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Two Canterlot neighbors have a frank discussion about this special holiday where un-reformed changelings are welcomed to abandon their disguises and roam the town as fellow citizens. They find that they have both been profoundly affected by the royal wedding invasion.

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I'm actually a dude.

Reversal of expectations. I originally thought Blue was looking for courage for a different reason.

I will say this. Autumn being a changeling was an interesting touch. Great job!

This is nice as a one shot, but I for one would love to see how it goes.

This was really sweet! I like it a lot! Well done.



I kind of figured from the start Amber was a Changeling. But yes, this was a good tale.

What's a changeling's gender? It depends on who's dinner

Wait, 66 upvotes and zero downvotes? On Fimfiction?!?! I gotta read this.

Oh. That’s why no downvotes. It really is that good.

This really is an excellent piece of slice-of-life. Not a word is wasted in telling the story. Well done. :twilightsmile:

It's not often a see a simple slice is life story featured, much less one which is totally reliant on original characters.

That being said, really enjoyed this. I liked the twist near the end with Autumn being a changeling, it actually strengthened Blue's ability to stand up to her fears there. The concept as a whole is a really great message actually, similar to how somebody is the first person to embrace something the majority of people are apprehensive about or even hostile towards.

Nice work!


I think the dialogue got mixed up near the beginning of their conversation, after they introduce themselves. I was counting because I got lost myself :p

I had a wrong assumption concerning her species.

I guessed the twist pretty early on, but this was a very well-executed story. Not surprised that some changelings don't approve of the new "Skittle-bug" look. Also, how does one tell the sex of an unreformed drone?

"Changeling Day" brought to my mind Weird Al's Weasel Stomping Day

9073131 Wow thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
9073161 Damn. That was actually the very last edit I made before publishing. However I was doing that on my phone, on the road, in the middle of nowhere, on the way to BronyCon. Apparently that change never really got saved. Thanks for the catch!
9073291 Yeah, it was never meant to be a hard hitting twist. Glad you liked it though. Also, I would assume the usual way, but idk lol
9073607 lol

I wonder if Princess Celestia only meant for the reformed changelings to go out and reveal themselves.

9073624 Ah. It does say, in the story, but never really explicitly narrated. Changeling Day is meant for unreformed changelings. But I like to think that Thorax and maybe some of his friends were invited to make some speech, etc.

Why is this video/song soo catchy?


After learning about this from a manually typed copy of the first few paragraphs at Bronycon 2018, I read it. I had to leave thunbs up.

Damn you, you amazing author, that was a sneaky way to get new readers.

and then they died to angry mobs probably not tho :\

I like this story xD

; ~ ; Oh my god it's so fluffy I'm literally going to cry

Wow, this was quite a oneshot! You really dug in your home right into my heart, this had me hooked immediately.

Oh wow, I should have read more typewriters while I was there!

Whoa, you too?! :pinkiegasp:

Bless this fic

This was pretty neat.:twilightsmile:

¡Wow! A new story. ¡I like it!

What a great little story! Good job! I feel there is a lot of potential with these two. I'd gladly read a continuing story of them should your muse strike you.

9194590 I'm glad you liked it! But... idk if I'll continue it. There's a slim possibility I'll publish something else in the same universe though.

The premise is sufficiently broad to do so. You could do a small series of one-shots covering different Changlings “coming out” now that Blue & Autumn came forward.

“ ‘King?’ We’re calling him king now?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s his title.”

Yep, it is. Thorax is king :P

Amazing story, by the way :pinkiehappy:

10073175 Ah, yes. That little tidbit is in there to tell you, the reader, that Autumn resents Thorax [and reformed changelings] and doesn't recognize his kingly title. It's also meant to be a semi-subtle hint that Autumn is in fact a changeling. :twilightsheepish:

And thank you! :heart:

Very good Changeling story.

Good story, I kinda wish there was a sequel. I want to see how the day goes.

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