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Some people (and ponies) shrug off the idea that wishes can actually come true. They chuckle at the very mention of the term. Do you think the same as them? Are you a disbeliever in the power of a wish? Imagine yourself out at night in a beautiful meadow. You lay back on the soft grass as the cool night breeze brushes over you. You stare up at the starry night sky, each cosmic wonder floating millions of miles away from you, blinding you with their majestic beauty. When suddenly, your eye catches something. A single star, outshining the rest, a blazing white sun all on it's own, alluring you're gaze with it's majestic glow. Do you just scoff and look away, or do you make a wish? If so, what is it?

This group is dedicated to stories all about what a wish can really accomplish, and what events follow. It can be about anything, as long as a wish is the initial purpose that kicks off the story. If you have any questions, problems etc., just message me.

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