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This story is a sequel to Tale of Philomena

The day of the fifty year annual Solar Flare has finally arrived, and like all the ones before Celestia is feeling the pangs of heartache set in. But after a run in with her sister, Luna Finally gets her older sister to spill as to why this day makes her so sad, and learns of a secrete about one of Celestia's oldest and dearest friends, and about her sister herself.

Theme song for this fic: What Hurts The Most - By Cascada

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A beautiful tale. There isn't much else for me to say. I didn't look at who was the author before i finished it, and Fuedra, i'm surprised in a very good way.

glad I could surprise you in such a way.

Ahhh, it´s so great and so sad:fluttercry:

Wow. I actually find this quite depressing; however I wish that you could've made it a bit longer.

Glad you liked it.

As an origin story for Philomena, this is very good. It's creative, original, makes sense within the show's universe while also expanding it, and adds a whole new dimension to a character that has never even spoken in the show. As a romance, this is bland. I simply don't know enough about Philomena or her relationship with Celestia too care much either way. More detail, a slower pace, and more development of their relationship would have made the romantic side of this fic much better.

I agree with 2555172
The pieces of Celestia's feelings were there, but they were not executed.
How does/did Philomena feel about Celestia? Did she love her in a platonic manner, or did she share the same feelings?
Hmm... I don't always read shipping and I've read very few. Yet, for some reason, I want to know more about this one.

Also, the end: were you implying that Celestia had fallen for Twilight as well? Or that she just did not want to go through the pain of seeing another student pass away? Seems kind of unfair to force Twilight to now go through that pain (if you are implying that all Alicorns are immortal) with her friends.


Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy of late with other stories so I have had to wait a bit to comment. Anyways I am glad you both took interest and If you do want to see more behind it, I am writing a prequel to this story that will hopefully fill in the gaps that I left out.

Interesting. Not a bad story by any means but it feels as though it's missing something. Maybe it's lacking a bit of world building or maybe it's build up. Maybe a bit of both. Still, it earns a fav and a thumbs up from me so good on ya.

Good story... but after reading some of your others I am a little dissapointed, there's alot of room for building on tgis story, it seemed like a snippet pf a larger one... In other words it was too short. if it was two or three chapters it would have been awesome... but it was good and watered my eyes.

I got a prequel to this story in the works.

That, my friend, is perfect. Again I love your work... And update Teacher no more goddammit!

I will, I just got to get past the final hurdle of the wedding chapter, the wedding night.

This was a very good story, very creative and heart-wrenching origin for Philomena, I do feel it moved a bit quickly though and that sometimes the details were either told or simply went by too fast. But such scenes were in the minority.

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