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Looking for Art for My Next Original Story! · 11:03pm May 5th, 2017

So, this is me announcing that my original story Sarafune Monster Preserve Vol. 1 is actually somewhat close to being done. It has two and a half chapters left to be made, and then needs to be proofread and self edited. It will be approximately 25k words and 50-60 pages expected, making it very much so a novella, and will be published at Amazon's requested $2.99, or so is my current plan.

However, that means I need A)cover art, and B)promotional materials, and here is where the request/trade comes into play. And don't worry, even if your piece is not picked to be the cover, your art will be given honorable mentions, along with saying where it can be found, at the end of the book, no matter what. Unless you don't want to be associated with it.

1)You send me a link to your gallery, mostly just to make sure I don't get any drawings that looked like a five year old drew it.

2)If I accept it, I will give you the first two chapters of the story, mostly so you can see the model for the cover. A red dragon girl who is the featured girl of this volume.

3)You will make a sketch/picture, either as finished product or for me to review, etc. like that, in whatever form you imagine for the cover. If it's not in a cover page format, it won't be able to be the cover of the book, but it will be accepted for the honorable mention.
3.a)This is purely a suggestion on the cover, which would be the girl from about smile to her chest, her claws covering her bare chest while the title and author credit is inbetween her smile and chest. I can elaborate in messages.

4)When finished, I will give you the entire story as a form of payment, and this goes for everyone who makes art for the story, not just the one picked as the cover. I will be asking that you wait to publish any of the pictures until the day that the story is published.
4.a)You will not have to wait for the story to be published to receive it, but instead will be given access to the story's documents where you will be able to read it in its entirety.

5)The one who does win will be given a cash prize, at the moment set at $10, along with the book. It could be higher, but it will be entirely dependent on the quality of the cover, and how my finances are at the moment.
5.a) If none of the submissions are chosen as cover material, I will probably split the prize between my two favorite submissions to still show my appreciation, but it will also mean that, and you do not technically have to, that you will have to wait to publish the pictures until I do find a cover piece and thus can publish. And again, only if you are willing to do so, as it would still be your art.

And that's it, at least for now. If you're interested, please message me, and we can begin! I will be taking artists looking to join until the 14th, and submissions of at least sketches until the first of June. If I'm waiting on some really good pieces that were shown to me as sketches, this date may be extended, as well if I have to seek other avenues so as to get the cover piece.

Until then, thank you for your time, and I eagerly await any and all messages!

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Comments ( 2 )

Here, have a link. Though I am by no means a 'professional' artist.

My Gallery

I'm kinda good. Here is the link to my account.

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