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Scootaloo lives the perfect life. She has kind and caring parents, three best friends and a lovely home. She lives in the magical land of Equestria where four kind princesses rule over all of their subjects using the power of friendship and the magic of kindness. She couldn't ask for a better life, except for maybe the ability to fly, but she's young and has a full life ahead of her.

Scootaloo lives an endless nightmare of pain and suffering. She's forced to fight a losing war as a child soldier against Nightmare Moon and her seemingly endless supply of brainwashed soldiers, ready to throw down their lives to protect their false dark queen. Princess Celestia is nowhere to be found and their entire world is plunging ever further into darkness.

Thanks to theRedBrony for helping me with some editing and refining all of Zecora's rhyming. and thanks to Witchery for extra editing help.

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Waking up in a dream as a dragon, that I could handle. Suddenly waking up and discovering it wasn't a dream, not a problem. Being captured by three little ponies who want nothing better than to torture me over and over? Dear god help me!

Proofreaders: theRedBrony, Hawthornbunny

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide it's high time they finally learn some magic.

But Earth Ponies don't fly, Pegasus Ponies can't use magic, and Unicorns usually don't grow crops. And learning real magic requires real skill. The time has come to learn from their guardians, and not from each other.

They need to learn about more than just magic, though. Their relationship had always been based on crusading, but they'll soon learn that relationships can change. The Cutie Mark Crusaders set out on a journey, one which teaches them that you can't crusade forever.

Editor: Bahatumay
Art By: Reynaruina

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There was once a time where I would smile and giggle just from the sight of other ponies. What's the point in that? I would go out and play with my friends every single day. What's the point in that? I would search for my cutie mark, it was our quest. No point in that either. My quest now is to find a way to fix things, to fix everything. The trouble is I'm not sure if I can.

Editor: theRedBrony

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Some would spin tales just for attention, while others leaned on exaggerating the truth to seem more mighty. Then there was me; I was just a drake looking for a good drink and place to relax. I just hadn't realized my story would catch up with me, the wastes were never kind to a drake.

This story is a crossover with Fallout but it is not associated with the FoE Universe.

Editor: Bahatumay
Proofreaders: Bahatumay, Hawthornbunny

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Waking up as something different should shock people, it should make you scream and cry out in agony. A human one night, a pony the other. Except for Samantha. How long can she trick the residents of Ponyville that she is a normal pony? How long would it take a care free town to realize something is up with the new pony in town? Considering all the crazy folk that live there... they may never notice a thing.

Editor: Cold Spike
Cover Art Source: Google~

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The greatest story ever written. Dont question him, dont try to criticize him and do not try to understand why. This is Spikes Adventures in fan fiction writing.

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He had it, everypony's dream. But what happens when fate delivers a blessing and a curse in the same breath? What is given is taken away, leaving one young colt to pick up the pieces. After the death of his father, he travels from town to town in search of answers and a way to repair his father's last gift to him. According to his out-dated map, the next stop in his journey was a small, unimportant town. A town by the name of Ponyville.
[Set Before Season 3]
Co Developed with the authors: Metal Pony Fan and theRedBrony
Editor: bahatumay
Credit to Fixing Original Concept Idea: theRedBrony and also thanks to Bad_Seed_72 for extra help on details in certain chapters and scenes.

Credit for Story Art Goes To: Kyro King
Credit for Bonus Art Goes To: Metal Pony Fan

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What would you do if you knew everything, about everyone, just by looking in their eyes? Every dirty secret, every happy moment, their very soul laid bare for you to see. Could you keep your sanity? I don’t have much of a choice, if I go crazy, I don’t know that I can do anything to stop it. But, maybe someone else can. You see, there’s this filly, and she drives me up the walls, but I followed her through a door that doesn’t want to close. Thing is, I’m not sure if I want it to.

What would you risk for the chance to have a friend? How many doors would you cross? I'm about to find out.

Original Editors: Flink Brony, CMC4TW and Benprodemo
Original art done by: tryhardbrony

Note this story was previously canceled and has now been revived.

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An Earth Pony Filly loves to go around and help others with her inventions. One day one of the Elements of Harmony discovers her talent and decides to get a bit too nosy. But the little filly Saving Grace has nothing to hide, right?

This is a story of self discovery, but it is also something a tad different.

Editor: skultech
Credit for Story Art Goes To: Playful Foxe (Previously known as Kyro King)

Note: This has nothing to do with religion, it is just a name.

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