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rigi kurosaki

i enjoy the show and i have ideas of good story's and i love to share so yeah here i am


bleach characters that go with mlp · 6:53am May 4th, 2014

these are the characters that would match from bleach to mlp top is bleach bottom is there mlp character

here is one of my favorite fights


pinkie pie

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Thanks for the follow, bud.
I'm curious as to how I earned it.

Thank ye for the follow! Might I ask what it was that enticed you to click the button? My stories, my blogs, my comments in the forums? Something else?

1050398 i actually did like your daring doo story

1024950 oh forgot to mention, thanks for the follow. I hope I earned it.:twilightsheepish:

1024941 hey, correct me if I'm wrong but did you take a interest in my Daring Do story? There will be a five book series of Daring Do.

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