Have you even seen these pairs? Why not write it yourself?
If you manage to pull it off any of these crazy shipping pairs, post it in this group!

Daring Do X Blueblood
Daring Do X Flash Sentry
Flash Sentry X Maniac
Flash Sentry X Lightning Dust
Big Mac X Lightning Dust
Trenderhood X Maniac
Cheese Sandwhich X Cherry Jubilee
Spitfire X Doctor Whooves
Spitfire/Fleetfoot X Sombra
Thunderlane X Octavia
Vinyl Scratch X Soarin
Owlowilicious X Opal
Coco Pommel X Discord
Maud X Sombra
Zecora X Big Macintosh
Discord X Daring Do
Sunset Shimmer X Hoity Toity
Cheese Sandwhich X Derpy
Soarin X Photo Finish

Shipping's Containing Main 6

Twilight X Braeburn
Fluttershy X Fancy Pants
Pinkie X Flim (or Flam)
Rarity X Iron Will
Twilight X Blueblood
Applejack X Random batpony in the royal guard
Rainbow Dash X Trenderhoof

Post a comment if you've got an Idea for another!

1. No mature stories.
2. Said shipping pair need to be the main shipping pair in story.
3.Obviously, no F/F or M/M

Other than that, anything goes!

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So... as a new writer in the the world of FIMFiction... I swear to take upon the task of writing one of these stories as my first!
Now... Which one to do....


Discord x Daring Do.
Let's DO THIS! :flutterrage:
... and hope I don't fail....:twilightblush:

368905 Alright thanks. I did start a story but the procrastination bug bit me. I'll tell you what, I'll try to crank our a one-shot by Friday and you can, I dunno, banish me to the moon if I don't or something.

That does sound like a fun ship. :pinkiehappy:

As for the rules, you only need to know this:
1. No Mature
2. Said shipping pair needs to be the main shipping pair in story
3. Obviously, no f/f or m/m

Other than that, anything goes.
And thanks for reminding me, I shall now post these rules.

I like the idea behind this so I might whip something up later for the fun of it. Just to be clear, are there any rules or policies we need to follow? Most groups have a rules thread so people know what's allowed and what isn't.

Oh, and if you don't mind my saying, Flash SentryXLightning Dust seems like a fun ship. I might do a story about that.

Lightning Dust x Big Mac

Challenge accepted.

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