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After Dashie's disappearance, her dad ("daddy") desperately tries to find a way to get her back. He tries everything, but nothing seems to work. After months of research, he finds a solution. Or rather, the solution finds him. He realizes that his life is pointless without his daughter. A visitor from another dimension? Why not? The plot thickens...

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i think we should leave it just as one story no sequels no prequels just one great story

Holy cats! Yet another MLD sequel? :raritycry:

It seems like a pretty good story but I already read another Sequel and it actully made me cry the same way the original did but im looking forward to how this one will play out:pinkiehappy:

207007 sure why not

Why are there so many alternate endings to MLD. But this was good in general.

pretty good so far, but, MAKE IT HEART BREAKING!! :flutterrage::fluttercry:

My Little Dashie gets WAAAAAAAAAAAY to much praise. Yet it's a sadfic, but there is no need to take Fallout Equestria's bad path by making sequel after sequel. :coolphoto:

Great Job. :pinkiesmile: Please continue writing this! :pinkiehappy:
I Like were it's going.:twilightsmile:

Thank you all for such great feedback! I know there are a lot of sequels out there, but none of them were actually, well, satisfying (aka some of them made me cry even more). I'm planning on dragging this one far out, not stopping after a few chapters :rainbowwild: :3

Another Great Chapter! :pinkiehappy:
Please Keep em coming! :pinkiehappy:

207016 Hmmmmm. I may need to make a MLD sequel myself......only replace the sadness with ponies and people spiraling into madness from grief and summoning Zalgo or something.

Whoa. The transition needs to be smoothed out quite a bit. Also it's really confusing trying to figure out where this is and who is talking so maybe work on the descriptions a bit as well.

"WHAM! went the door. Out on the balcony (apparently it was a balcony, because i managed to catch a glimpse of the sky) were three ponies, similar to me. I don't know how, but i seemed to know their names! Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie pie. I'm getting off the point here. I was still in a strange land called Equestira, I had strange memories in my head, that didn't seem to be mine. I also seemed to be stuffed with pride! "

Stuffed with pride is a rather awkward phrase. Maybe say she felt far more prideful that she ever recalled being or something similar.

"I don't get it, i never was prideful when i was with daddy... Daddy! Where is he? I started to look around the room. "I'm going to ask this mare a few questions..."

I wouldn't put Dash's inner thoughts in quotations. I thought she was speaking aloud at that point.

:facehoof: okay... I'll just roll with it.

I agree with Sithis.

But great chapter nonetheless. :twilightsmile:
Can't wait for more. :)

how long does it usually take for an update? its kinda fun :)
keep it up ^^

212083 I absolutely agree with you :rainbowwild: ! You see, i wanted this chapter to be a little bit mysterious, so i didn't spend a lot of time on descriptions. Plus, as many of you are devoted FIM fans, i thought you guys could recognize the ponies by their style of speaking :twilightsmile: !

213173 Their distinctive way of speaking does help clue you in, but the transition is still quite jarring since this is the first time we have RD's POV.

updated! hope it's better :D!

You're writing a beautiful Sequel there, I can't wait for the next few parts! :'( <3

This....this is beautiful :raritydespair:

@ TheKillinguy & MrBeefzilla

Amen to that! :pinkiehappy:

@ Roker999

Am i right to assume that this MLD sequel storyline is going to be dripping with awesomeness that defies Gravity? :pinkiehappy:

Made a few grammatical mistakes. No problem! I fixed them all :D :rainbowwild:

:pinkiegasp: I NEEEEEEED THIS FINNISHED MAN! this is awesome and i cant wait to see how it ends, tracking and checking up on this thing everyday from now on! :pinkiegasp:

Please continue.
I like happy endings.
I NEED MY HAPPY ENDING! :pinkiecrazy:


Y>>229773 yup ;D

Sweeeet. :pinkiehappy:

More chapters coming tomorrow!

226037 *clad in cheesy mock Nazi uniform* I shall be ze judge of zat. I vill need to at annozer time but I shall return to check this over vith my fine-toothed comb.

:yay: That is all... for now...

crap the chapter ended but anyway i realy like where your going with this and how much suspence your making the readers feel also great work, keep it up.

ARG! curse you cliff and your hanging of things!!!!

243206 You said it. :yay: on the chapter, :flutterrage: for the cliff that hangs things

sorry, the last chapter is a little bit short :derpyderp1:!

247726 your forgiven now give me a hug kay :pinkiehappy:

Awwww yeeeeaaaah! :pinkiehappy: Flank-kickin action possibly head my way!:pinkiehappy: Somewhere in in the story, probably.

Sweet mother of celestia! i can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

really nice so far even though you would get a more realistic and better feeling if the creator of MLD wrote this :derpyderp1:

253477 IKR! I heard that he doesn't want to make a sequel. I don't really know why, but I guess he wants to keep the "real" ending a mystery (to keep "My little Dashie" popular). Believe me, you're not the only brony who wants an official sequel :rainbowwild:

254496 yeah but i almost feel bad about the orginal MLD :pinkiesick: and it feels like i need a new story or a continue from the orginal that i can trust really happends :moustache:

:facehoof: Roker999, get away from the cliff. You might trip!

Another part coming today!

I was slightly confused as to who's point of view this was at first XD

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