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Your friendly neighborhood mechanic / fanfic writer. Don't worry, I'm good at both! :D


I'm a spiteful old man. I've spent my entire life trying to fulfill my wish. The same thing every one of us wants.

The year is 2070. I'm the last brony alive, 82 years old. But I did it. I created the portal. And I'm jumping through. No regrets.

I've actually finished writing this story! Can you believe it? It's also available in book form, Click Here to go to lulu.com

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Well... It's not bad. It's hard for a self insert HiE to not be cliche. This one is better than most.

I think I'll keep reading.

Creepy old man...that just seems wrong and yet it works so well.:pinkiehappy:

This is sweet :pinkiehappy:
Hope you do some more

I just hope this has a happy ending .... *saved*

In my capacity as an extremely old individual who barely just skirted the HiE line in a pair of stories, I endorse this storyline wholeheartedly.

I know I'm not going to stop being a Brony. I'm just hoping I can get enough shirts to last the next 60 to 70 years.


I'm gonna keep reading now. :rainbowderp:

So far, so freakin' good!

holy shit... so amazing... can't help but move on...

I hope you know, my friend, that this is probably going to end up becoming the new standard by which I judge all other stories that I'll ever read. This one is that good. Keep it up.

Dude, i'm gonna be a brony until I die, seriously. Lol.

And your story is just, wow. Unique is all I can say, and original! Something that we don't really have much of around here!

1313559 Thanks...?
1313565 Hehehehe...
1313584 I will, but like I said, might be a little while...
1313589 I think I have something special in mind... you shall see...
1313992 I feel the same way... can't help but wonder what it'll be like when I'm an old fart wearing a pony T shirt.
1314284 Wow, thank you! :pinkiehappy:
1314304 It was just one of them crazy ideas... I was aiming for something different.

once again,
that is all.
well actually no that's not all, if you ever need any help with this fic or any other I'd be more than happy to help out, SPECIFICALLY on this one. This has got to be one of the best self inserts I've read. Probably owing to the fact that you actually made yourself weak and old, instead of a gun toting bad arse. :twilightsmile::twilightsheepish:


What if Tyler wanted to go, too?!?!?!? :twilightangry2:

this is good keep it up.

Dude... I can't find any words to describe you... Comparing 'awesome' to what you deserve is like comparing a dust particle to the Universe!

HiE with a well done concept so far... Interesting. Can't wait to see more.

sweet celestia... THIS IS AMAZING. the sheer brilliance of this is BLINDING!!! :pinkiecrazy:

MOAR, I WANT MOAR!!:pinkiecrazy:




P.S. Anyone know how to make custom funny pictures with text?

I could die happy now.

But if I do, I'm gonna be pissed.


Well, this certainly looks interesting... (in a good way)

Okay... so I wanted to point a couple of things out:

I couldn't tell you how many cutie marks I've seen tattooed on wrinkly old asses.

I kissed that kid like I had never kissed a man before.


You know what would suck? If this ended like "To the Moon." If you've played or watched a playthrough of the game, you know what I'm talking about.

"I wiggle my eyebrows like the creepy old man that I am." :rainbowlaugh: That line made my day!


Ah. I could die happy now.

But if I do, I'm gonna be pissed…


Keep coming up with those little bits of gold, along with the epic story you have set yourself up for, and I can call you awesome.

Put the rest of your other stories on the back burner and finish cooking up this story.

Don't make me get Flutters and "stare" you.

1314688 Wow, thank you! I'll keep you in mind if I need a prereader or something.
1314800 OOOOOH... Nice thinking... maybe he did? Who knows... :trollestia:
1314828 1314829 1314870 Thanks!
1314864 Damn... Thank you, that made my day!

1314870 I try.
1314873 Glad you like it!
1315066 LETS DO THIS!
1315303 Pretty much.
1315349 Ahem... um... yea..... about that.
1315738 1315890 1315988 :pinkiehappy:
1315756 Mer?
1316012 Le Sigh... B-But... the main one I'm working on is gonna be epic... You all should definately watch me!


Hey man, this is pretty good! Keep it up

An HiE that actually DESERVES Featured? Incredible! Liked and Faved!

A tear comes to my eye.

This needs featured. This DESERVES Featured. Have a like and fave.

1316073 Yes! PLOT TWIST! Tyler also wanted to prance with the ponies!

And, you're very welcome!

Now... if you know what's good for you...

You'll write that next chapter.:coolphoto:

Really enjoyed what you've written so far. I honestly can't wait for more!!

all brony's we have to make a real teleporter and go ther. :yay::pinkiecrazy:

This. Is. Pure. AWESOMENESS!!! :rainbowkiss:

Ah. I could die happy now.

But if I do, I'm gonna be pissed…

That line. THAT LAST LINE.

I can just feel the puppysmiles vibe oozing from this.
... I'm all cried out. This story is gonna end with him dieing. But still... I congratulate you for thinking up this idea.
I will 'thumbs up' ... but my heart can't take another somber story, so i'll sit this ride out.

I envy everypony, whose brave enough to continue reading this potentially epic tale. :twilightsmile:

This is a wonderful story. I really hope you keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Link removed.

1316193 1316433 :pinkiehappy:
1316237 I'M SOOOOO CLOSE!!! :raritycry:
1316250 Nice to know I've stirred up your emotions :rainbowwild: tbh I was tearing up when I wrote it.
1316421 We'll see........
1316493 All we need are some theoretical physicist bronies to get the ball rolling. Where's Gordon Freeman when you need him?
1316550 1316586 1317134 Thanks guys! :yay:
1316808 Geez, I didn't think it was that good, but I'm ok with this!
1316898 Hopefully you'll pick it up when you're in a happier mood, so I can ruin it for you :raritywink:
1316979 Dat Jeremy Clarkson face.
1317220 Way to advertise. Can't say I blame you lol, read-later-ed.

Noooo all that beautiful science:raritydespair::raritydespair:

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