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I'm just a simple writer sharing his hobby with the world, hope you all enjoy.


(Set a month after the events of the season 4 finale)

Chrysalis has returned to Canterlot, but this time under a flag of truce, instead of a banner of war. She has come because her race is dying, and much to everponies surprise, the last hope for her race is in Equestria.

However, nopony is prepared for the news of who is carrying this last hope, nor the ramifications of what this last hope is likely to bring.

Rating: Rated teen for some sexual scenes and violence in later chapters.

Warning Number 1: Later chapters may contain scenes of graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised.
Warning Number 2: Despite the similar title, this is not a ponyfied version of the movie Enemy Mine.
Warning Number 3: I know Twilight is a unicorn in the cover, but she will be an alicorn in the story, just so no-one is confused.
Warning Number 4: Twilight's brother Shining Armor will me getting a major change to his character portrayal throughout the course of this fic, a change that will involve some dark undertones, which is one of the reasons for the dark tag.
Final Warning: This fic will delve deep into a fannon portrayal of changeling hive structure, hierarchy, and culture, so those who already have head cannon's behind those and are unwilling to accept or tolerate new ones should probably steer clear of this fic.

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If you're planning on having graphic sex (like, clop or whatever) please make sure to bump the rating. Just a future note.

This is really intriguing, can't wait for more.

Warning about shining armor but no character tag of him?

Oh wow, bombshell for Twilight. I also like the subtle hint of the change in Chrysalis's demeanor, the 'Crystal Heart purging madness'. Also it providing a worldwide feast for changelings.

However, Cadance's sudden mood-whiplash when she found out Chrysalis was sterile was a bit sudden. It also seems it'd be a bit Out of Character for her to swear, like here:

“what the hay are you doing here?”

Also, you missed capitalization in a few places.

“n…no, this w

“you…you ar

“if you are implying

Great story, have a like! I'll be watching you...

That was a great start, I can't wait to see where you go with this.

It is an interesting concept that I want to see explored further, so you better be prepared to update every week or so, because I don't like when people take months to update. (I can tolerate one or two weeks for chapters shorter than 5k words, and a month for anything more around 10K+, but I still am incredibly impatient)

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Neat idea! :heart: Please i'd like some more.

This has me intrigued, but you need an editor. I'd offer myself, but I've already got several stories to work on.

so Twilight when's the baby shower? :pinkiehappy:

That must be awkward to tell your parents.

This intrigues me, though, you do need an editor or proofreader since there were a few mistakes that need correction but otherwise this seems good!

We will be seeing more, soon, right? RIGHT??? :D

Up voted and favorited even before I started reading because The Parasprite did it, so I must do it too.

No graphic sex will be in this fic, probably none at all, but thanks for the warning regardless.

Not enough room, though I guess I could replace the mane six tag...which I honestly find kinda redundant seeing as how they seem to be a staple in most stories anyways.

Looks like it will be interesting! Definitely gonna read this one! :twilightsmile:
but... :ajsleepy:
The title made me think of "Love Mine"... :fluttercry:
It's now been a year since it updated... :raritydespair:

Oh yes tag limit damn I totaly forget that one, sorry.

when i saw the title i thought of the movie ¨Enemy mine¨

Are future chapters going be longer? because I won't be able to keep interest with ahort chapters. Other than that I love it

Yes, future chapters will be longer.

Awesome! Ya got me hooked, can't wait for an update! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::derpytongue2:

You said shining armour will be getting a major change for his character and it relates to the dark
tag. I am going to guess that he is going to start hating twilight for being pregnant with a changeling

Hmmm... If Shining Armor is going to be a bad guy in this story, then I should probably not get invested. A shame, because otherwise it seemed an interesting set-up.

You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

Will the Queen burst from her chest too? This story could get real interesting real quick.

Good job on getting featured. The picture was what intrigued me. I will keep an eye on on it. Was hoping for changeling twin with the picture. :fluttershysad:

:facehoof:No the new queen will not be bursting from her chest, that is not why there is a dark tag.

Probably not, especially if you really like said character.

Wait if the changeling baby was teleported out of the changeling queen and inside Twi couldn't it be teleported back or something? :derpytongue2::ajsmug:

4831788 the magic blast from the wedding took away chrysalises ability to have children so it can't be teleported back

4831834 Well then I would say to give it to Candence since she caused the problem and wanted a foal but I like the idea of poor Twi freaking out for having a changeling daughter and having to cope with all the weird symptoms of being pregnant with a changeling foal (instead of a normal foal with normal pregnant symptomsl). :derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

This sounds like an amazing story. Do please continue it! :twilightsmile:

Looks good, but needs editing.

Like Crazy1245 said, the magic blast sent out by Cadance made it unable for her to bear young. However, it is very unlikely that she would wish for Cadance to carry the child, even if the child could be moved.

A bit too rushed, but a promising story nonetheless.

While it may appear rushed, if the next chapter is utilized in a certain manner it makes the point moot.

Didn't see that coming, welcome to motherhood twilight

:twilightoops: Oh dear...This is turning out to be a very interesting story indeed...

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