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Twilight and her friends are setting up to celebrate the day Tirek has been defeated. Unfortunately, a fierce storm disrupts everything and blows Twilight away from Ponyville. She is then rescued by four brave knights: Thorne the bat imp, Rep the Chameleon, Catrina the Gypsy Cat Sorceress, and Tirek's brother Scorpan. Her friends go look for her while followed by an old enemy to both Scorpan and the Mane 6. Dark secrets will be uncovered in this story.

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Its a good story, though I wish it wasn't put out so fast o3o

5786453 Sorry. I got excited.

Out of curiosity, what do Rep, Thorne, and Catrina look like, anyway?

6096245 Thorne is a brown bat that is pony-sized who wears a ruffled blouse and black pants like the dashing heroes wear. As for Catrina and Rep, try to find "Escape From Catrina" and look at their G1 counterparts. Then imagine them in G4

6179799 Thank you.

Perhaps, one day, Tirek might be redeemed.

6778921 If Scorpan appears in the show.

When does this story take place?

I write this to take place a year after Tirek's defeat.

That’s a good time span.

What else has been happening with the Main Six before this story?

Just the usual friendship and all.

Twilight and Scorpan, huh? Intresting concept. I like it. Wherre did the inspiration to bring these two together come from? Because it's a good pairing.

As for the story, bravo my friend. Bravo indeed. You have gained my attention. :twilightsmile:

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