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Spoiled Rich has ordered Diamond Tiara to uninvite a blue-collared friend from school when she invited him to her party. Catrina and Rep set her down and tell her the story of how they met and how their love and friendship had overcome the prejudices and hatred between their families.

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Catrina and Rep? You mean the villains from G1, right? ...I'm having a little trouble picturing them as anthro.

7717113 I'm not.

Incidentally, I get that the guards (and a number of other folks in days of old) might be somewhat prejudiced against gypsies (i.e. "Stay away from them, dear, they're gypsies, they'll steal us blind," to quote Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"... which I sometimes do not understand how it was made into a kid's movie, sometimes), but how might gypsies have a hatred against the guards? Perhaps it has something to do with a distrust of local law enforcement, which, sometimes, might look suspiciously on traveling folk when crimes occur.

When are you going to finish this story, and Fluttershy's Birthday Fiasco?

I know this'll end better than Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story... right?

Maybe. As Rarity would say, NO SPOILERS!

Nobody knows where Leah is, eh? Cue the citizens of Tambelon singing a variation of "A Rumor in St. Petersburg": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgWLLNP16pc

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