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hi im new here, ill be writing stories of my ipad.


ideas · 4:28am Aug 19th, 2013

hi I'm planning on making a story but i don't have a lot of ideas. but i do have 2 ok so the first one will be named Everfree Exploration Team. It will be about a group of 4 pony's sent out to investigate the forest, but something is hunting them.

My second idea is a romance story about sweetiebelle and silverspoon, But that one i might need help with.

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thanks for the fav on my story bro

Hey there! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for making a favourite of The Heavenfall! If there's anything at any point during the story you'd like to point out or have a question about, be sure to leave me a comment. :twilightsmile:

Once again, thanks! :scootangel:

Thanks for the watch!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite on Rules of Engagement, much appreciated. I'd love to hear any feedback you have, and how you discovered my story in the first place:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite in Doom Patrol
Any comments?

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