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Name's Gilda. Ya know, me n Dash did some crazy stuff together at flight camp. But this one time, I wasn't so hot on Dash's little craving at lunch. Hey! Don't gimme that look! I didn't MAKE her do it!

Short one-shot. Another something I had stuck in my head.

YouTube Reading by AShadowOfCygnus

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Still waiting for a fic that goes over what pegasus wings taste like :rainbowlaugh:

And is unicorn better with herb butter or BBQ sauce?

Nice. I like this. Watched you.

Ham sandwich

Other than that, omnomnom- wait a minute, dammit Gilda you just ate Scootaloo's parents!:flutterrage:

Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

And for the record, Rainbow Dash does indeed love bacon.

I liked it. It answers the gryphon food question, and still manages to be funny. a Like, and a Watch for you. I look forward to more of your work.

This oneshot is the fucking boss, and is now part of my Gilda/Rainbow Dash headcanon. Faved, thumbsupped, loved. I might have snorted at the regurgitation bit.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys! :pinkiehappy:

Now she just needs some bacon

Lucky it wasn't Bacon or there wouldn't have been anything that could dissuade her from eating it.

This had me laughing so hard for some reason, now I wonder what Rainbow would be like eatting more meat.....hmm.......I love this!


Oatmeal? Are you crazy? :pinkiegasp:

And as Pinkie's baked bads show, if an equestrian pony eats too much meat, they throw up.

ha ha, I saw this wanted to read it but was reading something else then come back open it up and guess whats in the feature?

way to go man :ajsmug:

I can see that you've been busy. :yay: Anywhore. Awesome fanfic, I'm surirised you didn't tell me bout this when I Was able to get one the internet. :trixieshiftright:

774055 I'M SO HAPPY!!! :pinkiehappy:


Then I was like :pinkiegasp: ZOMG

Thanks guys! You made this possible!

Hmmm.... she should try sloppy joes

This so fucking funny the title even made me laugh:rainbowlaugh:

I like how RD describes the meat as tasteless. Ponies apparently love grass and flowers but if you've ever tried eating one you'd notice it's pretty tasteless. If you're not supposed to eat something, it either has no taste or a bad taste.

Well, this kind of explain the missing pigs on Sweet Apple Acress from tome to time

"And Rainbow Dash never ate meat again. (At least not that I know of…)"

What if she's wrong? o.O

Anyway, that was funny. Fave!


Lol, welcome, I think this story was great now that I have had time to read it.
Personally I wouldn't be surprised if someday Gilda doesn't come back probably having had a change of heart, though I bet this would be a chance for some of them to learn forgiveness. :pinkiehappy:

Most likely Applejack by my logic as she would be most likely to hold a "grudge" but not one of just hate or whatever but just one out of honest concern for her friends associating with someone who has shown they are not always the best company.

Sort of like how when they learned about accepting others who are different (zeccora) Twilight didn't just jump in and go, "OMG! SHE IS DIFFRENT! LETS SHUN HER!"
But it was by a chain of events and such that she let herself be convinced to reject the poor zebra which can often be the case and is one of the reasons I think mlp fim is so great in its writing.

ooh, and last but not least
Though beware, video is not for everyone, I recently learned how to place youtube vids directly in the post rather than using a link but I did it does contain a cow eating a chicken.... :pinkiesick:


Seems like some ponies did get the message, good thing, now I can eat my pie again

GLORIOUS. Have a thumb-up my good sir/ma'am.

Even more gloriously, now Dash can say that air tastes like chicken. :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing. Well, except for just one thing...

> "…Yea." She lied. She totally wasn't sure.


I assume lied is functioning as a dialogue tag(like shouted), so the period should be a comma and she should be lower case.


774608 Ok, I'm a grammar nazi myself, and that's just ridiculous.

I prefer BBQ sauce, but that's just me.


I guess you forgot to get a copy of The Elements of Style tattooed onto your eyelids :P


Horse meat is somewhat like beef in taste, so I'd use BBQ sauce myself.

774627 Yeah, it's not ridiculous. It's just correct.

774704 Tattooed on your eyelids? How does it fit? Oh, yeah.

"Be concise. Be concise. Be concise." ~Strunk


"Twilight, for the good of Humanity I have an experiment I want to run!"

"Oh! What kind of experiment? I love experiments! :twilightsmile:"

"A very... delicious experiment."


774854 NO! not her! I'm actually trying to go vegetarian, which is dangerous since I'm going through a growth spurt.

774866 I've seen that one before. Would you like the recipie for it? Cupcakes cupcakes.


Vegetarian isn't that difficult to balance out a diet before. Vegan is what is crazy difficult (some argue near impossible) to do. Nothing wrong with going vegetarian if that's your thing.

I could never eat Twilight, just look at that face! My heart isn't nearly black and twisted enough to eat the best pony :rainbowlaugh:.

774971 A lot of people think shes best pony. In fact I know more than that. I'm going to send a Private message. I'll also be watching you so you never divulge this information to others.

Hahaha! What would Flutters think?

Funny, overall it was a good, short read! :rainbowlaugh:

Apprently Rd got tired of being the pony who had her meat eaten and decided to have some herself.

:pinkiecrazy:< But i DID offer her a peice! Picky pony just spat it right out.

Is it bad that I know exactly where that is from and why Jack had to eat oatmeal for 3 weeks?

Horses don't posses a gag reflex...

Then again the show did say "Fuck it"
And made them able to vomit anyway.

775742 Horses don't, maybe intelligent colorful ponies do. :rainbowwild:

Oh come on, I totally had this idea first!

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