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FLuttercord is my favorite shipping and I enjoy art and writing


While visiting Griffinstone with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and AK Yearling (Daring Do), Megan is told by Gilda and Gabby about the Idol of Boreas and how it was lost. Megan gathers the ponies and tells them they are going to get the idol and bring back their hope and pride. They hang-glided down using the winds in the abyss, only to discover that Ahuizotl and his cats are there too. Monsters called the Aramaspi take both the heroes and the villains by surprise, leaving Megan, Daring Do, and Fluttershy trapped in a cave with Ahuizotl and his cats. While they wait for Rainbow Dash to get help, Ahuizotl decides to tell how he became the villain he is and how his father was involved.

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I'm liking what I see.

Great start on the story.

By Megan you mean the girl from G1, right?

Yep. If you wonder how she came to Equestria, look up Being From Another World

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted Oct 8th, 2017

I couldn’t but wonder if things like rage, revenge, and greed were also contributing factors in how he came to be the villain of Daring Do’s books.

You can see what can lead to things like that.

Oh yes. Things like the three subjects I just mentioned can lead to a great many things. They can especially change who you are personally if you’re not too careful.

Is the villain responsible for Ahuizotl's fall to evil Arabus?

Evil Arabus?

What do you mean?

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