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This smile isn't stapled on. Or is it?


Hiyo · 6:42pm Aug 7th, 2018

*Eats a bowl of popcorn* Did I miss anything while gone again?

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Happy New Years!!!! · 3:52pm Jan 1st, 2018

Now can someone warm up the planet?
Freezing my tentacles off here!!!

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*Yawns* · 1:44pm Dec 14th, 2017

A lot later than I hoped.. geezus what I missed?

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Howdy · 10:18pm Jul 8th, 2017

Keeping it short and simple. I'll likely be back around Late August to September. Reason being, job hunting... again and trying not to rip my tentacles out with art. Plus finally enjoying a summer without my dad around so I am going to enjoy this summer even if I have to kill someone to do it. Anyway see ya'll then!

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*Looks around* · 10:26pm Jun 27th, 2017

Uuuuuh, now I see what mad curls was talking about. This site looks way different than the last time I logged on

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Helping a buddy out · 11:22pm May 5th, 2017

A friend of mine by the name of Jumbled Thoughts is looking for artists to help out on his story. If anyone is interested in doing it, here's the link: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/734036/looking-for-professional-cover-art-and-taking-all-takers the rules and details are in the link and if you have any questions he's available to answer.

Have a good day!

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The little girl puppet, Mari · 2:02pm Apr 17th, 2017

She was beautiful.
I dare say gorgeous.
Short blue hair that fringed red.
Grey eyes like that of a newborn.
Her mother would be proud to see her now.
Once dead from suffocation.
My cold hands touched her cold beauty.
Strings along the limbs.
A corset crafted from her little sister's skin.
Leggings the same.
Gloves the same.
Fedora the same.
She has her use.
Part one of the new family.
She will be MY little sister.
Like the stillborn sister I never had.

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The restless corpse · 6:42pm Mar 29th, 2017

Free me!
Unbind me!
Untangle these wraps upon me!
Let me breathe!
I want to live!
Please let me go!
Open this coffin!
Let me see the light!
You know in your heart it's right!
Can't you hear me!
I see you!
Hear you!
Don't be a fool!
Let me go!

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I will put you back together · 12:13pm Mar 25th, 2017

(Not FNAF related. Just part of something I had in mind for a long time)

It appears your brother is near
Do you feel him dear?
The thing he carries on him, the fear
Do you feel it?
Oh I know you wanted to reunite and end my game
But you are to blame
After all you tried to run
And met an unsatisfied end
Luckily for me, I have ways to bring the dead back to life
And your friends were "willing" donors
In my eyes you look beautiful
But let's see what your brother thinks
Let's see

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The Darker Side of Equestria Revamped and other things! · 6:25pm Mar 24th, 2017

Okie doke. So I'm not gonna redo the ones that became their own stories. If I do that anymore I swear I'll tear my own tentacles off cause I can't redo those anymore. But I will be thinking of new ways to torture ponies. From cannibalism to public brutality. Just need to figure out who will be first. I'm thinking of Sombra getting his revenge on a certain pair that killed him before.

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