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FLuttercord is my favorite shipping and I enjoy art and writing


The Mane 6, the Knights, Megan, and Discord are invited to the Midsummer Theatre Reopening, hosted by Coco Pommel and Coloratura (Rara). Things are going well until accidents start happening at the Midsummer Theatre, like scaffolds falling, snakes found in the popcorn, and the costumes literally falling apart at the seams. All hooves point to Discord when they found evidence leading to him.

Rarity puts her detective cap on to clear Discord before he is set for trial. What she and Megan find will point back to four familiar ponies from the past.

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gosh why was there no human tag??
there are humans in the story so please add the human tag

7362870 There's only one human. It's mostly ponies and creatures. Besides, that's why I put in the OC tag


Maybe it's cause there's only one human and not multiple. Then again it's up to the author to decide about that, I guess.

I think your stories are interesting but when are you going to update this chapter and the other one. I really eat to know what happens next. Please

7363724 that doesnt matter if its only one human or more
human is human
so human tag needed

I like where the story is going. Is Rarity going to change her outfit in this story like what she did in the episode.

This is only out of curiosity, but does Megan actually have feelings for Ahuizotl as well? Like, does she have a crush on him too?

Right now. She's not sure how she feels.

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted Sep 7th, 2017

Does the Midsummer Theatre take place at the park? Or inside a building of some kind?

Park. The midsummer theatre is an outdoor theater/park. Look up on the episode "Made in Manehattan" and see for yourself.

Thank you.

And I already know about that, I was just confused because I didn't know if it took place in a new location or not.

Can I edit this story next? Please?

Sure. What did you think of Briar Heroes

I haven't started reading the story yet. Things have been really busy for me this week.

But I will soon.

“But all this garbage will ruin my beautiful pedi,” Suri whined.

What is a pedi?

A pedicure. What do u think of the noir narroration?

Really excellent. The way it was incorporated was something not even I could think of.

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