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Star Phantom

I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Pinkie and her friends are getting ready for a big night that happen once a year in Equestria. Before the day could arrive, a new enemy appears and send monsters to take over Equestria. But Pinkie's got help from a small ally, A small Star! And Pinkie get even more confusion. She can now copy the monsters abilities!

Pinkie copy abilities-Fire, Stone, Sword, Beam, Mirror, Spike, Ninja, Spark, Wheel, and Bomb. More base off of 'Kirby Right Back at Ya!' then the games.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 17 )

metal masked mare with a cape hmmm Meta Mare?:rainbowderp:

Not to be nitpicking, buuuut there are a lot of time errrors in here. I suggest you try to get an editor or a proofreader to minimize them.

cant wait for Bomb Kirby.... err i mean Bomb Pinkie to show up its gonna be a blast:pinkiegasp:

i wonder if cameos of King DeDeDe and Escargo will show up (pony versions that is)

Not bad, but work on your grammar, it's so hard to understand your speech and stuff...

Yeah, this was definitely rushed, it was fine, but rushed......

well, i do believe that evil pony say find somepony maybe from all mare6 enemy from the past like trixie, gilda, Diamond Dogs, Queen Chrysalis or enery villian in i found in my little pony wiki site

hey are you going to show Mask Knight's face here or will it be a secret?:rainbowhuh:

4983840 Oh, I'll show it alright, but I'm not tell when or who.

okay so that was AWESOME! A little rushed but AWESOME!

4991244 I feel that it was rush as well. I have started on Sword Pinkie, but never got it got done. I got up to where Pinkie got the Ability and stop there. Starting the chapter after that, will have the Theme song of Kirby Right back at ya! only with Pinkie in the place of Kirby.

So... she's basically Kirby :rainbowlaugh:

Kirby & MLP, crossing over...awesome. Not many of that specific crossover out there. I wonder who this shadowy enemy is sending monsters out though? Enemee/Nightmare maybe? Or someone related to the nearly invincible villain? And Mask Knight, given all she knows, plus the description, one of the 3 Pie Sisters perhaps? Hmm....all in all this shall be fun.

This story sounds interesting
Here's to hoping for more

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