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War is dead, destroyed by the ponies when the created the greatest weapon of all time, the M.A.G.E.'s. When they were released upon the battle fields against Equestria's enemies, they lost all will to fight, ending all war, and leaving the ponies with a weapon that was no longer needed.

But, thanks to a pair of pioneering individuals as well as the creator of the M.A.G.E. units, Equestira was soon able to partake in a new kind of entertainment, in the form of the Tower of Tartarus. In the tower, The M.A.G.E.'s were pitted against each other for the enjoyment of their pony creators, all of them trying to reach the top and win "The Prize."

However, one M.A.G.E. is different from the rest, for it remembers what others cannot, as well as things it should not. It has been to the top before, only to fall, but it shall rise again, and discover the truth about its existence.


A crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Rengoku 2: Stairway To H.E.A.V.E.N.

Tag Warnings: The romance tag is in regards to one of the underlying plot mechanisms driving the stories main plot, however there will be no romances developing between characters in the story.

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(Set a month after the events of the season 4 finale)

Chrysalis has returned to Canterlot, but this time under a flag of truce, instead of a banner of war. She has come because her race is dying, and much to everponies surprise, the last hope for her race is in Equestria.

However, nopony is prepared for the news of who is carrying this last hope, nor the ramifications of what this last hope is likely to bring.

Rating: Rated teen for some sexual scenes and violence in later chapters.

Warning Number 1: Later chapters may contain scenes of graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised.
Warning Number 2: Despite the similar title, this is not a ponyfied version of the movie Enemy Mine.
Warning Number 3: I know Twilight is a unicorn in the cover, but she will be an alicorn in the story, just so no-one is confused.
Warning Number 4: Twilight's brother Shining Armor will me getting a major change to his character portrayal throughout the course of this fic, a change that will involve some dark undertones, which is one of the reasons for the dark tag.
Final Warning: This fic will delve deep into a fannon portrayal of changeling hive structure, hierarchy, and culture, so those who already have head cannon's behind those and are unwilling to accept or tolerate new ones should probably steer clear of this fic.

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Prequel to the book My Foal.

Rarity has always been a generous mare, generous with her time, generous with her wealth, and generous with about every other aspect of life. She is like this because she knows what truly matters beyond wealth and trinkets, for she was blessed with truly irreplaceable treasures, ones she wouldn't give up for the whole wide world.

But when one of those treasures is lost, only the comforting hoof of one who has suffered simalar loss will help her to heal, and possibly build from the wreckage of her torn heart.

(Celestia tag for later chapters)
(Dark Tag for certain chapters only)

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Hello, my name is Philomena Shimmer, daughter of Sunset Shimmer, and personal student of Celestia. I have lead a good life full of friendship and love, and in my small way I have helped our ruler learn what it was like to be a pony again. This is my story, the story of how a small little fire bird fell in love with the sun.

Prequal to: Phoenix Lament

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This story is a sequel to Magic of The Lost

[Set in a dark alternate universe where Rainbow never met Scootaloo]

Rainbow Dash has a secret, a secret she had been keeping since she first started at flight camp. Now, that secret has come back to haunt her in the form of a broken and bloody orange filly, a filly she abandoned almost eight years ago. Now she is trying everything in her power to correct that mistake and be the mother Scootaloo was meant to have, but can she ever get her daughter to see her as anything but the monster who abandoned her.

New Cover Art by DeadKitty

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This story is a sequel to Tale of Philomena

The day of the fifty year annual Solar Flare has finally arrived, and like all the ones before Celestia is feeling the pangs of heartache set in. But after a run in with her sister, Luna Finally gets her older sister to spill as to why this day makes her so sad, and learns of a secrete about one of Celestia's oldest and dearest friends, and about her sister herself.

Theme song for this fic: What Hurts The Most - By Cascada

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