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  • 28 weeks
    No title

    He dances in the light of your failure
    Giddy with joy of your blunder
    His voice cackles like thunder
    The smooth toothy grin among his lips
    The sway of his tail upon his hips
    Right now he needs not think
    He knows you
    You don't know him
    But you do know he knows you
    And your faults
    And your failures
    And your fears
    He stands in the light of your failure

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    3 comments · 44 views
  • 32 weeks
    Update... Again

    Because things have gotten more stationed in my life now. Better paying job with weekly pay. Been doing better health wise and doodling on free time. If anyone even still pops up around this dried up tentacle blog, how ya been?

    14 comments · 63 views
  • 80 weeks

    *Eats a bowl of popcorn* Did I miss anything while gone again?

    2 comments · 106 views
  • 111 weeks
    Happy New Years!!!!

    Now can someone warm up the planet?
    Freezing my tentacles off here!!!

    10 comments · 155 views
  • 114 weeks

    A lot later than I hoped.. geezus what I missed?

    2 comments · 118 views

The little girl puppet, Mari · 2:02pm Apr 17th, 2017

She was beautiful.
I dare say gorgeous.
Short blue hair that fringed red.
Grey eyes like that of a newborn.
Her mother would be proud to see her now.
Once dead from suffocation.
My cold hands touched her cold beauty.
Strings along the limbs.
A corset crafted from her little sister's skin.
Leggings the same.
Gloves the same.
Fedora the same.
She has her use.
Part one of the new family.
She will be MY little sister.
Like the stillborn sister I never had.
Now I'm off to work on the father.

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