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For discussing and showing off our favorite ships and even introduce each other to new ones! Also helping to get our stories out there and to show others how we see our adorable little ponies!

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As a reminder this is only for the girls x partners not oc x Celestia.

What do you mean by “partners”? And how come this is only limited to the Main Six?

Also, is this a straight shipping group?

My favorite canon ship is Big Mac and Sugar Belle. I'm glad that they became a couple and hope to see more done with them in some form or another.

Hi Everybody! Just as a reminder Trixie Day is coming Up! It's tomorrow in Fact! So what are some of your favorite Trixie Ships? My favorite one has got to be Trixie and Prince Blue Blood. :heart:

Welcome all to Pony Shippers United! I hope today finds you all well! Currently I'm still updating the folders for this group. What I want to do is make sub folders for all the different ships. So if you have a story you would like to share don't feel afraid to let me know! We'll just add it to the folders for all to read!

My Ship of the Day is Tree Hugger x Zephyr Breeze! What's yours?

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