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FLuttercord is my favorite shipping and I enjoy art and writing


A stallion is knocking fruit carts down and has a hatred against the Apple Family. Grand Pear says that he is Peary Bits, his youngest son and Applejack's uncle. From there, Grand Pear tells the Apple Siblings and Megan about what happened after he left his daughter and what led him to his reformation and Peary Bit's anger.

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She's the human the ponies of g1 were friends with

calling it now: Peary Bits blames the Apples and all who associate themselves with the Pear's (former) rivals for his family falling apart and is harassing Applejack's family (biological or otherwise) as part of a "You took everything from me: I'm just returning the favor" sort of deal

Yes, but there is a little more hidden depth

ooh: I think I see where this is going...but I'm not going to say anything for now: :fluttershysad: :ajsleepy: :pinkiesad2: :unsuresweetie: :fluttercry: I want to be wrong... :fluttershysad: :ajsleepy: :pinkiesad2: :unsuresweetie: :fluttercry:

it seems that Peary's older Brother is ended up taking his anger out on him, and the situation was only getting worse. And it seems that Peary ended up taking what happened out on the Apples even though they're part of Peary's family.

:ajsleepy: :pinkiesad2: :fluttershyouch: :unsuresweetie: :facehoof: I was afraid of this: in trying to (I'm assuming) prevent what happened with "Buttercup" from happening again, Big Bosc (perhaps unintentionally) made the same mistake as Grand Pear: letting the feud with the Apples come before his family and/or the desires of the members thereof, albeit in a different way; put simply, he's ironically accomplished with Peary Bits the very thing he was trying to avoid: he's taught him to hate the Apple family...

:facehoof: I knew it: Peary Bits is like this because Big Bosc ended up making the same mistake with his son that Grand Pear made with Pear Butter/Buttercup: choosing the feud over the family, albeit in different ways...

I get the feeling he might have met either Jet, Sombra, or a pre-reformation Tempest Shadow... Most likely Jet, because Sombra's busy, and I'm not sure how he could get past the Storm King's guards.

You'll know when I put the last chapter in

Great chapter, What did Grogar talking about?, I got a bad feeling about this, and Peary's family are not going to like this.

Maybe Tirek's having second thoughts about the whole "evil" thing.

I’m starting to wonder whether or not Peary began working with Grogar out of revenge against those who caused him to be the way he is now? Especially Big Bosc?

Let's just say the hold Grogar has on him has a lot to do with what happened to his sister.

Excuse me, my name is chazkopa and I like your stories.

I need to ask, What did Grogar talking about?, I got a bad feeling about this, and Peary's family are not going to like this.

Did I heard Grogar say Rainbow of Darkness?, what is this Rainbow of Darkness that was so important to him?.

Let's just say that they had a hoof in Bright Mac and Buttercup's disappearance

As for the Rainbow of Darkness, it a wave of dark emotions like in G1. When it touches it's victim, their negative emotions increase until they become evil versions or dark monsters of themselves. With it, Grogar can recreate Equestria and brwak the light soell that binds him to Tambelon

I hope that we will find out of what really happened to Pear Butter and Bright Mac in the sequel of The Rotten Pear.

Oh my god, that Rainbow of Darkness is sound nasty and very dangerous.

Please make sure Grogar is defeated, and please make sure Rainbow of Darkness is destroyed by the mane six.

She the daring human girl from the original “My Little Pony” cartoons. In fact, I wrote quite a few stories featuring Megan. My first story is titled ”Trading Memories”. I think you’ll like it.

Will there be a sequel focusing on Peary’s redemption or something worse?

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