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I am a shy person (male) who loves to read


Hi everyone, 2023 is nearly over. · 1:28pm Dec 26th, 2023

I know the last few years has been hard. First we got hit hard by Covid-19 and other diseases. We also have bad natural disasters happening all over the place because we have been treating the planet badly. Lastly we have wars going on which is affecting everyone, and violence and crime everywhere. In wars and violence no one wins. It has been bad, and we all have lost love ones, but at least we're still here and alive. I'm wishing everyone a happy holidays, and I hoping that in 2024 we can

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Happy New Year 2017 · 12:25am Feb 2nd, 2017

Just wanted to wish all my followers and persons who I follow and read their stories a very happy 2017

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A little about me · 5:13am Apr 16th, 2016

About me:-
Country:- Trinidad and Tobago
Age:- 29
Sex:- (Hopefully I will get a girlfriend/wife someday) Male
Employer:- PriceSmart La Romaine/San Fernando
Job:- Shopping Cart Crew:- Help members on travelator and gathering trolleys from all over and carrying them to designated area
Role on FIMfiction:- I am a reader, not a writer. Looking forward to read a lot of stories

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Happy New Year 2016 · 3:24am Jan 5th, 2016

Just wanted to wish all my followers a Happy New Year 2016.

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