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New Group (Invite Only): The A.K. Yearling Society for Original Writing · 3:06am Aug 27th, 2015

So, after my blog post the other day, I decided to start a group: The A.K. Yearling Society for Original Writers

Yes, there's no link there. The group is invite only, but non-exclusive (I'll explain why below.) Anyone can ask for access on this post or PM me. Bradel, bats, Jake R, and Piquo Pie are also admins with the power to send invites, so PM them if I don't get back to you in a day or so.

I made this group because writing non-fanfic can be frustrating. There's no audience waiting for you, the hurdles to publication are way higher, and finding people to brainstorm or give feedback can be a pain. That can make typing one word after another even harder than it is when writing fanfic, especially when compared to fanfic.

I'm hoping this group will be a place where we can encourage each other to write, whine about writing problems, find people who are willing to critique our work, share tips and advice about writing, editing, and navigating the publishing industry, and generally help each other. I'm also hoping that some folks will benefit from a setting where they're able to think and talk about original fiction while still among the friends they've made in fandom.

Also, it's someplace else to click around while we really should be writing.

This group is for:
* Writers who are writing (or thinking seriously about writing) non-pony words with the idea of selling them. This includes people who are thinking about filing the serial numbers off pony-words they've already written.
* People (readers or writers) who are (or would someday like to be) involved in the publishing/book-selling industry in any way. (Editors, agents, PR, reviewers, bookstore owners/managers/clerks.)
* People (readers or writers) who would like to preread or critique non-pony words for fanfic writers.
* People (readers or writers) who would like to discuss writing non-pony words and/or publishing.

So, why invite only?

The invites are in place for two reasons:
1) To avoid issues with "first publication" rights. Generally, posting drafts or links to drafts online is considered okay as long as it's a closed forum for the purposes of feedback and critique. This group shouldn't interfere with any attempts to sell your work, even if you posted the final draft right on the forum.
2) To avoid trolls and people who don't understand the purpose of the group. This isn't an elite group of the best writers, but it is intended for people who are interested in writing professionally. Since a lot of FiMfic users have a very hard time reading and following rules, I think it's best if we keep this limited to people who express interest in it. But anyone who expresses interest can be invited.

So, spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. Dust off that short story you've been working on for two years, dig up that outline you had for the Great [Adjective] Novel, and drop a comment below.

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Would totally want if it weren't for the fact that I have no idea how to post drafts and stuff; most people like Google Docs or something like that since people can add comments, but I've never known how to use that.

I'm just interested in general. I do have a big chunk of a novel, but my current work is nonfiction.

Plus, who knows, maybe I would consider sharing bits of that novel.

I will admit to some interest. One of the major things keeping me from pursuing original fiction is a lack of any interested audience, and I'm not industry-savvy enough to feel like I could just translate the words into submission for publication.

That being said, I'm also moving into a phase of life where I have somewhat less time to devote to writing, so if you are being more selective, I understand.

*takes break from screaming at the draft of his original fiction because it isn't behaving itself to check blog updates on fimfic*

How oddly prescient. Count me in. :ajsmug:

Do want. Plz invite.

I would be very interested. FiMFic is my hobby, something to entertain me and let me stretch my creative muscles when my novel feels a little stale.

I'm also thinking of using fanfics as a test of story ideas, then maybe filing the numbers off if it proves worthwhile.

Plus, you came up with a great name for it.

Not selective at all! You can just hang out and pretend to write of you want (which is the traditional past time of writers.) Invite sent.

Invite sent.

You don't have to post drafts if you don't want, or you arrange to email with editors, or... well, it's open if you're interested.

I am somewhat interested, but then if I joined said group I might start feeling guilty about the fact that I haven't touched my story in over a year and a half, with the sole exception of changing a spelling error in January of this year.


Eh, who am I kidding, I already feel guilty about it.

I'd like to join. I'm not always the most active in groups, but I do think it'd be interesting to actually get into professional editing.

I'm still unsure whether I'm going to take my writing to the realm of original fiction or just stick to writing for games, but it would annoy bats, so certainly count me in. :rainbowwild:

I have a fair amount of experience editing and writing, and I'd be down to give things some things lookovers.

Sign me up! :D

I would love to join your group. :twilightsmile:

Invites sent!

Invite sent, and you should change your username to have a space in it because I can't remember it's one word. :twilightsmile:

I like the idea, as I do a lot of non-fanfic writing, but the "professional" focus means I probably wouldn't have much to contribute, I write strictly as a hobby, and I've no interest in ever changing that. (And lately I don't have the spoons to do much editing for other folks, alas.) I'm glad you're providing a place for that, though!

If you ever start to consider doing something with your stories, or want to see what other people are doing with theirs, just drop a line here.

Consider me intrigued!

I'm interested, but I don't think I'll ever get around to writing anything as substantial as a novel, no matter how much I'd love to.

Sounds interesting, but original fiction isn't on my plate at the moment, and I don't see myself traveling those roads for a while yet. I hope this works out for you, and maybe I'll swing by some other time. :twilightsmile:

I would like to be a part of this.

Invite sent!

You could try your hand at short stories, or prereading/editing...

Thanks! Drop me a line if you change your mind.

3350462 It's more the fact that I don't think I could ever write/edit as a full-time job. But I guess it couldn't hurt to submit the odd short story to magazines every once in a while...

Y'know what? Consider me interested after all! :twilightsmile:

Sounds interesting. I don't have any non-pony fiction planned at the moment, but maybe I can be helpful to people by offering feedback.

I've always been better at opinion/commentary-type writing, going back at least as far as my high school days. Which is why I've been making plans for a blog unconnected with this site...

Considering I'm slowly slipping into writing more on my OF (and next year might well go to it exclusively), sign me up, if'n ya will, lass!

Thanks! And now I shall start feeling the guilt. Sigh.

I'm very interested to be a part of this. Please send me an invite.

I like tacos.

Someone else who was granted entrance sent me a link to this blog. As a writer and editor pursuing English as a career (wherever it takes me), I would definitely be interested. Invite please?

I have an interest in writing and feeding-back (or feedbacking?) original stories. I have a few years of experience with both, though I'm a bit of a twit. I would like an invite, if that's okay.

Of course it's okay! And you're not at all a twit. Sent!

This sounds interesting. I'd like an invite, please. :twilightsmile:

...you temptress. I can't promise how committed I will be able to be, but I'd like to throw around my worthless opinion. :D


Temptressing is my side gig. :duck:
Also sent!

This sounds awesome. I've looked into a few sites for original fiction work but always felt torn about building new connections, and having to deal with a website that just doesn't work as well for me as FIMFiction does.

I would absolutely love to join this group, and would potentially be willing to help moderate the group as well.

I did have a few questions.

1) Is this entirely being started by you or are there others involved?

2) Will serious posts about how to better ones writing be an intended part of this group. I ask because teaching others is a great way to learn and help others all at the same time?

3) Would there be interest, by you or other moderators, in running streams where we review submitted works and offer pieces of advice?

4) Are you at the point where you would be interested in having others make a real push to promote this or would you like to wait for more moderators?

I am really excited for this group. I think you know the kind of stuff I help with in the community but if you want me to write something up to show that I would be a good candidate for a moderator I would be happy to do so.


Hm. One of the big things preventing me from writing this idea for a fantasy novel I have is (as well as my current slump :P) figuring out some of the groundworks of the setting...

I ought to express interest, my original stuff rather languishes. It'd be neat to have a context for that side of me.

Also, if you count nonfiction magazine work, I've been published, plus I edited for Furplanet once (believe me, ponyfic is just as good as furfic). If you wanted 'that plus they paid you' you'd have to pick different magazines as the one I tried, ripped me off :rainbowlaugh::raritycry:

Sign me up!

Most of my writing /is/ original fiction, so that works for me, and I'm always happy to lend an eye to someone's draft.

It'd be a perfect fit for me if I could ever get beyond the first chapter of my book. Color me intrigued, bookie. Good concept. :twilightsmile:

I would like to expand my work to something marketable. In theory, at least. I'd definitely like to get in on this.

I, like many others, have delusions that I can write well enough to be published someday.

Maybe this group will give me the kick in the pants I need to stop playing so many games and get back to writing about magical gryphon going to war with one another.

oh lord, you tickle an urge i have had since freshmen year of high school.

is it bad i had/have a novel of 140+ pages sitting waiting for my edits to be put to the screen after FOUR re-writes from feed back of teachers and peers?


1) Is this entirely being started by you or are there others involved?

It's being run by me, but I did add Bradel, bats, and Jake R as admins. I've seen the stuff you've done for other groups, and have no problems adding you as well.

2) Will serious posts about how to better ones writing be an intended part of this group. I ask because teaching others is a great way to learn and help others all at the same time?

What's part of this will depend a lot on the community we gather and what they want. If it's just a place to post links and ask advice, that's fine. If people have ideas for posts or projects, I'm happy to cooperate. (Personally I had some ideas for things like wordcount challenges or story challenges meant to just get people writing.)

As far as writing posts, a lot of writing advice is equally applicable (and often posted) to other places on FiMfiction, so I kind of feel like people should post it to their blogs and link to it, unless it's specifically aimed at original fiction or other kinds of writing that aren't part of fanfic. But that's entirely up to them, it's certianly welcome on the group.

3) Would there be interest, by you or other moderators, in running streams where we review submitted works and offer pieces of advice?

I'm not sure I have time right now, but I wouldn't be opposed to it at some imaginary time in the future when I have time, and I can't speak for other mods or users. You're welcome to ask around.

4) Are you at the point where you would be interested in having others make a real push to promote this or would you like to wait for more moderators?

Go for it! I'll add you as an admin when you join, and you're welcome to send people here or invite people yourself. (There is a hundred invite per day limit, but I have no idea when that resets, and if we hit it we'll just keep a list and invite the rest the next day.)

Invite sent!

Invites sent!

This is an awesome idea. I probably won't be writing any original fiction for a year or so, but nonetheless, I'm interested. And perhaps I can have a go at editing and the like. May I?

This seems interesting to lurk...

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