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Twilight Sparkle has overcome many trials and tribulations, all of which have challenged and changed her. Now, as a ruler of a new demesne of Equestria, she must face the world in a new light and learn the rules to play the game.

Things are different in the world of sovereigns. Foreign rulers are not as understanding or compassionate as Princess Celestia, nor are they as forgiving. Twilight must find a balance between being an effective ruler, and a strong diplomat. But with new trials arising at every corner, can she manage to maintain herself? What sort of ruler will she become? And will she manage to protect her own little ponies?

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Here we go, the beginning of next story. This one is not a one-shot!

I hope you all enjoy this first part of it. As usual, I appreciate any constructive criticism! :twilightsmile:

Is it "write what you know" creeping in, or is it intentional that Celestia sounds like she's about to say "Talk to Rarity to open the Diplomacy screen"?

"Here's your starting gold. Recruit villagers from nearby villages to gather resources and build structures. Expand your influence, trade and conduct diplomacy with nearby countries, and build your own kingdom!"

Seriously, the part after "Where do I gain resources from?" can be pretty much copypasted into a tutorial.

Excellent start already setting up conflict of Twilight's fear and her friend's conflicting opinions. I'm eagerly looking forward to future updates. :scootangel:

This seems pretty good! I look forward to the updates!

Interesting. I'll follow this, because I find it very interesting: Nationbuilding is difficult and gives such a wonderful view of character.
Do continue, I rather want to find out how run down Twilight's new castle is.

Man, Twi is gonna crash and burn.

Love nation building, those are my favorite parts in fantasy epics. Lets see where this goes.

le restaurant nez-en-l’air?
That is probably the best use of a pun I've seen in a fanfic. I'm so glad I speak enough french to understand that.

Also an excellent story. It gives the perfect balance between the harsh realities of real-world politics and the lighter side that is the Equestrian version. It's written very well and has excellent world building. Hopefully it gets up to the views it deserves. 21 upvotes hardly befits this excellent work.

This should be interesting.

This. Just.... THIS! :D

This story makes me think of Civilization 5 for some reason. Into the Read Later list it goes.

Found a typo:
"Twilight’s friends, taking their usual arrowed formation, bowed to the Princess from behind Twilight, taking their usual arrowed formation."

Other than that, can't wait for the next chapter!

This is gonna be good.


Bless you man, I hadn't noticed that at first.:rainbowlaugh:

this seems like something with alot of potential......will be waiting.........waiting.....is the next chapter ready yet?

This is the best kind of story, World Building always has a special place in my favorites :pinkiehappy:

What time is it?

Twilight’s friends, taking their usual arrowed formation, bowed to the Princess from behind Twilight, taking their usual arrowed formation.

OK. We get it. They're in their usual arrow formation.

“Pinkie brought her hooves around Twilight’s body and squeezed the very life out of her. “You’re the best, Twilight!”

So Pinkie was saying that she brought her hooves around Twilight's body, etc?

Now that that's over with, I see this as a very interesting story. I wonder where you got the idea from... *cough*equestriagirls*cough*
Keep up the good work!

I approve of your story, MORE PLEASE!

Rarity the Diplomat with her Dragon bodyguard? <.<

Hey, a shipper can dream, can't he? It's a fantastic story, and one I very much enjoyed reading. It is simple, but still delightful in it's design. It uses all of the Mane 7, and gives each of them time and importance in the story. Very often stories only focus on a few of them, or try to focus on too many and wind up doing none of them justice. But in this small chapter, you managed to give everyone their little nod. I am looking forward to what comes of this.


YOUR MAJESTY! your kingdom is being over run with colorful ponies while these creatures look cute and cuddly they are devilish nightmares in disguise call upon your finest knights TO ARMS your majesty and we can beat them back! ~Attempt at sounding like the advisor from Majesty 1&2

Hyperexpansionist Equestria? Hmmm... This fic needs a generous dosing of GRATUITOUS WOAR! Also, buffalo rebellions.:derpytongue2:

Just read it. I must say that I enjoyed it.:twilightsmile: Please sir, can I have some more?:fluttershysad:

3300453 3300746
Thank you both. I'll fix that up right away. :twilightsmile:


This isn't going to be an easy road for Twilight to walk. Cadence had several advantages that allowed her to take over the Crystal Empire with relative ease. The first being that she's lived in Canterlot all her life, being exposed to constant politics. Second being that the Crystal Empire was already up to code, minus of course the evil villain trying to take it over again. It already had a population and economy with little to no neighboring countries to worry about. And lastly she had her subjects love and approval for being involved with the disposing of Sombra. Twilight has none of these and needs to build from the ruined castle up.

Plus, she should consider leaving her friends behind, or at least consider bringing them in at a later date. None of them have any experience in politics except Rarity, and her last interaction with royalty ended up pie being hurled. She should bring a small team of professionals, one in diplomacy, one in agriculture, one in economics, and one in military. Probably a few more but that's just for start.

3306253 I think I know who's who in this situation. Just think about it:trollestia:

This has certainty captured my attention.

The least I can say is that it was really interesting. I am wondering who will come with Twilight and who won't
Keep the good job

This looks intriguing... I'm going to be following this with excitement.

I'm liking this.

Twilight is clearly going to be a warmongering menace to the world. It'll all begin when one of those nearby kingdoms tries to spread religion with a Great Prophet, mark my words. :trixieshiftleft:

Either that or France will show up and take over everything. One of the two.

They couldn't do it. They're in the midst of a revolution in the form of a musical.

Yep, I am reading this story.

I am so reading this story.

Like and fave just because you are amazing.

Les marerables?

Le restaurant nez-en-l’air

The restaurant nose-in-air?
That is a questionable name at best


Don't doubt the power and trickery of the Prench. One day Pinkie'll come up to Twilight with a party cannon and bang! Twilight'll take a Prench cannonball from point-blank. Then Pinkie'll drop her cloak and use her invisibility cloak to sneak away.

Looks good, but its hard to guess based on one chapter.
Either way, I love the idea and I'm sure it will be good based on your writing. Fave and Like :pinkiehappy:

While I didn't care for the part where Celestia was giving the tutorial, I don't get the impression that there'll be another one. I found the premiss interesting, and the content to be to my liking. I will laugh if Dash brings her Commander Hurricane costume.

Heh, Interesting concept, kinda like a pony strategic game.

Twi starts with a castle, some money, a village and some goals she has to accomplish as new princess of her own land. To me it looks like Celestia hopes that those two kingdoms will get annxed to TwI's realm and thus to the realm of Equestria, spreading its civilisation beyond their borders. Still, I doubt that will happen without any problems.

Twi's friends will be great advisors for Twi.
Rarity for diplomacy/outside relationships, keeping up a good reputation for Twilight in other realms, trading will become important as well
Pinkie for culture/inside relationships, making the ponies in Twi's realm happy will be a great indicator for other villages on the border to join the new kingdom.
Applejack for agriculture, no food, no ponies. Plus some of the products can be traded with other realms. I'm not too sure if AJ will only stay for agricutlre or also mining and industries and such once Twi's realm and her influence grows.
Fluttershy for nature/inside relationships, her kindness will prove useful to prevent critters destroy the agriculture of the villages as well as to have them help keep nature in check with pony skills. Plus nopony can be mad at Fluttershy.
Rainbow for weather and military. WHile I see her being a weatherpony at first and etalbish a functional weatherteam thus better results in agricutlre and such, I can also see her as a commander, not as a general which Twi will need too, who leads Twi's guards into battle against bandits and enemy armies.

Spike could be the assistant of Twi who holds all the ties together between the different ministeriums so that Twi won't go under the stress. Or if he had grown enough in those 5 years, he will take over a ministerium himself, like the finance ministerium given his bookworm and burocratic years under Twilight.

What Twi is in need of is a general or better two with experience in leading armies and training armies as well as to how prepare armies for marches, read battlefields, plan battles, etc. Then a finance minister though Spike could do that, since he's a dragon and all dragons are superb with treasures. ;)
A court aka a judge and such as well if she wants to delay some responsibilities to have more time for the country of hers. Police forces with a commander once the village grows into a city with incoming crime rates. Soldier, captains, commanders and generals once other realms feel threatend by her growing influence. That doesn't even have to be those two kingdoms right next to her. Others, bigger ones behind them could send spies and assassins and demogages to instill war between those three kingdoms to weaken them. After all once Twi has taken those kingdoms they will be next to Equestria's border. And we just saw what happens if she are next to Equestria's border: Someday your ponies just run over to their side and you are without ponies, villages and land.
Twi will also need a magi and a scientist circle as well as a religious leader for her own princesshood given the importance of the alicorn rule in Equestria. A magi for magical research, a scientist for technique stuff and a priest to keep the faithful happy.

Well, theres probably much more she needs, servants, maids, a docotor, smith, crafters, etc., but I'm sure she knows that herself already. :twilightsmile:

I'll. Be watching. You.
While i enjoy my tiny cupcake, in the Nazi lair...

So Equestria prefers to expand using the Diplomatic Annexation method. Just wait the base tax will turn out to be too high and they'll have to go to war for it instead.

I like how this starts...you get a fav! I'll get through this after I finish one of my chapters (stupid trilogies).

This is great! I really want to hear more! This should be a great adventure.

I really like how this story is starting. I only hope you are still working on it... I really want to know what happens next! I wonder how or if all of the mane six will go with her. please please put out another chapter soon.... :applecry:

It's been over four months... Is this story dead? :fluttercry: This first chapter looks like it had/has a lot of potential...

It's sad really, this showed a lot of potential.

~Skeleton Keys

Sim city ponyvill go!

Will it be Princess Twilight or Queen twilight?

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