Rarity and the Phantoms of the Midsummer Theatre

by Catrina37

First published

Rarity puts her detective hat back on when Discord is framed for sabotage at the Midsummer Theatre. With Megan's help, she'll crack the case wide open.

The Mane 6, the Knights, Megan, and Discord are invited to the Midsummer Theatre Reopening, hosted by Coco Pommel and Coloratura (Rara). Things are going well until accidents start happening at the Midsummer Theatre, like scaffolds falling, snakes found in the popcorn, and the costumes literally falling apart at the seams. All hooves point to Discord when they found evidence leading to him.

Rarity puts her detective cap on to clear Discord before he is set for trial. What she and Megan find will point back to four familiar ponies from the past.


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Chapter 1: Invitation

In Carousel Boutique, Rarity was putting a new display up with Megan helping her. They already put a hot pink, off-the-shoulder dress on a human dressmaker dummy Rarity made.

“Thanks for helping me with the displays, Megan,” Rarity said.

“No problem, Rarity,” Megan said, "Glad I could help."

It was then Megan looked with admiration at a white, shoulderless dress, the hot pink, off the shoulder dress, and a new orange trench coat.

"These dresses are lovely, Rarity. I think they’re your finest work.”

“Indeed,” Rarity said, “I got the ideas from Shadow Spade’s latest book ‘The Case of the Manehattan Phantom’. Her mystery books are my favorite. I even made a set of clothes for you.”

Before Megan could even comment about it, she and Rarity heard a ring at the door. They turned to see a mail pony with a letter with a letter in this hoof.

“I have a letter for you, Ms. Rarity,” the mail pony said.

Using her telekinetic magic, Rarity took the letter. She tipped the mail pony, which was all he needed before taking his leave. When she opened the letter, she gasped when she saw what it was.

When Megan saw the look Rarity gave with her mouth agape, she began to feel worried for her friend.

"Rarity? Is everything okay?" Megan asked with concern.

Suddenly, Rarity grabbed onto Megan, and embraced her with a spin, all while making a sound of glee.

“Megan! I’ve been invited to the Midsummer Theatre Grand Re-Opening in Manehattan!” she said while hugging Megan.

“What’s that?” Megan asked.

“It’s a community theatre. Many moons ago, Charity Kindheart, a costume designer, started it to share her love of theatre with her neighborhood. It brought a sense of community to Manehattan. When Applejack and I went there, we helped her protégé, Coco Pommel, restore and bring the community together again. And now we are invited to the grand re-opening!”

“Sounds fun!” Megan said, “I’ve always liked community theatre. Can I come?”

“Of course, Darling,” Rarity said, “According to the invite, I can bring a plus one with me.”

They suddenly heard another ring at the door. Turning around, they saw that it was the rest of the Mane 6.

“Rarity, did you get an invite, too?” Applejack said.

“Indeed I did.”

"So did Ah," Applejack said with a chuckle.

"Me too," Fluttershy said.

"Me three," Twilight said.

"Me four," Rainbow Dash said while flying with excitement.

“This is gonna be some party!” Pinkie said with giddy as she held her invitation.

With no problem and no explanation, Pinkie got out her party cannon and shot confetti into the air.

Rarity and Megan smiled to her glee.

Arrival in Manehattan

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Ch. 2: Arrival in Manehattan

The next day...

The Mane 6, the Knights, Discord, and Megan were on the Friendship Express to Manehattan. Discord was sitting next to Fluttershy while Thorne watched them with jealousy.

“I can’t believe Fluttershy chose Discord to be her plus one and not me!” Thorne said with disdain.

“Well, Fluttershy did promise Discord he would be her plus-one after the Gala incident,” Rarity said, “And that was before she met you.”

“I suppose,” he grumbled.

Discord turned his head and made gestures of threats with his hands at Thorne, making the bat imp growl until Rarity stopped him.


The train finally arrived at the Bridleway Station.

With one last screech, the train came to a stop. With that screech, the doors opened, and our heroes came out of the train, along with the rest of the train’s passengers.

Among the crowds of ponies, and the occasional griffin, coming on or off the train, the heroes saw Rara and Coco Pommel at the front.

“Rarity! Applejack!” Coco called.

“Coco! It’s great to see you!” Rarity said.

“Likewise!” Rara said, “How are you doing, AJ?”

“I was gonna ask ya the same thing,” Applejack said, “How’ve ya been since ya fired Svengallop?”

“Great! I’ve been hired as a music coordinator and concerto on Bridleway, and I’m getting to do charities too! Things are so much better with Svengallop gone.”

“Who’s Svengallop?” Megan said.

“That pony was Coloratura’s manager,” Rarity said, “Until he was caught using her to bully ponies to get what he wants. After he was exposed, he left knowing that Rara wouldn't trust him anymore.”

“I remember that fellow,” Discord said, “I exposed him in front of all of Manehattan to make up for the Tirek incident.

Besides that, I felt that he didn't get what he deserved after all that he did; and it was so much fun giving it to him.”

Rara and Coco looked at him with grateful eyes, knowing that Svengallop likely won't be taking advantage of somepony like he did before. But soon, their attention was caught when they spotted Megan standing next to Scorpan.

“Is this the human we’ve heard so much about?” Rara asked.

“Yep. This here is Megan,” Applejack said.

“Hi,” Megan said.

“Hello,” Coco and Rara greeted.

“You couldn’t have come at a better time, Megan,” Coco said, “Rarity said you play the guitar, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Megan confirmed.

“My guitarist strained his hoof and can’t perform tonight. Coco and I were wondering if you’d like to be the replacement?”

Megan felt awestruck.

"They want me to be their guitar player!" she thought to herself, "How can I say no. The friends of my friends are my friends too."

“Sure,” Megan said, “I would love too.”

“Oh thank you!” Coco exclaimed with giddy, “We better get you to rehearsal right away.”


The gang made it to the Midsummer Theatre. There, the stage no longer blocked the entrance, and Applejack and Rarity were particularly stunned that it was no longer there. But that didn't stop them from admiring how much the gardens changed. Flowers were everywhere, and so were the bees and butterflies gathering nectar. Their friends also saw the gardens.

“This place is more floral than the plains of Appleloosa on a rainy day in the spring,” Applejack said with amazement.

“Couldn’t have said that any better, Applejack,” Scorpan said.

“I thought I smelled the stench of pony-loving losers here,” said a familiar Spanish accent.

They turned and saw Ahuizotl with his pony henchmen. They were walking up the street toward them, carrying what looked to be tons of camping supplies.

“Ahuizotl! What are you doing here?” Thorne said.

“I’m not here for any evil plan if that’s what you’re thinking,” Ahuizotl said, “I’m here on vacation until Grogar cools off. He’s still angry over the last time I messed up.”

It didn't take long, but Thorne and Ahuizotl got into a heated stare-off. It was like both of them were waiting for the other to make the first attack.

That was when Scorpan decided to break up the staring contest.

"Stay out of trouble, and nobody gets hurt this time," Scorpan warned Ahuizotl.

"Oh, I don't intend to cause any trouble," Ahuizotl said with a sneer.

The knight, ponies, and Megan soon walked away from the group of enemies.

But something caught Ahuizotl's eye: Megan, who was walking closely to the group. He rushed to her, pushing one of his native ponies out of the way while doing so. The natives, meanwhile, just decided to find a place to make camp, with Caballeron and his crew following.

Calmly, Megan kept up with the others, until she felt someone's hand lightly touch her shoulder. She found a blue hand to be touching her. Knowing who it was, she turned around and saw Ahuizotl, with a charming smile on his face.

“And how are you, my angel of Equestria?” said Ahuizotl, before he began to pet her hair and head.

She didn't know why, but she felt mystified by his eyes, as well as the smile he had. And the way he was petting his hair felt so soothing to her.

She finally snapped out of it though and regained her conscious.

“Okay, and I’ll appreciate you not to touch me,” Megan pushed his paw back.

But that didn't stop Ahuizotl from putting his large blue hand on Megan's side, and pulling her closely to him. He turned the both of them to where they’re no longer facing the direction the Megan’s friends were going.

"Megan, dear," Ahuizotl said to her, "I was wondering if I could ask you a question."

"Um. Sure, I guess," Megan responded with a slight pink blush.

"I was wondering if we could spend time together today? We could walk around the city, have some dinner, do some dancing. Kind of a date really. What do you say?" Ahuizotl offered.

She felt taken aback.

"A date?" she thought to herself, "Ahuizotl is asking me on a date?"

Hearing his offer, she couldn't help but feel tempted into accepting it. Her heart wanted her to say yes.

"No, Megan. He's a villain. He likely won’t treat you well. Besides, you and your friends are on a tour," She reminded herself in thought.

"It sounds lovely, but, I was just hanging out with my friends. Besides, I have to help Countess Coloratura with her performance tonight," Megan said to him.

Bummed by her response, Ahuizotl gave a hurt look that she didn't say yes to her offer. His ears drooped, his smile disappeared, and his hand left her side.

"Oh. I see," Ahuizotl said to her, “Some other time, then?”

Her expression became one of public astonishment, obviously not expecting his persistence. It didn’t take her long to compose herself, not wanting how she felt to be out for too long.

“I’ll think about it.” She told him.

Without a moment to lose, Megan hurried back to her friends. She didn't know why, but she felt so guilty and sad for not accepting his offer right away.

But that never stopped a heart-fluttering Ahuizotl from gazing at her as the sun shined down on her. Her ponytail waved from side to side as she ran.

“She is definitely warming up to me,” Ahuizotl said.


After they went into the park, the Mane 6 and the Knights were in awe to at how much the Midsummer Theatre had changed.

Everyone in Coco’s neighborhood had gathered together and brought special food to the Reopening; new seats were put in front of the stage; and flowers were planted all around with no weed in sight, much to Applejack’s joy.

“Not a single weed in the bunch,” Applejack said, “Yer neighborhood did a good job, Coco.”

“You bet your boots they did,” Coco said.

“I’ll be up onstage rehearsing with Rara,” Megan said.

“Okay, Megan,” Coco said.

Megan and Rara headed up onstage to rehearse.

“I thought I heard a familiar country voice,” said another voice.

Applejack turned and saw Trixie.

“Trixie, what are you doin’ here?” Applejack asked.

“I’m part of the act,” Trixie said, “The Midsummer Reopening is a talent show of the best Show ponies in all of Equestria, except Coloratura is the opening act, a spot only the Great and Powerful Trixie deserves.”

Applejack and Coco rolled their eyes.

“At least Celestia will be there,” Trixie said.

“Princess Celestia is coming?” Applejack said.

“Yeah. She used to love coming to the Midsummer Theatre,” Coco said, “When she heard it was finally revived, she sent a letter saying she couldn’t wait to see it. All the more reason to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

"And all the more reason why the Great and Powerful Trixie will be putting her thoughts aside of not being the opening act and keep moving forward," Trixie said.

With a bow, Trixie turned around to head back to her cabin and prepare for her act.

With the number of villains and former villains she saw today, Coco felt worried that something terrible would happen to the show. Her worry was enough for Applejack to notice, so she put her hoof on her shoulder to comfort her.

“Don’t you worry,” Applejack said, “My friends and Ah will make sure nothing goes wrong.”

After Applejack said that, Coco felt more at ease knowing she had friends who were here to help with the show.

"But is it enough?" she said to herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt someone's hand over her. She turned around and saw Scorpan behind her.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t help but overhear,” he said, “What if my friends and I serve as security?”

Coco and Applejack smiled. The Knights providing security for the theater was enough to ease Coco from her worries.

Surprises in the Park

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Ch. 3: Surprises in the Park

Later that day, Megan and Coloratura are rehearsing on stage. Megan played the guitar while Rara sang the Equestrian Anthem like before. Rara’s cutie mark glowed right before Megan’s eyes as she sang. When Rara finished singing, Megan tapped the triangle.

“That was lovely, Coloratura,” Megan said.

“Thanks, Megan,” she said, “And call me Rara. All of my friends do.”

“Applejack told me you had the loveliest singing voice.”

“Thank you. I’m impressed with how well you played the guitar. How did you learn to play?”

“My mom would teach me when I was a kid. She would take the time to give me music lessons.”

As she reminisced about it, Megan begins to feel a little lonesome for her mom

“You miss her, huh?”

“Yeah I do," Megan says as she rubs her arm.

Seeing how melancholy Megan looked, Rara extends her hoof to her hand to comfort her.

"It's okay. You'll see her again someday. I promise."

After rehearsal, Megan and Rara are about to leave to go spend time with their friends. That is until Megan accidentally trips over a pink pony with purple hair and a scarf.

“Sorry about that,” Megan said while getting up.

“Watch it, you hairless ape!” shouted the pink pony.

Rarity and Coco spat out some tea they were drinking when they heard her voice.

“I know that yell!” Coco said.

“Well if it isn’t my two ex-friends from Fashion Week,” said the pink pony.

“Hello, Suri!” Rarity glared.

“Rarity!” Suri glared back.

“Pinkie!” Pinkie said while jumping out of nowhere.

For a moment, Rarity and Suri looked at Pinkie with raised eyebrows. Then, they looked back at each other with glares of intensity.

“Oh no! It’s Suri Polomare,” Fluttershy said.

“Who?” Discord, Megan, and Thorne asked.

“She’s the pony Coco use to work for. She’s also the pony who stole Rarity’s idea during fashion week.”

“Really? Watch me as I throw this thief out!” Thorne said while rolling his sleeves.

Rarity and Suri are still glaring down at each other.

“What are you doing here?” Rarity said.

“Hoping Coco will fail at this Revival after her betrayal!” Suri said.

"Oh you are, are you?"

"Yes I am!"

Suri and Rarity get into a growling match with their faces angrily pressing against each other. Everyone began staring while someone in a black cloak put something in the popcorn machine and trot away.

Thorne grabs Suri and lifts here.

"Hey!" Suri yells

“Time for you to go, Troublemaker!” Thorne said.

Thorne throws her out through the park gate and brushes his claws off. Fluttershy walks toward him.

“Great job, Thorne,” Fluttershy said.

Thorne turns and razed at Discord, making him grit his teeth. Coco is confused until she turns to Rarity.

“What’s going on between those two?” Coco asked.

“Discord and Thorne are fighting over Fluttershy, so beware of the bad blood between them,” Rarity warned.

“I’ll make sure they get separate seats,” Coco said.

Suddenly, carnival music is being heard and two pony clowns in white and red make-up show. One clown is a Pegasus who had on a blue jumpsuit, a pilot cap, and a red nose. The other is an earth pony wearing a yellow jumpsuit with white polka dots and a mask.

“Hello, Everyone!” said the earth clown, “We came to provide a happy performance after the bad feelings that went on.”

The two clowns begin to juggle as foals of all ages gather around them. The Earth Clown juggled the balls until they became a hoop. The Pegasus clown zoomed through, knocking the balls and his partner out of place and into a mud puddle. All the ponies laughed and cheered at their performance.


While the clowns are putting on their act, a mysterious shadow showed up with a pair of shears and begin cutting the seams of the costumes.


The clowns end their performance with the Pegasus balancing the earth clown.

Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash notice something about the clowns.

“Say! Haven’t we seen you clowns before?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Maybe at another festival you went to one time,” the Pegasus clown said.

“No. I’ve seen you two before,” Rarity said, “but I can’t put my hoof on where.”

Applejack gets a closer look at the earth pony clown.

“Probably your orange hair,” she said, “You remind me of someone I once met.”

“I have that kind of hair,” said the earth clown, “We must be goin’ now. Have a foal’s birthday party to attend.”

The clowns leave through the gate in a hurry.


That evening, moments before show time, everyone but Rarity was seated. She was about to get a bag of popcorn when she spotted a familiar, bland unicorn: Zesty Gourmand, the worst food critic in Canterlot, handing out the cuisine she used to say are acceptable.

“Zesty Gourmand?” Rarity called out.

“Rarity, how adequate to see you!” she said.

“What are you doing here?” Rarity asked.

“After every restaurant in Canterlot turned to their usual food, I tried to get every pony to sample my recipes again so Canter.to can be the high culture for the high class again. I’m hoping Princess Celestial will sample some despite the last few times before she rejected it.”

“I hope there’s no hard feelings about that.”

“A noble unicorn like me never holds a grudge, Rarity. Besides, like you said, I had no place to tell others what to eat before trying something. Anyway, I must get back to handing out samples of my cuisine. Ta-Ta.”

Zesty walks away, leaving Rarity to look at her with suspicion on her mind. Deciding to brush it off, she grabs herself a bag of popcorn and heads back to her friends.

Disaster in the Theatre

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Ch. 4: Disaster in the Theatre

That evening, everyone in Coco’s neighborhood arrived at the Midsummer Theatre Reopening. Catrina and Rep are taking tickets until they see Celestia arrive in her royal carriage.

“Princess Celestia! So glad you can make it,” Catrina said as she and Rep bowed.

“I’m glad to be here,” Celestia said, “Applejack, Coco, and Rarity did well at helping with the Midsummer Theatre Revival.”

Celestia walks in with her two guards, not knowing she’s being watched by the clowns from earlier as they watch her from the bushes.

“Good. The Princess has arrived,” said the Pegasus clown.

“When she sees what’s about to happen, we’ll finally get even with Discord, Rarity, and their friends,” said the Earth clown, “Now fly me to the catwalk backstage. We can’t have anyone find our hoof prints.”

The Pegasus Pony flies his friend to the backstage entrance, and they both trot in quietly.


Outside the theatre, everyone sat themselves down in front of the stage, including Fluttershy and Discord. Thorne looks upon them with jealousy as he and Scorpan scout the seating.

“That should be me sitting next to Fluttershy!” he grumpily says.

“Thorne, she promised Discord before she met you,” Scorpan says, “At least she’ll be impressed with how you’re helping Coco Pommel out.”

“I suppose. Maybe I’ll get to sit with her on the ride home.”

“Either way, we gotta make sure Ahuizotl doesn’t cause. Who knows why he’s here in Manehattan.”


Coco sits herself between Rarity and Applejack when Celestia arrives.

“Princess Celestia!” Coco bowed, “I’m pleased you could come.”

“The pleasure is all my mine, Miss Pommel,” she said, “I’m very proud that you revived the sense of community Charity Kindheart brought to Manehattan.”

“Applejack and Rarity deserved most of the credit. They helped me when I had trouble.”

“Yes, but you are the one who took a stand first, Coco,” Rarity said, “Charity would be proud.”


Backstage, Megan and Rara are getting ready for their act. Rara had on a nice, diamond-colored dress while Megan had on the white, shoulderless dress Rarity made for her.

“Rarity really went all out with this dress, Megan,” Rara said.

“She really did,” Megan said, “She has a good eye for detail.

Megan looked at herself in the mirror that was displayed backstage. The dress Rarity made for her was really gorgeous, and she owed it all to her.

"I wonder what Ahuizotl would think if he saw me in this dress?" she thought to herself,

She couldn't help but think what kind of reaction Ahuizotl would give to her. If she knew him from the last time they encountered each other, he would be head over heels for her. With a shake of her head though, she snapped out of it, as she didn't think there was enough time to think about it.

We better get ready. We’re on in a few minutes,” she said.

Megan and Rara get to their positions.

Watching them from above is the mysterious earth pony clown. His Pegasus friend flew in.

“Did you set the foot prints up like I planned?” asked the earth clown.

“I did,” said the Pegasus clown, “Good thing Trixie has various props.”

“Good. Now we just need to cut the sandbags, and then our plan will be complete.”


The show starts as the curtain opens for Megan and Rare and the spotlight shines on them. Rara takes center stage as Megan plays her guitar.

Rara sings the Equestrian Anthem:

Equestria, the land I love

A land of harmony

Our flag does wave,

From high above

For ponykind to see.

Equestria, a land of friends

Where ponykind do roam

They say true friendship never ends

Equestria my home!

Megan taps the triangle like they rehearsed. Everyone got up from their seats and cheered for the two. Rara bows to the crowd when Megan noticed bits of rope falling onto her. She looks up and sees the clowns from earlier cutting a huge sandbag. The sandbag snapped and fell.

“Look out, Rara!” Megan yelled as she pulled her away, causing the bag to miss her.

“Thanks, Megan,” Rara sighed with relief.

Megan noticed a small rip in her dress.

“Oh, Rara. I’m so sorry about ruining your dress,” Megan said.

Rara noticed the tear on her sleeve, but she also noticed a rip in the seams on her skirt.

“Megan, you didn’t rip it,” she said.

The dress suddenly fell apart, leaving Rara to nervously cover herself as she slips offstage. Every other performer noticed their costumes ripping apart as well. A young foal screams when a snake pops out of her bag of popcorn.

“Mommy, there’s a snake in my popcorn!” she cried.

More ponies scream and panic as more snakes pop out of the popcorn. Everyone ran to the gates, except for Twilight and company. Twilight unleashes a freezing spell on the snakes. Fluttershy carefully picks the snakes up and puts them in the garden.

“Is it a good idea to put snakes in the garden, Fluttershy?” Rarity asked.

“They are just harmless rat snakes,” she said, “They’ll keep the rats away from the flowers.”

Coco is in panic and stress seeing everything broken and wrecked from the riot.

“The Midsummer Theatre is ruined!” she yelled in horror, “What could have done this?”

“You mean “Who could have done this?” Zesty said as she came in, “I saw what happened, and it all looked very chaotic. I think our culprit is quite obvious.”

Zesty points at Discord, who was floating in the air, and using his tongue to eat the fallen popcorn off the ground. He stopped though when he sees everyone glaring at him.

“What? he asks with confusion.

Detective Rarity Rides Again

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Ch. 5: Detective Rarity Rides Again

It is a very critical night. Discord was arrested by the Manehattan Police Department after he was accused of ruining the Midsummer Theatre. Now, he was placed in the interrogation room to be questioned by Celestia, Scorpan, and Twilight.

“This is mutiny I tell you!” Discord begged, “I'm a law-abiding citizen in Equestria! I did not cause the riot!”

“Like you never planted the Plunderseeds, almost got Cadence and me eaten by a Tatzulwurm, slimed the Grand Galloping Gala, or betray us to Tirek?” Twilight yelled.

“Alright! You got caught me red-handed those incidents," he says before showing his hands being red, "But I didn’t ruin the Midsummer Theatre.”

A police pony came in with pictures of footprints.

“Your Highnesses, we took pictures of the crime scene and found unusual footprints behind the theatre,” said the cop.

Twilight levitates the picture toward her and examines the foot. The footprints are of a goat and a dragon.

“Then how come your footprints lead to the backstage entrance?” Twilight said.

“I don’t know! Someone is setting me up…THORNE! That flying jerk is railroading me!” Discord yelled while on a toy train.

“Thorne was busy with security detail with me,” Scorpan said.

“Discord, if what you said is true, I am giving you forty-eight hours to prove your innocence,” Celestia said, “If you can’t find anything that proves you have been framed, I will proceed with a trial. If you are found guilty, I have no choice but to banish you to Tartarus!”

“Tartarus! Anywhere but there!” Discord begged.

Rarity, Fluttershy, and Megan could hear him through the door outside the interrogation room.

“What’s Tartarus?” Megan asked.

“It’s an underground prison full of the most evil monsters to ever harm ponies,” Fluttershy said.

“It’s like a roach motel,” Rarity said, “Evil checks in, but it never checks out!”

“This is terrible! Rarity, I need you to help prove Discord’s innocence,” Fluttershy pleaded, “You helped prove Rainbow Dash’s innocence when she was framed by that horrible Wind Rider.”

“What’s Fluttershy talking about?” Megan asked.

“Rainbow Dash was framed for sabotaging the Wonderbolts by a Pegasus named Wind Rider. I proved her innocence before he got away with it.”

Rarity brings out her truck and quickly puts on her trench coat.

“Never fear, Fluttershy! I am on the case. Besides, I know Discord didn’t do it.”

“How?” Fluttershy asked.

“The entire incident was not done by magic,” Rarity said, “The snakes were not hypnotized like the beavers in Ponyville, and the clothes were ripped manually according to police. Such a thing is beneath the Spirit of Chaos.”

Rarity goes in and sees Discord looking down. She puts her hoof on his right shoulder.

“Chin up, Discord!” Rarity said, “I am going to get the proof you need to clear your name.”

“Oh thank you, Rarity!” Discord hugged her.

“Megan, I’ll need a second set of eyes to help,” Rarity said.

“No problem, Rarity,” Megan said.

Rarity puts an orange trench coat on Megan, deputizing her.


“It is looking very grim in Manehattan,” Rarity said in a noir narrative, “Someone is framing Discord for a riot he didn’t start. If I can’t find the proof he needs, he’ll be doing eternity as Tirek’s cell mate. To solve this mystery, we need to look at every detail and suspect that comes our way.”

“Megan, while you were onstage, did you notice anything suspicious?” Rarity asked.

“I did,” Megan said, “Those two pony clowns from earlier today were on the catwalk when that sandbag fell.”

“We must return to the scene of the crime and look closer.”


Rarity and Megan return to the Midsummer Theatre to reexamine the stage. Rarity got out a magnifying glass and took a closer look at the rope of the sandbag.

“You are right, Megan,” she said, “The rope was clearly cut.”

Rarity took a closer look at a piece of Coloratura’s costume and looked at the threading.

“The threading from the costume was cut by shears, which means the rest of the costumes were cut the same way.”

“Then Discord couldn’t have done it,” Megan said, “He doesn’t need scissors.”

“Exactly. I already made a list of possible suspects.”

Rarity hands Megan a piece of paper with suspect names and motives.

“Why would you have Thorne on this list?” Megan asked.

“Thorne is a likely suspect,” Rarity said, “With Discord out of the way, he stands a chance with Fluttershy. Let’s not forget Trixie Lulamoon. Clearly, she was angry about not getting to be the opening act. She and Discord have their differences, which is a long story. We also have Ahuizotl. With Discord out of the way, we’d be minus one power to protect us from Grogar.”

“What about that pony you growled at?”

“Suri? She is at the top.”

“What’s the idea of making me a suspect?” Thorne shouted as he came in.

“Well with Fluttershy in mind. Where were you when the sabotage at the theatre occurred?”

“Security detail, remember?” Thorne said.

“I forgot.”

“Besides, as I knight, I am a bat of honor, and I wish to win Fluttershy with such. That is why I’m here.”

“Did you notice anything weird, Thorne?” Megan said.

“I did. I saw Trixie leave with two wooden legs that are covered with mud. She seemed upset about something.”

“We have our first lead,” Rarity said.

On the Trail

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Ch. 6: On the Trail

“Our lead took us to the carriage of Trixie Lulamoon, top magician of Equestria with an ego more monstrous than Ahuizotl. She had everything to gain from a ruined performance and a rap sheet a mile wide.”

Rarity knocks on her carriage. Trixie opens her window and sees her, Megan, and Thorne outside.

“Rarity, what a pleasure to see you? And who are your two new friends?”

“I’m Megan,” said Megan.

“And I am Thorne, member of the Tambelon Knights,” Thorne said.

“We’re here about some wooden legs that got all muddy,” Rarity said, “May we see them?”

Trixie rolled her eyes and shrugged. She then opens the door to her carriage and let them in. Rarity looks around until she sees a wooden goat leg and a wooden dragon leg with mud at the bottom.

“Aha! A wooden goat leg and dragon leg, shaped like Discord’s mismatched feet,” Rarity said.

“Care to explain, Great and Powerful Trixie?” Thorne said.

“The great and Powerful Trixie sure would,” she said, “Someone stole my props and left them in the mud.”

“Props for what?” Rarity asked.

“I was going to use these to make mannequins of Grogar and a demon with dragon legs. That way, the great and powerful Trixie would put on a magic show where she battles and triumphs over the evil wizard.”

Thorne and Rarity roll their eyes.

“So you didn’t use these props to frame Discord for the riot?” Megan asked.

“Of course not,” Trixie said, “I learned my lesson on hurting others for personal gain after hurting Starlight, but I would like to get the thief who stole them.”

“Did you see anything suspicious?” Rarity asked.

“I did. Four ponies covered in paint were walking when they bumped into those clowns from the opening and took something from them.”

“Can you describe these ponies?” Thorne asked.

“I can describe one,” Trixie said, “He had a khaki vest and red scarf, a gold skull for a cutie mark, and a five o’ clock shadow.”

“Sounds like Caballeron,” Thorne said.

“And when he’s involved, that means Ahuizotl’s involved,” Rarity said.

“Whatever his gang took, it could be very important,” Megan said.

“Trixie, did you see where the four ponies were going?” Rarity asked.

“I didn't see where they went,” Trixie said, "but I overheard one of them saying they are staying in an old warehouse in midtown."

“Thank you, and we’ll find whoever dirtied up your act,” Thorne said.

With that, Rarity, Megan, and Thorne run off to midtown to find Ahuizotl and his gang, with Rarity leading the way since she knew where midtown was. As they ran, Trixie gave them a wave goodbye and good luck, and then closes the door to continue whatever she was doing before.


Trixie's piece of information lead us straight to midtown Manehatten. This dark part of the city is a zest pool for the most crooked and law-breaking ponies of Equestria. A perfect place for fiends like Ahuizotl and Cabelleron, the most notorious treasure thieves and Grogar's not-so-best agents. We must be cautious though. Ahuizotl has ferocity that of a wildcat, and he has developed an obsession for my partner Megan... Rarity continues her noir.

Later that night, Rarity and the others are searching for Ahuizotl and his gang in midtown. It was dark and foggy out. There was nothing here but pitch black alleyways, street lights that light the way, and a black cat who was digging for food in a garbage can saw the three detectives and ran off with a fish skeleton.

They carefully tread through the streets, hoping not to attract attention. But as they kept going, a shadow of a large cat ran past them from behind. The sound of running feet caught Megan's ears and attention.

“Rarity, I think we're being followed,” she whispered.

“That’s never a good sign,” Rarity said.

Rarity turned around and finds herself face to face with Ahuizotl’s tiger. Rarity shrieked. The three find themselves surrounded by Ahuizotl’s pets, as the growls of the wildcats are enough to make the three sleuths freeze

“I think Ahuizotl knows we’re here,” Thorne said.


“We find ourselves in the jaws of danger… literally. Ahuizotl is one of Grogar’s loyal henchmen and well-known treasure thief. He’s also known for his crush on Megan. There’s no telling what he has in store for us.”

As Ahuizotl's cats held the three captive, our three sleuths find themselves being taken to what appears to be a park, just like the one that contained the Midsummer Theatre. The only difference was that it was abandoned with barely any activity and was far from being a place children could play at.

"That must be where Ahuizotl and the others are staying," Rarity thought in realization.

When they approached the entrance to the park, one of Cabelleron's goons soon came into view. With a hard look, he observes and takes in what he’s seeing before he leads them on to where Ahuizotl and Caballeron are.

It didn’t take long for everyone to find Ahuizotl. He was waiting by a pond, along with Cabelleron and the rest of the Daring Do villain club.

“It seems this park has a pest problem,” Ahuizotl said, “Care to explain what you are doing here?”

“Can the formalities, Ahuizotl,” Rarity mouthed, “We’re here because someone had framed Discord for sabotaging the Midsummer Theatre.”

“We’ve heard of that incident,” Cabelleron said, “What a shame that the Lord of Chaos stooped so low.”

“Well we’ve heard Caballeron took something from a pair of clowns that were sighted during the sabotage,” Thorne said, “and we think those clowns work for you since you’re the most powerful creature here.”

“And what motive would I have to frame Discord?” asked Ahuizotl.

“To make sure the ponies have less power to protect them,” Rarity said.

“As good of plan as that is, I know better than to anger the Spirit of Chaos,” Ahuizotl said.

“Then what are you and your Hench ponies doing in the park?” Thorne asked.

“Tch. I got nothing to hide,” Ahuizotl said.

He goes to what seemed to have been covered with a white sheet. He lifts it up in the air and made it land on one of the native ponies. What it revealed was a picture of him embracing Megan while in formal wear by the pond. The moonlight shined on it as if it provided the painting its own natural spotlight.

“I came here to work on my masterpiece,” Ahuizotl said, “It’s my tribute to my dearest maiden Megan.”

Megan turned her head away with an expression no one can read. Despite her look, deep down, she couldn't help but admire how well-detailed the painting was.

“Our boss called us here to keep an eye out for anyone who worked for Grogar,” Caballeron said, “He has issues with his soldiers dating an enemy.”

“You still have something we need to save Discord,” Rarity said.

“And I could give it to you, but after the besmirching of my name…” Ahuizotl turned his back.

Megan looked at the portrait and got an idea.

"Come on, Guys," Megan said, "We'd better get going."

"What? But, Megan, we're so close to-"

But before Rarity could finish her sentence, Megan gives both her and Thorne a wink that told them one thing: she had an idea.

"Alright then," Rarity says, "Let's get going."

Right away, Megan and her friends head for the park exit. The same goon that let them in showed the three out. As soon as they were outside the park, Megan revealed why she brought them out here.

“Rarity, I want you to get out that pink dress you made for me,” Megan said.

“Whatever for-? Megan, not again!” Rarity said.

“Rarity’s right,” Thorne said, “There’s no need for you to sacrifice your dignity. We’ll find another clue.”

“No time. Discord will be sent to Tartarus if we don’t,” Megan said.

“Megan is about to make Ahuizotl an offer he won’t refuse. I was against it, but time is of the essence, and Caballeron holds the key to this mystery.”

Rarity rolls her eyes and used her magic to make her trunk appear. Then, she got out the dress Megan needed.
Later that night, Ahuizotl was busy trying to give his painting an extra coating to make it more perfect. At that moment, only he was at the lake, because Cabelleron and his goons were at the other side of the park playing cards. While he painted, he had this distinct feeling that someone was here with him. He looked around for a moment before shrugging it off and going back to painting.

“Oh, Ahuizotl!” Megan called.

With his ears perked up, Ahuizotl turns around and sees Megan in her pink dress while leaning on a tree not very far from him or the lake. The moonlight shined on her as if she was a diva on a stage.

Megan gives a seductive look in her eye, causing Ahuizotl to open his eyes wide and sweat hard enough for him to pull his collar. Megan approaches him and puts her hand on his face.

“Ahuizotl, it must be tough for you following Grogar’s orders and not getting anything in return,” she said seductively, sliding her hand as she did.

“It has some benefits,” Ahuizotl said.

“But if you give us what we want, I can give you something in return.”

Megan leans her head against Ahuizotl’s chest, causing him to cringe.

"Soft as ever," she thinks to herself.

"And what is it you can give me in return?" Ahuizotl asks.

She steps back from Ahuizotl's chest. She knew he would ask her that question. Megan thought about what she would offer him in return and knew just one thing.

"Remember when you asked me earlier to go on a date with you?" she asked

Ahuizotl remembered. On that day, even though he was bummed Megan couldn't go out with him, he believed he would one day get the chance to be alone with her.

He nodded "yes" in return to show he does remember.

‘Why now is she bringing that up?’ he thought to himself.

He got his answer when Megan leaned into his ear.

"I will gladly go out with you after the mystery is solved," Megan whispered.

When Megan said that, Ahuizotl's heart stopped for a moment, and then it began beating like he was in a race. Megan felt her heart race and soar after she said those words.

“I do know a café known for it’s dark booths…” Ahuizotl said.

“It will be one date and of my choosing,” Megan said while pulling his collar.

“It’s a deal. I understand if you want to take our relationship slow.”

When Ahuizotl said the word "relationship", she felt a slight pink blush, and her hands and feet cross at that.

"Caballeron!" Ahuizotl shouts.

Without a word, Caballeron rushed to Ahuizotl from where he was right away. He panted for breath because of how fast he ran and how far he was from his friend. When he stopped in front of Ahuizotl, he was very much surprised that Megan has returned. But his moment of wondering didn't last long when Ahuizotl takes Caballeron by the shirt.

“Give Megan what she wants!” he commanded.

Caballeron takes out three business cards.

“Those clowns didn’t have much,” he said, “That earth pony clown only had these three business cards.”

After he gave her the cards, Megan took a close look at what it was the clowns gave to them, and found out they are just what they need to solve the case.

"They're perfect!" Megan tells them, "Thank you! Thank you both!"

"You are welcome, my dear," Ahuizotl says with a bow.

Caballeron just rolled his eyes at the gesture, and left to get back to the card game he was playing.

Before Megan was about to leave and get back to Rarity and Thorne, Ahuizotl suddenly gets her attention.

"Oh, uh Megan!" he calls.

She turned around to face him again, not knowing what he could want at that moment. That was when he took her hand gently, and kissed it like a villager would do with a queen or a princess.

"Be careful out there," Ahuizotl tells her.

Megan blushed at the gesture he did. She felt flattered by his words, and her heart started to speed its beating again.

Then, she left to rejoin Rarity and Thorne.


Inside a hotel next door, Rarity and Thorne were anxiously waiting in the lobby for Megan to come back. Thorne was so anxious that he was pacing back and forth as he looked down towards the floor. As for Rarity, as a lady, she was not about to let her anxiety become obvious to the public eye. On the inside though, even while she sat herself on the lobby sofa, she was so worried, she felt like biting her own hooves.

"We waited for Megan to return, hoping she made it out okay," Rarity narrated, We were more concern for her safety than the cards. We feared what Ahuizotl and his gang would do to our otherworldly friend...

"What's taking her so long? I hope she's okay," Thorne said.

"Now don't worry, Thorne," Rarity assures, "Megan is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. I just hope Ahuizotl doesn't force her to do something she's unwilling to do."

But before their worries could rush more and more, the sound of a door slamming got their attention. Megan was back!

"You guys!" Megan calls out

"Megan!" Thorne and Rarity cried.

Joyful that she came back, Thorne and Rarity rushed over and embraced their friend, relieved that no harm came to her.

"Oh thank goodness, you're alight, darling."

The trio end their embrace with smiles.

"I got the clue we needed from Ahuizotl and Caballeron," Megan said, "Apparently, what the clowns gave them were these three business cards.

Rarity levitates the business cards towards her and examines them closely. One card is from a department store called Prancy’s; the second is from the Shining Star Talent Agency; the third is from Masquerade’s Costume Store.

“I know these places!” Rarity said.

“You do?” Megan asked.

“Prancy’s is a department store at the Manehattan Mall! The Shining Star Talent Agency is the top talent search in Bridleway. As for Masquerade’s Costume Store, I saw it at Saddle Row.”

“We’ll each take one store,” Thorne said, “Rarity, you take the costume store; Megan, you take the agency; and I’ll take the department store.”

“We’ll meet back at the park and report what we find,” Megan said.

Rarity left with her assignment. While she was heading to the costume store though, she stopped and got a closer look at the card. It wasn't just the name of the card's store that got her attention, but the scent it had as well. She sniffed the card to smell what it is.

“That scent smells familiar,” she said.

Deciding her questions would be answered later and the mystery becomes more clear, she put the card in the pocket of her trench coat and continued her trek to the costume store. Unknown to her, Zesty Gourmand is following Rarity.

“I better follow and see what she finds,” Zesty said.

The Game's a Hoof

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Ch. 7: The Game’s A Hoof

Moments after the trio split, Luna's Moon and Stars disappeared, and Celestia's sun rose high in the sky, signaling that morning came to Equestria.

In Bridleway, Megan looked around for the address on the business card as she passed by every pony that walked by. Megan grew tired, feeling as though she could sleep on the sidewalk. Her energy however lifted when she finally found the Shining Star Talent Agency.

“Good. I’m here,” Megan said.

When Megan goes inside, she sees unicorns talking on phones and writing messages on their desks, and an earth pony interviewing a Pegasus.

Out of nowhere, a big unicorn with a mustache pops in front of her.

“Welcome to the Shining Star Talent Agency!” he said, “I’m Talent Search, owner and head of the business. How can I help you?”

“I’m here about the disaster at the Midsummer Theatre,” Megan said, “I saw someone there cutting rope off of a sandbag, and he gave this business card to a pony named Cabelleron.”

Megan hands Talent Search, and he examined it.

“It’s one of our cards alright, but none of my ponies would ever commit such an act. That would be out of the question.” Talent Search said.

"Are you sure?" Megan said.

"I'm positive," Talent Search assured, "Although, I had to make one of my employees an ex-employee for causing a scandal to our agency."

“Ex-employee? Who?”

“He used to manage Countess Coloratura until his shady dealings were uncovered. I fired Svengallop to prevent him from swindling more clients.”

“Did you say Svengallop? Do you have a picture of him?”

“Security does. Wait here while I get that picture for you.”

Talent Search went to the security guard who handed him the picture of Svengallop.

Talent Search gave the picture to Megan, and she recognized him.

“That’s the clown I saw at the Midsummer Theatre,” Megan said, “I better let Rarity know. Talent Search, can I use this picture of him?”

“Sure, I got plenty of that egomaniac to last a lifetime.”

Megan leaves the agency and rushes back to the park.


Rarity trotted through Saddle Row until she reached Masquerade’s Costume Shop.

"There I was, trotting through Saddle Row, the fashion capital of Manehatten," Rarity narrated her noir, "Twelve hours have passed, and time was of the essence. As tempting as shopping on Saddle Row is, Discord could be wearing an ugly orange in Tartarus. I finally came to Masquerade's costume shop, hoping she would have the answers I sought..."

She walked into the costume-filled store when she a red and blue-haired unicorn at the counter.

“Excuse me, my good mare,” Rarity said, “Are you the owner of this establishment?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the pony said, “I’m Masquerade. How can I help you?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard about the disaster at the Midsummer Theatre.”

“How unfortunate. I’m friends with Coco Pommel, but what does it have to do with me?”

“One of your business cards was given to a certain treasure thief, and it had a strange scent on it.”

Rarity takes out the card and gives it to Masquerade. Masquerade sniffs the card and recognizes the scent.

“I know that scent,” she said, “It’s cologne from a customer I had recently.”

“Which customer? And what did you sell?”

It was a Pegasus. I sold him two clown costumes and a witch pony costume two days before the opening. He didn’t give his name but he had a pilot’s jacket.”

“A pilot’s jacket?”

Rarity thinks for a moment on what Masquerade had just said. There was only one pony she knows who wears a pilot's jacket.

"It finally dawned on my on who that certain Pegasus was. The cologne and fashion wear fit the pieces together..."

"I think I know exactly who came here. Thanks for your help," Rarity said.

My pleasure, Miss," Masquerade said.

Rarity runs out the store and sprints back to the park.


At the Manehattan Mall, Thorne is admiring the stores while on his way to Prancy’s.

“I bet I could get a ton of gifts for Fluttershy here,” Thorne said as he looked with awe.

To him, the possibilities of what gift to give to Fluttershy are limitless.

"If I can find the right gift to win Fluttershy over, we would live happily ever after," he thought.

But his thoughts on Fluttershy were interrupted when he remembered the exact reason for why he was in the mall in the first place: to help Discord.

"I'll worry about that later."

And he continued forward.

Two minutes later, he finally makes it to Prancy’s Department Store and looks around. Thorne takes a closer look at the card and noticed the word “knitwear” on it. He sees a sign with the word “knitwear” pointing left. Thorne goes left until he reaches the Knitwear Department and sees a set of different scissors. The strangest thing is that one of them is missing.

He sees an old pony coming next to him.

“Can I help you, my good bat?” she asked.

“Uh… yes,” Thorne said, “I was wondering if I can ask you something questions.”

“Of course, Sir. I am Miss Biz.”

"Nice to meet you, Miss Biz," Thorne said to her, "I'm Thorne. I'd like to ask you about yesterday."

"Oh? Like what?"

"At the Midsummer Theatre, some really crazy things have happened last night involving snakes coming out of popcorn and clothes falling apart. Some old "friends" of mine were given three business cards, one of them being from here. We suspect one of your employees may have been involved."

Everything that Thorne told the mare really peeked her interest.

That is quite a story. But I'm sure none of my employees have anything to do with what happened last night," Miss Biz assures him.

“Were any of your employees out on the night of the Midsummer Theatre Reopening?”

Miss Biz thought back on that question. That was when she remembered who was absent last night.

“One did call in sick during last night,” Miss Biz said.


“Ms. Polomare.”

At the sound of that name, Thorne's batty ears perked up.

“Did you say “Polomare”?”


"Of course! That mare showed up a while before Discord's setup happened! Only someone like her could be so handy with scissors!" he though to himself.

Right away, he shook Miss Biz's hoof up and down, making her body shake a little bit.

“You’ve been a big help! Thank you!”

After shaking her hoof, Thorne rushes out of the store, leaving Miss Biz shaing after the handshake until she stopped a few seconds later.


"After our short trips, we met back in the park. We called upon Princess Twilight and the others to report our proof of Discord's innocence like a report in the Saddle Row Review... Rarity noired.

Thorne, Rarity, and Megan meet back at the park to report what they found.

The rest of the Mane 6 are also there, having been called by the trio to hear what's really been going on.

"So what is it you three wanted to talk to us about?" Twilight asked.

"We found out who was truly ruining the Midsummer Theatre," Rarity says.

“While I was looking for clues at Prancy's, I found out from Miss Biz that Suri Polomare works at the knitwear department at the mall,” Thorne reported.

“I was in Saddle Row visiting Masquerade's Costume Shop. Ms. masquerade told me that a familiar Pegasus visited a couple days ago, and bought two clown costumes and a witch pony costume. He was dressed like a pilot, and the only pony I know that fits that description is Wind Rider.”

“I found out that Rara’s ex-manager, Svengallop, was fired from the Shining Star Talent Agency after he was exposed,” Megan said, “His hair looked exactly like the one the earth pony clown had.”

"But what about the Pegasus clown?" Rainbow Dash asked with curiosity.

"Rainbow Dash, do you have a picture of Wind Rider?" Megan asked.

“I do.”

Rainbow Dash takes a picture out of her pouch and shows it to Megan.

“That’s the Pegasus Clown I saw,” Megan said.

“I asked around the mall, and it turns out, Svengallop and Wind Rider work as the janitorial staff. They and Suri must have met at the mall and plotted together,” Thorne said.

“I can’t believe I accused Discord of a crime he didn’t commit!” Twilight said.

“Don’t feel bad, Twilight,” Rarity said, “If memory serves, conning others was their forte.”

“Zesty must be in on it, too,” Pinkie said, “She’s the one who pointed hooves at Discord.”

“I should say not,” Zesty said as she walked in.

“Zesty, what are you doing here?” Rarity asked.

“When I heard I pointed hooves at Discord, I decided to investigate who impersonated me. When I saw you uncovering who framed Discord, I followed you to find put who is.”

“So you didn’t point hooves at Discord?” Applejack asked.

“No, but I did found someone in a black cloak like mine putting something in the popcorn.”

“No doubt it’s the same pony who planted the rat snakes in the popcorn,” Fluttershy said.

“I have a plan to catch our culprits, but it will take every ponies help, including yours, Zesty,” Rarity said.

“After how I treated your culinary friends in Canterlot?” a surprised Zesty asked.


Zesty smiled, knowing after what she did, the past was in the past.

The Trap is Set

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Ch. 8: The Trap is Set

At the Police Station, Discord sweats as he looks at the clock with panic. He fiddles with his fingers each time the clock ticks. They fiddled so much, he ate them like potato chips first, and then he made them reappear on his hands.

“My time is almost up! If Rarity doesn’t solve this case, I’ll be a chew toy for Cerberus!” he screamed, “I’m toast! Toast I tell you!"

He then poofs a pick axe, a large rock, and an orange suit that prisoners wear. Then, he started hitting the rock with the pick axe.


Before Discord could panic any further, the door to the interrogation room creaked as it opened

“No need for a panic attack, Discord,” Rarity said as she, Megan, Thorne and Zesty come in with Twilight.

“Rarity! Boy am I glad to see you! Did you and Megan find something to clear my name?”

“They did, and I owe you an apology for accusing you,” Twilight said, “I thought this was another of your pranks, but it turns out it wasn't. Right now though, we need your help at catching the ones who tried to frame you.”

“I wish to help as well,” Zesty said.

“You? But you were the one who accused me first,” Discord said.

“No she’s not, Discord,” Megan said, “Someone dressed up and impersonated Zesty to point hooves at you.”

Rep, Scorpan, and Carina come in with a witch pony costume with a mask that looks like Zesty.

“We know how,” Scorpan said, “We went to evaluate the damage and found this witch pony costume in one of the trash cans.”

Zesty looks at the costume closely.

“Hmpf! I fail to see the resemblance,” Zesty said.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

“I'm surprised you’re helping Discord, Thorne,” Catrina said.

“Nothing churns my stomach more than helping him, Catrina,” Thorne said, “but if it proves to Fluttershy that I’m the better bat, I’ll do it.”

“I’m more surprised that Zesty wants to help after I disrupted her three-hoof rating system,” Rarity said.

“I was angry at first, but I’m not one to hold grudges,” Zesty said, “I only started that rating because for years, Celestia had turn to others for diplomatic cuisine and turned down recipes my family and I make and cherish. I was furious at her at first, but then, my mother gave me a fish lecture.”

“Fish lecture?” Rarity raised a brow.

“She would tell me that grudges and thoughts of revenge are like fish; if you hold them and never let go, you’re likely to stink in the end. At first, I didn’t get it, but I figured out what she meant. If I hold a grudge against someone and act out of revenge, I would hurt myself in the end.”

Rarity smiled, seeing how much Zesty had changed since her and Pinkie's friendship mission in Canterlot.


One hour later, Discord and Twilight are walking down Saddle Row.

“Gee, Discord,” Twilight said, “It was nice of Princess Celestia to give you another chance!”

“Indeed!” Discord said, “My clean-up of the Midsummer Theatre went very well. I hope no pony sabotages it! She said one more mess and it will be straight to Tartarus for me!”

As they walked passed a dark alley, three pairs of eyes leer as they laugh.


The next night, The Midsummer Theatre is clean and empty. Not a single pony was in sight, until the two clown ponies and mysterious cloaked pony step in through the gate. They rush to different directions and smashed a few thing. The Pegasus Pony kicked the popcorn stand and tables; the earth pony kicked the sound system down; and the cloaked pony ripped out flowers in the garden.” Suddenly, spotlights shine on the culprits, courtesy of Coco Pommel and Rara.

“You’re busted!” Coco yelled.

“RUN!” the earth pony shouted.

The Pegasus was about to fly, but Twilight uses a freezing spell on his wings, causing him to fall with his face hitting the ground. The two other ponies were about to run when Zesty, Scorpan, and Thorne blocked their only exit.

“Going somewhere?” Thorne said.

Discord appeared and with a snap of the fingers, gave the two ball and chains.


The heroes and Celestia gathered the culprits at the garden, ready to see who they are.

“Now to reveal who dares tarnish my good name!” Discord said.

“Coco, care to reveal the cloaked pony?” Rarity asked.

Coco takes the hood off the mysterious pony, revealing Suri Polomare.

“Suri! I should have known!” Coco said.

“Rainbow Dash and Rara, you too,” Rarity said.

Rainbow Dash and Rara take a hose and spray water at the two clowns, which wiped away their make-up, revealing the clowns to be Svengallop and Wind Rider.

“Wind Rider and Svengallop!” Rainbow Dash said.

Culprits Revealed

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Ch. 9: Culprits Revealed

After the crooks were caught, the Mane 6, the Knight, Megan Discord, Coco, the Performers and Princess Celestia confronted the three vandals for their actions.

“So you three were behind the riot and Discord’s frame-up!” Twilight said, “But Rarity, how did you know Suri, Wind Rider and Svengallop were behind this?”

“It’s all in the cards, Twilight,” Rarity said, “We got these business cards from Ahuizotl’s goons after they took them from Svengallop and Wind Rider. When I smelled one of them, it is scented with Juniper Phoenix, Wind Rider’s favorite cologne. Masquerade, the owner of the costume, described the customer who bought two clown costumes and a witch pony costume to be a Pegasus wearing a pilot’s jacket, the kind Wind Rider wears.”

“My card took me to the Shining Star Talent Agency, where Svengallop use to work,” Megan said, “When Talent Search showed me Svengallop’s picture, I recognized him as the Earth Pony clown on the scaffold and from his early act.”

“The Prancy’s business card took me to the department where Suri worked,” Thorne said, “When I got there, I noticed a pair of scissors were missing. Miss Biz told me that Suri was absent the night of the reopening.”

Rarity levitated something out of Suri’s cloak, sowing a pair of scissors with purple thread and a rope bit.

“These are the same scissors that were used to rip the costumes and the rope to the sandbag that nearly fell on Coloratura,” Rarity said, “The purple thread is from the diamond costume I made her, and the rope bit is from the sandbag.”

“But Rarity,” Coco said, “We saw you in a growling match with Suri. She wasn’t the one who planted the snakes in the popcorn.”

“That growling match was merely a distraction,” Rarity said, “While she and I were going at it, Svengallop was given enough time to plant the snakes without being seen. Then, while he and Wind Rider put on an act, it gave Suri enough time to cut the costumes.”

“How do you know I’m the one who planted the snakes?” Svengallop asked.

“Your hoof is yellow from the butter of the popcorn,” she said.

Svengallop looked and his hoof and noticed the yellow powder.

“But then why did we find Discord’s prints and no pony else’s?” Applejack asked.

“I can explain that,” Trixie said showing her wooden legs, “Those three stole the wooden legs I was going to use for my next act.”

“Indeed. With Wind Rider flying while planting the foot prints, he would make it look like Discord snuck in back to wreck the costumes,” Rarity said.

“But Zesty confirmed that Discord did it,” Coco said.

“That is where the witch pinky costume comes in,” Rarity said as she showed the costume, “Suri redesigned it to look like Zesty and pretended to be her. With her confirming Discord caused the riot, he would be set up.”

“But why would you three do all this and frame Discord?” Celestia confronted them.

“Because Rarity and her friends ruined our careers and lives!” Suri shouted, “After you turned Coco against me, she quit on me and told Prim Hemline who really made my designs. I was blackballed from the fashion industry! I had to get a job at the knitwear department at Prancy’s to earn a living! KNITWEAR!”

“Hey! You’re lucky a knitwear department would take the likes of a cheater like you in!” Rarity said.

“Well after your detective skills got me dishonorably discharged, I got a job at Prancy’s as their window washer,” Wind Rider said, "The best Wonderbolt in Equestrian History reduced to washing windows with low pay!"

“That’s more than you deserve for framing me and hurting the team by getting rid of Spitfire!” Rainbow Dash said.

“As for Discord, Svengallop had a grudge against him,” Suri said.

“It was thanks to him, I was out of work completely!” Svengallop yelled, “After I was fired by “Rara”, I went back to Manehattan to find my next cash cow…er…client. Then Discord shows up and reveals the same image that exposed me in Ponyville for the city to see. Talent Search fired me from the agency soon after! I had to get work as a janitor on Wind Rider’s cleaning team to support myself, where I met him and Suri. We talked a bit and found out we have common enemies.”

“When we read about the Midsummer Theatre Revival, we saw it as our chance to get revenge,” Wind Rider said, “We wreck the Theatre and Discord would get the blame. He and Rarity would know what it’s like to have something of yours ruined. Besides, Discord's the same guy who sold us out to a certain red centaur! I'm sure we all have a grudge against that!”

“That was your biggest mistake: holding your grudges and going through with your revenge plan,” Zesty said, “By doing so, you wound up hurting ponies and ruining something so many have worked so hard on.”

“Besides, Rarity and Discord didn’t ruin your lives; you ruined your own lives!” Twilight said, “Suri, you cheated Rarity and Coco out of their designs after how nice they were to you; Wind Rider, you try to cheat Rainbow Dash out of her dream to be a Wonderbolt by framing her to preserve a record; and Svengallop, you used Coloratura for gain rather than treat her like a friend.”

“If you haven’t done such horrible deeds, you never would have lost some possible friends,” Celestia said, “Now how should I best punish you three?”

“I have a suggestion, Princess Celestia,” Megan said.

"Really, Megan? What is it?" Celestia asks.

With her hands, Megan motions for Celestia and Twilight to come over and huddle up so that she could quietly tell them her suggestion. Twilight and Celestia do so, and the three huddle up. In a whisper, Megan tells them her suggestion. Her idea was obviously a good one, because it earned OOOO's, giggles, and nods of approval from the two mares. When they were done, the three broke formation, and Celestia moves towards Suri, Wind Rider, and Svengallop to confront them.

"Suri Polomare, Wind Rider, and Svengallop. You punishment has been decided," Princess Celestia said.

The three ponies nervously gulped.

Clean Up Act

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Ch. 10 Clean Up Act

The next night, the Midsummer Theatre is repaired and reopened. Megan and Rara put on the opening act, with Rara singing the Equestrian Anthem and Megan playing her guitar. Only this time, Suri, Svengallop, and Wind Rider were close by, working in the garden. They are now prisoners of Manehatten, and as a result, they were sentenced to a year of community service for their crimes as ordered by Princess Celestia. Their service: picking up whatever litter is on the ground.

“That human had to go and suggest community service!” Wind Rider growled.

“A year too! Beats serving time in Tartarus,” said Svengallop.

“But all this garbage will ruin my beautiful pedicure,” Suri whined.

Svengallop and Wind Rider rolled their eyes at that complaint as they went back to work.


Onstage, the song ends with Megan tapping the triangle again.

Everyone in the audience cheered. Megan and Rara bow to the cheering crowd while flowers were being thrown. A white flower was thrown to Megan. She picked it up and saw Discord waving to her. Then, Discord made a glowing sign appear over his head, saying "Free cheers for Megan." It made Megan giggle at the sight of it.

A red rose was thrown to her as well. Megan looked around and sees Ahuizotl out in the audience, waving to her to let her see him. What was particularly different though was that he was wearing a black tie around his neck. She thought it looked cute with him on it.

“Excuse me, Rara, but I have a date,” she tells Rara.

Megan walks offstage to meet up with Ahuizotl, and comes face to face with him once again. As she stood in front of him, she couldn't help but notice the distinct scent of the cologne he was wearing. She thought the cologne made him smell wonderful.

"May I?" Ahuizotl asked as he offering his hand out to her.

Again she was surprised. She didn't expect him to offer her a hand to hold, especially since he's supposed to work for Grogar, and is supposed to be a villain. Out of politeness, she takes his hand. The moment their hands connected, each of them thought of how soft and soothing to the touch their hands felt against each other. They walk off into the park, gently holding one another's hand as they go out on their date.

As they strolled away, Rarity and Coco watch them. Giggling a little at the sight, and then composing themselves so no one would notice.

“Looks like some of the men from Tambelon get a little love crazy,” Coco said.

“Or in Thorne and Ahuizotl’s case, just plain crazy,” Rarity said.

"Yay," Coco giggles, before walking off to prepare for the next show.

As Rarity watched Megan stroll away with Ahuizotl, she began to have some thoughts about what was happening.

"The case was solve; Discord was cleared of the crime; and Suri, Svengallop, and Wind Rider were cleaning up the park along with their act," Rarity said in her noir voiceover, "We owe it to Ahuizotl, even though he's on the Grogar side. Some may hold a grudge against someone, but it's best to let go. After all, grudges are like sweater-eating moths; they can eat up the good things about you until there is nothing left. It's best to let go and forgive, as Megan was showing me when I saw her with Ahuizotl despite his acts. Though he does seem to have shown his good side since Megan came along."


While the show continued, Megan and Ahuizotl strolled through the park and continued holding one another's hand. They were headed for a place away from the show where they could relax. For a moment, there was silence, and only the sound of fireflies buzzing by could be heard.

Their stroll came to an end when they spotted a bench not far away from them. They looked at each other, finding they were each thinking it was the perfect spot to sit down together.

"After you, my dear," he politely offered.

At first, Megan didn't know what to think at the moment. But, deciding not to let it come as a shock to her again, she politely sits on the bench first. As she sat, she crossed her legs, and put her hands on top of each other on her lap.

Then, Ahuizotl sat next to her. The bench having no problem sustaining his size and weight.

"This is a wonderful idea for our first date together, Megan. This place is stunning,” Ahuizotl said.

"Thanks. And that's the best part really, how wonderful it is out here," Megan says with a smile.

"Yes," Ahuizotl says with a nod.

The two take a deep breath as they sat on the bench under the night sky.

Ahuizotl wraps his right arm around Megan's shoulders, and he begins to hold Megan close to him. To Megan, his fur made her feel cozy, like she was under a warm blanket.

Nearby, Discord was watching. He snickered at the sight before him, as he found how the two seemed to be getting along so precious and chaotic at the same time. He snickered until a duplicate of himself appears, reminding him why he's here. He rolled his eyes at the reminder, and cleared his throat of anymore snickers. He shrinks himself and approaches Megan with Ahuizotl unable to notice. He hopped onto Megan's shoulder, which was enough for her to notice him.

“So why did you give me the white flower?” Megan asked.

“To thank you for helping not be Tartarus chow,” Discord said, “Rarity told me what you had to give to Lover Boy to get those business cards. I wanted to give you something that symbolized your generous heart.”

Hearing that, she felt touched by what Discord said, and that Rarity told him about what she did in order to help him.

"Thanks, Discord," Megan said with a smile.

“Did you say something, Megan?” Ahuizotl asked.

And in a flash, Discord disappeared. Megan turns to see Ahuizotl looking at her with a puzzled look.

“Uh… nothing.”

When Megan answered that, Ahuizotl began to think that she was whispering to herself because she must have been getting nervous. So, he did the one thing he thought he could do to comfort her. He nuzzled her cheek with his own.

When Megan felt the nuzzle, her cheeks blushed a beet red. She felt...calmer by that.

"My dear. It is alright," he says, before bringing her closer to him, and putting his hand onto hers again, "There is only the two of us."

When Megan heard those words, her heart started beating like it was going a million miles an hour. His words gave her a sense of sudden security.

She scooted herself closer to him to where her side of the body touched his. She once again fully grasped his hand with hers.

The two of them felt like two worlds meeting for the first time.

As they watched Luna's star filled sky and moon, and saw fireflies flying by, slowly, Megan rested her head on Ahuizotl's shoulder, and Ahuizotl rested his head against her head. Each of them were warmly smiling in the comfort of one another.

Little did they know however that Discord was still watching them as he hid in some bushes. Again, he snickered to himself because of what he was seeing, only this time, he did it to the point of where he could laugh. Not wanting to disturb the two, he makes a red mute button appear on his stomach, and presses it. Then, he silently lets himself erupt with laughter while floating in the air.

But, while nopony was looking, the white flower suddenly glowed white as Megan held onto it.


Meanwhile, the crooks were still sweeping trash near the park's garden. But while they did, a rat snake was watching them from behind. He gave an evil grin to himself, because who he sees before him are the exact kind of ponies that he has a certain offer for.

“Pssssst!” said the rat snake.

The sound was enough to catch the ears of Wind Rider first. His head swiveling to the right and left. As the snake kept saying, "Pssssst!", it was able to catch the attention of the other two Ponies as well.

“Who said that?” Wind Rider asked.

“Down here!” the snake whispered.

The snake came into view.

“A talking snake!” Suri exclaims in a horrified voice

“Actually, I’m Jet! Grogar’s top spy!" Jet informs her.

"Oh. Well that's different," Suri said, assured that it wasn't a real snake, "What are doing here then?"

"A few others and I were sent here to recruit some ponies with hearts of darkness. After seeing what you did the past couple of days, I am proud to say you three are precisely who we need. Ahuizotl was supposed to scout for you, but he got distracted."

"Distracted? What do you mean?" Svengallop asked without hesitation.

"You'll find out soon enough," Jet tells him.

The three ponies gave a look of bewilderment when he said that.

“What do you want from us?” Wind Rider asked.

“We need three ponies to act as spies for the king of Tambelon, Grogar. If you accept, then the possibilities of the rewards you want are infinite," said Jet.

At the sound of that, Wind Rider, Svengallop, and Suri took immediate interest. They grin evilly, knowing that each of them would rather work for a tyrant than pick up garbage off the streets.

“We'd love to help,” Wind Rider sneered.

"Excellent," Jet tells them.

Delighted that these three has-beens accepted his offer, he gives a malicious snicker, knowing that his mission was accomplished.

'Equestria. Are you in for a surprise or what?' he thought to himself.