'd really just have him South Korean. It sends a bit of an unfortunate message when the hero on the North Korean's side is half-American.


These imbeciles need a lesson from Discord!
Discord: Just open a portal to the realm of neverending torment right under his feet. Problem solved.
Robbie: Too far, bro.

My father was a US soldier that was killed during the first hours of the invasion.”

So wait, were the North Koreans let into the country or did they actually launch a full-scale invasion?
An invasion that was seemingly over in a matter of months?
I'm confused.


I'd get rid of this, it kills the mood from the gradually growing screams.
Interesting chapter though. Try not to introduce so many characters in one scene, it makes it difficult to identify with all of them.

He was a young Spanish man appearing to be in his late 20's to early 30's with mid-length wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Nice description but I'd call him Hispanic or Latino. Unless it's known for certain he is Spanish.
Though I do like how you differentiate them. Girdeux seemed pretty sinister while Marcos was clearly very gung-ho.
And they're morally ambiguous which suits the current setting.


By 2017, the KPA was outfitted with trained special operation teams and was supposedly made as a worldwide peacekeeping force

that is said in a newspaper where the KPA is traning become a peacekeeping force. For chung being Half-American, it seemed the best possibility how he could be so well familiar with American cultur, weapons and so on.

Amy's father and the war, as seen in the intro, the KPA started a satelite blanketed the entire United States with a massive electromagnetic pulse disabling all electronics. It completely wiped out the entire power grid, literally and completely darkening the United States. Then, on January 18, 2025, a large naval, amphibious and air invasion ofHawaii was initiated; systematically taking over the entire state, and every single island. Soon later, on January 25, 2025, a complete surprise invasion was initiated on the West Coast.

All breaches were along the coastline and airline, in what is a campaign of rapid dominance. The Koreans were deployed by their air and naval forces, quickly taking over the entire area.

Korean forces were also dropped into the Midwest by an air assault, taking over the entire area. And finally, ending with Operation Water Snake, the Koreans having effectively contaminated the Mississippi River and creating a barrier between the New Korean Federation of Occupied America in the west and what is left of the United States in the east. By the end of 2026 the United States was now divided, and Korea controls exactly two-thirds of the United States, the West Coast and the Central United States. The invasion was quick but the war itself and occupation are still continuing,

About the screram, someone quoted this on the action music youtube video for the level where I got it, I take care of that right away. And Marco, thats his discription in the Syphon filter game wikia.

That all said, it pleases me to hear that you liked the chapter.

cable come out of it

I'd have shot out of it. So you know it's firing at her.


I'd remove the 'waaahh'. It makes it a bit to take it seriously.
Poor kid though.
I'd include a bit more about how Kate and Amy are doing.
Maybe see what parts of the pamphlet can be shortened or trimmed, it's a bit overwhelming.
But good overall.

Wheeew... okay, so... good start, but it seems a bit... rushed for my tastes, but this is good, so keep it up dude.
Some minor things.

“I wish I had a T3AK instead of the M4. Due my descent, I have an interest and like in American weapons, culture and such

That seems like an odd comment to make to someone, specially your friend, mostly the decent part. Just seems odd to me is all.

Also, the shock didn't seem to last long with Chang and Chung, (hilarious names for two best friends by the way) regarding a literal pastel colored pony that talks. And Scotch seems to be... rather trusting of these two strange creatures, bigger than her, with guns, hmm...

As the young woman saw the device and that the foal was wearing clothes, she got it. “I understand and that’s what I like about you. What’s your name, my dear?” She asked polite after Chung had sat the filly down while Chang got a towel.

:pinkiegasp: That was fast, considering... again, talking pony, and she's not military so... eh? Amy's reaction as well was rather iffy.

And they played Syphon Filter, that was a cute moment :twilightsmile:

Overall, the story is... good, it has a few typos here and there, some missing words, and a couple of mistakes, but you're doing a decent job, I'd suggest getting an editor... like an actual editor. A proofreader's good, an editor is also good to have around.

So good job dude, I wish you luck with this story.

Glad you like it. I reseached Korean names for the two Kpreand and Amy's reaction was the best I could think of

It is difficult to root for anyone part of the KPA, in the second game, The Revolution, it is outright stated that the KPA will not hesitate to, and indeed already has, saturate and exterminate entire cities with Nerve Gas Agents if they begin to loose control.

It doesn't make sense that Japan just surrenders. This goes for the game as well, too last time someone tried invading Japan a massive typhoon wiped out the invasion fleet twice. It almost happened four times and right after Japan surrendered Typhoon Louise struck Okinawa October 9th 1945 exactly where the American invasion force was scheduled to assemble had the war not ended in August. Same thing happened to the anchorage of where the Honshu invasion fleet would've been docked in 1946. alright chapter but the game really got Japan wrong Japan wouldn't just surrender to a North Korean government united Korea. It would be the same as if America had to invade in world war II. But to end the historical rant. pretty good chapter.

Thank you. About Japan, that's so explained in the backkstory of homefront

I haven't played the game but does it mention Russia at all? Two of the world's largest militarizes have nothing to say about the unified North Korean ruled Korea doing all this in the game?

About Russia, the wiki says

In August 2015, as the global economy worsens (due to a variety of factors, including a strike in Venezuela and ongoing political instability in Nigeria), with the United States and China particularly badly hit, Russia signs a "mutual interest" pact with neighboring Ukraine, keeping all their oil and natural gas between the two countries, and cutting off trade of these resources with the rest of Europe, resulting in an energy crisis with apparently brutal consequences for Western Europe in the winter.

When Korea pursues a more aggressive foreign policy and starts invading and annexing various neighboring countries over the next several years, Russia along with China sold weapons, equipment, and vehicles (including the Mikoyan MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut jet fighters) to the GKR. Russia neither openly aids nor attempts to stop Korea's expansionism into the rest of Asia and eventually the United States (and most likely is far too occupied with its internal economic turmoil and domestic issues to intervene on either side).

So I guess they stay neutral

I my opinion in the timeline of the game a radically different government would take power like Germany or Russia in America

Yeah, the homefront Games were inspired/based on the Movie Red Dawn

Ok so I can Mack this Mack some senses 1 all of the usa troops some how get sent to the moon 2 all the gun in the USA go to the sun 3 the USA navy some how go into space. Lastly all of the USA nuclear weapons go off in the USA. Even if this happen we would still win American Fuck yeAh

Indeed. The USA will win later a important Battle

Why does this story have so many dislikes? I mean, it can't be that bad, right? ...Right?

Agreed. I guess some can't get over the Scenario, dispite its based on a Game

This does tend to happen, unfortunately. My friend Legendbringer gets his fic disliked a lot for being a spin-off of the widely-despised Starfleet Ponies even though the fic is meant to deconstruct Starfleet Ponies.
Don't judge a book by its cover, as they say.

Agreed. Anyway, it pleases me that you like it

Sorry to have gotten to this so late. I'm going through this one.
I have to say, the description's pretty good but I'd say the dialogue needs a bit more impact.
Like when the Americans are preparing to kill the surrendered KPA, Fletcher's character is suited more to quiet, foreboding anger most of the time. Its more effective and commanding in those situations.
Also, whenever something takes the main characters by surprise, start with the effect then the cause. Don't say "A *** fired from a *** exploded next to them and blew them off their feet", say "They were blown off their feet by an explosion. It had been caused by a *** fired from a ***" It helps build to the shock.
When writing your dialogue, try saying it out loud to yourself like a script. See how well it fits the scenario, really picture yourself there.
A really important part is making your dialogue fit the scene.

Its okay, Happy to hear that you like it

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