• Published 5th Nov 2012
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Project Ascension - TheMyth

Scootaloo has a big problem, and it's not what you'd expect.

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Chapter 1

“Scootaloo... Ah think this is a bad idea,”

“I have to agree with Apple Bloom on this. This is just too scary!”

“Aw don’t be scaredy cats now, you two! This is our calling... Cutie Mark Crusader Bungee Jumpers!

Three little fillies were balancing on top of a branch at their Clubhouse. Each one had a helmet on and rope tied to their waists that acted as a substitute for a bungee coil. The orange pegasus named Scootaloo was grinning in glee at the new stunt they were going to perform, but her friends were another story. The little white unicorn named Sweetie Belle, in reality, was terrified of heights. So to even stand a few meters from the ground was draining all her willpower. Apple Bloom, the little yellow earth pony, was relatively calm but still exercised caution by fastening her rope and adjusting her helmet to not fall off.

Scootaloo peered down the the edge of the branch and let out a huff, “On my mark! Three! Two! One! Go!”. As the final word escaped from her mouth, all three fillies jumped and yelp out at the speed they were falling. It was over in nearly three seconds, with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom dangling from the rope and becoming dizzy with every motion the rope performed. Scootaloo was another story, as her rope came to its end, it snapped and she fell to the ground landing on her belly with a thud. “Ow....”, was all she could utter and stood up groaning at the pain from the fall. She buzzed her wings, only able to lift herself up from the ground for a few seconds before giving way and landing on her fours. Once Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom got to the bottom, Apple Bloom checked her flank in anticipation, but her face became crestfallen to see her flank remaining blank.

“Well, that’s a bust!” Apple Bloom groaned and fell backward on her back, with the helmet cushioning her head.

Scootaloo also dejectedly sighed and sat next to her earth pony friend, “Guess that wasn’t our calling.”

Sweetie Belle noticed her friends becoming slightly depressed and spoke up, “Well, maybe we can figure out some other things to do before next week, hey?”

Apple Bloom’s face lit up like a torch, “Oh that’s right! It’s Scootaloo’s birthday!” cheered in excitement, though Scootaloo still had a somber look on her face. “Hey Scootaloo, what’s wrong? Ain’t ya happy it’s your birthday?”

Scootaloo stood up and examined her wings, giving them a few flaps and trying to lift herself up, but failed once again at this. She let out a sigh with her eyes closed and turned to her friends, “Apple Bloom, how old will I be turning next week?” she asked her friend rhetorically.

“Ten, why?”

Scootaloo sighed and shook her head, “Ten and I can’t even fly yet, and I have no cutie mark. That’s why!” she raised her voice slightly to her friend, though she immediately backed down after seeing the shocked looks on their faces. “Sorry.”

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle trotted to her side, hugging her. “Scootaloo, it don’t matter if ya can’t fly yet or don’t have a cutie mark yet. We all don’t have ours yet, but when we do, it will be like Rainbow Dash says ‘Awesome!’,” Apple Bloom encouraged Scootaloo, who let out a chuckle at Apple Bloom’s impersonation of her idol.

Sweetie Belle nodded in approval, “That’s right. You are Scootaloo, the pegasus who will be faster than Rainbow Dash and-”

“A useless orphan chicken!”

The three friends stood still and turned their heads to see a sneering pink earth pony with a diamond tiara on her head standing next to a silver greyish earth pony with glasses. Though the silver pony stood still there with her eyes moving in nervousness, her pink friend had an evil grin on her face as she laughed at the three friends who were staring daggers at her. “Can’t believe you’re turning ten next week, amazing you got so far for a blank flank!” she jeered, laughed like she had just told the most amusing joke ever, with her friend joining in reluctantly.

“Oh great, it’s the Snob Duo. What y’all doing here!? This is Apple property!” Apple Bloom took a menacing step towards the duo, with Silver Spoon backing away slightly. But Diamond Tiara was another story, as she just stood there with a grin and let out a chuckle.

“Well well well, looks like a dumb-blank-flank is trying to tell me what to do in Ponyville, that belongs to my family and thus belongs to me,” she said with a tone of finality in her voice.

Sweetie came to her friend’s aid, glaring at the pompous filly who stood before them as though she was a demon demanding to be worshiped. “You don’t own the town! You can’t just come here and insult us! Don’t you have anything better to do?” she asked Diamond Tiara, who was starting to laugh cruelly.

“This is priceless! Now a magic-less unicorn is trying to stand up against me? What are the odds of that?!” She laughed more as Sweetie Belle had tears forming in her eyes, with Apple Bloom holding her friend to comfort her.

“Guess your daddy doesn’t give you much love, does he?”

Diamond Tiara’s laughter stopped abruptly when these words were spoken, and glared at Scootaloo who was marching towards her with a triumphant smile to see the bully being silenced. “What you say, huh!?”

“I said, your daddy doesn’t give you much attention or love ‘cause his only love is money. I bet that tiara you have on your head is a fake!” Scootaloo pointed to her head, with Diamond Tiara’s anger growing and Silver Spoon gasping at her friend’s emotional state.

“At least I have a daddy and mommy! I don’t think I’ve ever even seen your parents!” she snarled at Scootaloo. The pegasus’s eyes went wide at this, small tears pricked her eyes.

Diamond Tiara took notice and smirked at this newly discovered weak spot. “Yeah, that’s right! I bet you don’t even have parents, do you? No pony would ever want you as their daughter because you're just a flightless chicken!”

“I... I am not,” Scootaloo stuttered, but this only added more fuel to the bully’s tirade.

“I bet you live out on the streets, that’s why you stink like dung all the time!”.

Scootaloo’s mouth hung open and her tears flowed freely while Diamond Tiara laughed at the critical strike. “Why don’t you get lost? If your own parents don’t want you, what makes you think we do?”

This was the breaking point, Scootaloo turned around and galloped as fast as she could away from the others. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom called out for her whilst Diamond Tiara stomped her hooves in joy with Silver Spoon looking nervously at her friend, “And stay out, you homeless chick-”

A tremor shook the fillies, as something large fell from the sky, landing right behind Diamond Tiara. Her glee was replaced by fear, as he pupils shrank with every breath she felt on her back. She turned her head slowly to look behind her, to see a sight that would forever haunt her. A cyan pegasus with a rainbow-coloured mane stood behind her, glaring with murderous eyes at the Earth pony before her. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes before she did something she regretted.

“You know, I was just flying along, enjoying a nice peaceful flight, and I could have sworn I overheard you bullying my number one fan.” She said the words with a politeness that was very much transparently fake. She leaned in closer to the spoiled filly, with a look on her face similar to a dog about to strike. “You wouldn’t really want to do that, would you?”

Diamond Tiara gulped at this and stepped back. “M-my daddy is the richest pony in town. You better not hurt me!”

“Aw, how cute. Playing connections. Let me try: my best friend is Princess Celestia’s personal student. I’m pretty sure she could clear any matters up. Would you like to find out just what I can get away with? I’ve never really tried it, and I’m kind of curious.”

By this point, the pink filly was hyperventilating. She shook her head rapidly with her eyes tearing up, “Then do me a favour... get lost!!”

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon yelled in panic and ran towards Ponyville with their tails between their legs, with Rainbow Dash standing as firm and rigid as a member of the Royal Guard. “You better not mess with Scoots and her friends again, you hear me? I mean it!” she yelled at them, then turned her attention elsewhere. She lifted herself up, scanning the area for Scootaloo, wondering where the little filly ran off to.

“We’re here,” the first pony said, as he and his partner trotted into town. They stood firmly and professionally, which actually attracted a few stares, but they paid them no heed.

They were both earth ponies, one a dark blue, the other a pure black, both wearing sunglasses. They wore their manes shortly and evenly cut, just another aspect of them that told the town they were professional. The blue pony bore a cutie mark of a magnifying glass, the black one, a single white hoofprint.

The black pony looked around the town square. “I can see why somepony would hide here. Small, quiet, it looks pretty unimportant.”

“It looks unimportant, yes,” Blue nodded. “But the farmland here provides some valuable crops to Canterlot, so there is some government scrutiny.”

“Maybe that’s why she picked it,” Black suggested. “Easy access to food?”

“Must be, if she’s even here. I’m sick of dead ends, and we really have to watch ourselves here.”

“I know, I know,” Black mumbled, waving a hoof. “Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Bearers live here. Those are hooves we don’t want to be stepping on.”

“Agreed. Let’s split up and get a lay of the land. If she is here, we best know the area a bit.”

Rainbow Dash searched for nearly twenty minutes before finding her number one fan sitting under a tree. Her hooves covered her eyes, hoping they would stop the tears. Gently, she glided down to her, silently landing by her side.

“Hey there, squirt,” she said gently, reaching a hoof out to her.

Scootaloo jumped at the voice appearing out of nowhere. She began backing away, but stopped and sighed when she saw who it was. “R-Rainbow Dash. You scar... surprised me.”

Rainbow Dash smirked at the quick correction, and only grinned wider at seeing her trying to wipe her eyes.

“I was just... thinking... about...”

“Scoots... I saw those two fillies picking on you,” the elder mare sighed. “Don’t worry, I got rid of them. They know better than to mess with you now.”

A blush came onto the orange pony’s face. “Oh, um...”

Rainbow gave another sympathetic smile, understanding her embarrassment at her idol seeing her crying. “Kid... are you really... I mean, do you have parents?”

“Yes,” Scootaloo said with a quickness that made her mentor suspicious. “I mean, they’re just... never around.”

“Always working, huh?” the cyan pony nodded sympathetically.

“Yeah, that’s why I can’t fly yet,” she kicked the ground with her front left hoof. “They never have time to teach me.”

“What do they do?”

“They work for a delivery company. They’re always away on long trips.”

Rainbow Dash listened for any hesitations in that story. Hearing none, her suspicion diminished. “Well, then, how would you like it if I taught you a few things?”

Scootaloo just gaped at her. Then her eyes widened like it was Hearth’s Warming Morning. “Really? Learning to fly? From you? The most super awesome incredible amazing pony in Equestria?”

“You forgot ‘fantastic’,” the elder mare boasted. “And that’s what I said, wasn’t it?”

“Cool! Can we start now? Can we?”

“Whoa, cool your jets,” Rainbow Dash waved her hooves. “I’ve got weather patrol in ten minutes, so not today. But we’ll start soon. How’s that?”

Scootaloo ears drooped as she lowered her head dejectedly, “Oh ok. Well, see you later, Rainbow,” she bid her idol farewell, though Rainbow stared off at the running filly with concern before flying off to weather duty.

Once she was gone, a black earth pony came from behind a tree and looked into the distance to where Scootaloo ran off to. He laughed triumphantly, before putting his sunglasses back on to hide his eyes. “Gotcha.”

Ponyville was a town where many extraordinary events happened, with extraordinary ponies or other creatures being apart of it. Though today, the citizens of Ponyville were beginning to get awfully suspicious of two earth ponies who entered the town no less than an hour ago.

One of them, a dark blue pony, was walking through the town with an emotionless face and his sunglasses covering his eyes. He didn’t speak to anypony, but kept surveying the street layout, as if he were sketching a blueprint of the city in his mind.. The citizens simply looked at him and moved on, not knowing how to handle such an enigma. As he was nearing the Sugarcube Corner, his ears perked up as he heard his partner calling to him.

“Blue!” the voice of a black stallion, who was running towards him called.

“Black, report.” the dark blue stallion told his partner as he stood in front of him.

“I found her.” the black stallion said, with the dark blue stallion removing his sunglasses to reveal his eyes nearing popping out.

“Are you certain!?” he hissed to his partner, who merely nodded.

“Positive, she’s in this town, let’s get her.”

The dark blue stallion placed his sunglasses back on, shaking his head. “Not so fast. We can’t risk anypony chasing after her. We don’t know if another family has taken her in or if she has connections in this town. We need to keep playing this by the book.” Blue began trotting to City Hall. “We go and talk to the mayor as planned. If all goes well, that child will be brought home by tonight.”

Blue ran ahead and his partner Black following him. With the doors of Sugarcube Corner opening, a pink earth pony looked at those two running to the exit of Ponyville as though they carried the plague.

“My Pinkie Sense is tingling, something bad is going to happen.” she said as her tail began to shrink and puff out again. “I must find Rainbow quick!” she told herself as she zoomed towards the other side of Ponyville.

Mayor Mare was currently performing her least favorite task as an elected official: paperwork. Sighing, she scrawled her signature on a permit to allow another traveling performer to put on a show in town square, and then another approving the new waterway system Princess Celestia had seen fit to install in the city. She couldn’t help but grin. Getting funding from the Princess was pretty easy now that the comfort and happiness of her personal student was at stake.

“Excuse me, Ms. Mayor?”

The aged mare looked up to see two ponies she didn’t recognize. She sat her quill down. “Gentlecolts, I don’t believe I’ve seen you in town before.”

“Indeed, ma’am,” Blue said, his mouth going into his pocket. He pulled out a wallet and flopped down on the desk. It was an ID card with his picture on it, topped with the letters DFS. “We’re with the Department of Foal Services.”

“We believe a runaway foal has hidden in your town,” Black finished.

“Oh my,” she said, bringing a hoof to her mouth. “Are you sure?”

In response, Black fished a photo out of his pocket. It was of Scootaloo, looking as if she was displeased with having her photo taken.

“Yes, I recognize her. I’ve seen this filly around town several times.”

“Where is she living?” Blue asked.

“I can’t tell you off the top of my head,” Mare apologized.

“May we take a look at the city records then?”

“Of course. They’re located at the city library.”

Both of the agents arched an eyebrow. “I’ve never heard of a city keeping records there.”

Mayor Mare actually blushed. “Well, I tend to be a little scatterbrained when it comes to paperwork. The town librarian, on the other hoof, is well known for keeping everything in order. She tends to handle most of those things.”

“Fair enough. Where is this library?”

“A few blocks from here. If you wait, her assistant is due by in a few minutes to pick some things. He’d be happy to escort you.”

“Very well,” Blue said. Black arched an eyebrow, but nodded his head.

Clearing the skies of all the clouds in Ponyville was the easiest job for Rainbow Dash, since it only took her ten seconds to do so. Her colleagues were impressed by her skills and they always tried to keep up with her pace, but they were nowhere close to her level yet. Once she was done with her part of the work, she always assisted the others in finishing theirs sooner. By the next hour, the work had been done and they called it a day. Rainbow decided to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in a manner she knew best, napping on a soft cloud and dreaming.

Rainbow Dash!!!

Rainbow shot up from the cloud at lightning speeds and looked around to see who was calling her. She spotted Pinkie bouncing on the clouds coming towards her and she began to question logic at that moment, because earth ponies are not suppose to be able to walk on clouds unless somepony performed a spell to do so. “I’m so glad to have found you! We got trouble!”

Rainbow just rolled her eyes and shook her head, face-hoofing it and sighed, “Pinkie, what’s it now? Did the Cake Twins blow up an oven? Did Gummy swallow your cupcake? Did Twilight blow a gasket?”

Pinkie just laughed at this, “No, silly! That was last week,” she replied before her eyes starting glaring, “There are spies in Ponyville!”

It was Rainbow’s turn to starting laughing, as she held her stomach and rolled on the cloud. “Spies, hey? That’s a good one!” she said as she wiped the tears from her eyes and saw Pinkie staring at her with no mirth in her eyes. Rainbow gulped at this and stood up slowly, “You serious?!”

“As serious as Twilight is about friendship reports.”

Rainbow lifted herself up from the cloud and flew towards Pinkie, “Ok, let’s go get Twilight. She must know of this.”

“Okie-dokie-lokie!” she said as they both made their way towards Ponyville. Though once they left, Scootaloo came out from the bushes she was hiding. She looked pale and frightened beyond belief. She started breathing loudly and looked down on the ground, where a tear puddle formed.

“No... I can’t go back... I won’t!”