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I will put you back together · 12:13pm Mar 25th, 2017

(Not FNAF related. Just part of something I had in mind for a long time)

It appears your brother is near
Do you feel him dear?
The thing he carries on him, the fear
Do you feel it?
Oh I know you wanted to reunite and end my game
But you are to blame
After all you tried to run
And met an unsatisfied end
Luckily for me, I have ways to bring the dead back to life
And your friends were "willing" donors
In my eyes you look beautiful
But let's see what your brother thinks
Let's see

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The Darker Side of Equestria Revamped and other things! · 6:25pm Mar 24th, 2017

Okie doke. So I'm not gonna redo the ones that became their own stories. If I do that anymore I swear I'll tear my own tentacles off cause I can't redo those anymore. But I will be thinking of new ways to torture ponies. From cannibalism to public brutality. Just need to figure out who will be first. I'm thinking of Sombra getting his revenge on a certain pair that killed him before.

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Yeah I know Rachel already blogged this sometime ago · 1:12pm Mar 20th, 2017

But a friend suggested I do this to finally get it off my back... And to lessen the stress in my life

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I'm gonna say this in a positive jokey way I guess · 1:54am Mar 16th, 2017

Does anyone know how to handle or deal with psychotic thoughts cause art doesn't work, music doesn't work, games don't work and I can barely write as it is. Two more weeks (probably) before I never have to see my dad ever again and he's being more god awful than normal. So any suggestions before I connect my entire fist to his face and my knee to his crotch? Thanks.

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A friend suggested this · 4:19pm Mar 6th, 2017

They suggest I posted some of my latest finished artwork plus it kinda brings the cheeriness back on my page a bit.

Shadow and Rarity

Loopy DLC

Psychopathic Animatronic

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Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo · 12:26am Feb 25th, 2017

Ever since that gallbladder removal back at the end of October I've been really tired and that sometimes led to barely eating. And by really tired I mean I wake up, even after a good night's rest and still feel like I barely slept. Is that normal? Cause it's kinda ruining my job hunting and art a bit. And earlier today was proof of that as I was literally a zombie for a couple of hours.

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Heh · 1:57am Feb 10th, 2017

(I blame Rachel for this)

Harley: Hey Bats, why do you where a cape?
Batman: Because it's part of the bat motif
Harley: Yeah but, the cape touches the floor
Batman: So?
Harley: Hasn't that thing been snagged on something before. Like the wheel to the batmobile or, or hasn't a villain stepped on it to stop you?
Batman: ....
Harley: Well?
Batman: Shut up Harley...
Harley: Hey I'm just saying, even I could have beaten you

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The barely lit heart · 3:41pm Jan 24th, 2017

I now walk alone
The shadow that guided me..
That relieved me, faded
The cold embrace of hatred
The harsh winds of doubt
They find me, attack me
And push me back like bullies
I tried to hold on
Thinking the shadow will return..
Not a glimmer of hope
Or a chance of happiness..
I can't hold on anymore..
My body feels numb..
My heart flickers...
The winds want it dead...
They want me dead...

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Are you proud? · 7:21am Jan 11th, 2017

Are you proud?
I can count now
Even without teeth...
You were rough...
When we started
But it was to teach me...
Now I can be free right?
No more broken ribs
And the blood from my head stopped
True... My vision is not good
But are you proud of me...?

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New Year, New Demon Resolution · 3:04am Jan 2nd, 2017

Still looking for work. Cause apparently that's still a thing but while I do so might as well return to this site more frequently. If anything I can post more brutal and creepy blog since no one sees them XD

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