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Apple Bloom is called out to the big barn on Nightmare Night, told she will be learning about a family tradition she did not know even existed. When she arrives, she finds there is more to Sweet Apple Acres than she would ever have expected.

This short story was written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting group's Halloween Spooktacular contest. Much thanks to the members of that server for comments and editing help!

Coverart from TheLostNarrator; used with permission. Links to readings are available on my user page!

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This was good! I could really picture the situation in my head by your great writing! Probs to you :P

Seems like they’re making a sacrifice to Grogar.

Hah, that's neat. I haven't watched past 4th season so I didn't even know Grogar existed 🤣

Now Apple Bloom, just because it’s a family tradition that doesn’t mean you have to past it down to the next generation, when Granny, Big Mac, and Applejack pass away you can start a new tradition.

I have multiple faces to make here:

That's my thought process.

Amazing story! I did a reading of this story on my YouTube channel, here's a link if you wanna check it out.


Yooooo awesome!!

Thanks so much! I've made a blog post sharing it ^_^

Author Interviewer

I love how they don't even know what they're sacrificing to and figure it's better not to ask questions so long as it works. :)



Is it a coincidence two grim darks for the Apple family start with “Sweet Apple”?

I mean, they feed it a rabbit once a year. Good trade.

Right? I mean sure, you stay up late at night, wondering what Pony Hell is gonna be like, but other than that it's not that difficult!

Wondering what pony hell is like? Why, knowing FiM, its just tarturus 2.

oh, you clever bastard

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