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see you space cowboy...

wow hello there

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hi, i'm bre! i used to go by KiaraKovu123 on here.
it's been a long time since i've written fanfiction in general because Art Blockā„¢ is a lil bitch.

every so often i get on here to see how the community is doing, and to go back through my old works and reminisce.

i made so many friends on here, a few of them i still have to this day - and i love this site for that.

i have no idea if i'll ever write mlp fics again as of right now, but my old ones were horrible (i was like what, 11? 12?)
i'm currently 18! at least as of 2/18/19 when i'm writing this.

i still consider myself an mlp fan, but i don't have enough drive to engage with the community as much anymore for various reasons. still enjoy mlp, though!

if you wanna talk to me, hit me up on discord (lemonboy#6335) or deviantart (Lemonade-Raid); i'll be much easier to reach there. if you don't want your message seen for 6+ months tho, feel free to message me here lmao

i love y'all, take care
~Bre ("Fireworks")

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  • 76 weeks

    i decided to log back on here for nostalgia purposes, so hi i guess!

    i just kinda wanted to look through everything on here, and i gotta say, i really miss my old pals ):

    does anyone on here who remembers me have a discord or something?? a couple of people on here were such good pals with me back when i was like ..... 11-13 lmao. i had my 18th birthday the other day and, i know we might've changed a lot, but i'd like to catch up and stuff with whoever's still...uhhhh, alive.

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You coming back any time soon?


I know right?? I haven't been on much, and was going through my stories and their blogs, and just came across a couple of names that I remembered and really liked. I'm glad you're still around, actually - seems a lot of folks have since moved on... which makes sense. The ponyscape has changed dramatically throughout the years, and it's tough to stay doggedly dedicated to anything, never mind mythical pastel donkeys with magical butt birthmarks.

Great to hear from you, Lem. :pinkiehappy:

Ohhh my god it's been literal years, dude how have you been??

Greetings from the beyond... the WAY beyond, apparently. WOW. Where does the time go?

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