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Not porn, I swear, but that name was too good not to use. Blame this entirely on Knight of Cerebus for the idea.

Tirek's return could have been handled better with exactly one change in choice. Celestia shouldn't have sent Discord to take on Tirek, she should've sent Twilight and Luna, though they've got their own distractions.

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Late one night, Twilight has finished her latest spell. Nothing could go wrong testing it once to make sure it's stable, right?

She finds out how having a second horn around could quite literally save her life.

Set sometime after Twi got her castle, but before Starlight came about as Twilight's student Only because I completely forgot about her until like the very end and it wasn't going to be easy to slip her in, so... Sorry Glimglam fans.

Proofread/Preread by Jkinsley and CDR

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After a stressful day in the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadance is often left wondering something before falling asleep. It has begun to affect her dreams.

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The Elements of Harmony: A force of good, who can do no harm, right?

Gravity must be thankful it's just a neutral force.

Alternate ending to S1E2. Written for the Tenth Bimonthly Twilestia Contest and as JKinsley's (late) birthday present.

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"Stardate: Whatever today is. Since Equestria, and Equus as a whole, I guess, has moved out from under her wing, the mare of my dreams has been lost. Sure, she's literally older than dirt, but nobody seems to want her around. Even when she finds something, it never lasts. Today, I solve that issue."

Equestria no longer needs their princesses, including Celestia. Their little ponies have grown up, reached the stars, and have left the nest. That left four ponies and one draconequus with little to do other than cause mischief. One of those ponies hasn't taken forced retirement well, and another has plans to fix that.

A Sci-Fi Twilestia adventure that a few people in the Twilestia Skype Chat group helped inspire me to write.

Prompts - In order of date written
Science Fiction - How this monster got started. Twilight explains why she gifts a ship to Celestia.
Bold - The crew takes the Celestia out for a test-drive.
Shift - The Troubleshooters put their new ship through its paces in a real fight.
Triple - Even the biggest titans fall under the right pressure.
Gank - It's a trap?
Blueprints - Home is where the heart is.
Charter - The one with foreshadowing.
Syzygy - Twilight takes Celestia on a date II.
Wedding - The entry for the Seventh Twilestia contest.
Competition - Tia and Twily go to the races.
Sunrise - A new foe appears on the horizon.

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After noticing how their Princess, Luna, had been aloof and lonely for quite a while since her return, some of her guards decide to take matters into their own hooves.

Written for the Twiluna Skype Chat, specifically, Mighty Biscuit. Because he inspired this with his antics.

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This is a collection of short little mostly unrelated prompts that I've written for the various shipping collaboration stories out there, or just random little stories I've never gotten around to finishing. Character focus will be listed in each chapter's title.

Cheese - Luna revisits some old memories. Celestia stops in for a visit.
Renegade - Crossover w/ C&C Renegade.
Day - Celestia nurses Luna back to health.
Grumpy - Nightmare Moon visits Twilight Sparkle, bribe in hoof.
Belly Rubs - Luna and Twilight explore waxed floors in the middle of the night.
Snowflake - Luna tries to get Celestia to take a break.
Broken -
- 1 - Celestia wakes up and tries to find her sister. This one was the hardest one to write to date.
- 2 - A pair of confessions between sisters change everything and nothing.
Edge - Twilight tests out her new wings. Twice.
Note / Circles - Twilight flirts with Luna.
Ridiculous - Luna gets all the best loot.
Precocious - Nightmare and Twilight fondly remember how they adopted their little daughter.
Cause and Effect - Alicorns snore, loudly.
I Wasn't Prepared For This - A bit of headcanon about how to court either Royal Sister.
What if? - The first Lightning Round prompt. A good little take on what could go wrong in the Everfree.
Hearth's Warming - Twilight spends a lazy Hearth's Warming with Celestia.
Sickness - Spike catches a cold.
Plushie - Even Luna ships it.
Train - Celestia helps Luna rest.
Flaming - The parasprites invade again, it's up to Twilight and Celestia to save the day!
Dinosaur - Twilight takes Celestia on a date.
Valentine's / Hearts & Hooves Day - Celestia accidentally stumbles in on Twilight preparing for their 'fun' night.
Sunset Shimmer - Forgotten - Sunset Shimmer discovered something she thinks she wasn't supposed to.
Sappy - Twilight searches for Celestia.
Conflict - Truthfully? A random idea that popped into my head about Destiny. Celestia dances with Twilight and Applejack.
Resists - Twilght and Celestia share a drink after a mutually stressful day.
I Want In - Infiltrations may look easy, but they require plenty of planning and skill.
Rememberance - Twilight receives some bad news, and all of Equestria is lesser for her loss.
Belching Contest - A random little story I mostly wrote in 2015 that never got finished. Dash, Luna, and Twilight have a belching contest when drunk.
Towel - Twilight's klutzy when wet.
Focus -
- 1 - (Postapocalyptic, humanized, Twilunestia) Scouting is a whole lot more dangerous than Twilight signed up for.
- 2 - Everypony makes mistakes.
Yield - Somedragon doesn't know when to give up.

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Even those with supposedly limitless patience do find their limit.

Celestia reaches her's with Discord when he sides with Tirek. This is the consequences for his actions.

This story is set immediately after the Season Four finale. Written in one go, and isn't edited past what I spotted reading it in its entirety. That said, it should be at least grammatically alright.

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Celestia and Luna go on an unexpected adventure after a drinking contest gone awry. Let’s follow them and see what kind of trouble and adventure our drunken princesses can manage to find!

No actual tanks were stolen in the making of this story. An airplane totally was, though.

Fair warning now, this contains far more headcanon than it probably should. I started writing this in September, well before season four premiered.

Special thanks to two of the authors I edit for, among others, ‘BioChemicalWolfGear’ and ‘CDR’ for helping me turn this from a load of plot hole-filled crap (not that kind of plot, perverts), to slightly less than crap. On a less vague note, I’m thanking them for being awesome and helping with characterization (some of which I blatantly ignored), general errors, and giving me more awesome ideas to help inspire this story along.
Special thanks to these individuals as well, for much the same reasons as those above,
Josephdalepony’, ‘Midnight Spark

Coverart from the awesome Bakki!

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