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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


When a strange dream enter Celestia mind one night, she and four other ponies are call together to to form a new team call the Pony Rangers Megaforce. Now the creator of the Element Pony Rangers, as well as In Space Rangers, must use her new powers along with some friends to fight a evil that her rangers can't deal with. Luna, the princess of the night joins her sister in the fight. She also the creator of the Turbo Rangers and Lightspeed Rangers. Cadence, member of the Lost Galaxy Rangers, joins in to help her aunt thanks to her time being ranger before hoof. Maud Pie, sister of Pinkie Pie, joins in as well, to protect her family. Flash Sentry a newly join soldier for Princess Celestia join to do his job and unknowing get a chance to know the Princesses. As for Shining Armor, he reason to join will be unknown. It his reason only. Take place after all 19 Ranger Teams. (Still working on a few of them by the way.) Go! Go! Megaforce!

Celestia as Megaforce Red,
Luna as Megaforce Blue,
Cadence as Megaforce Pink,
Maud Pie as Megaforce Yellow,
Flash Sentry-Megaforce Black,
Shining Armor as Shining Knight (Robo Knight)

Chapters (1)
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4332917 When I was first giving the team, the person had Flash Sentry as Black so I went with Maud being yellow.

4332926 I just think maud would fit as black because in the japanese version, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, Goseiblack had the land power of rocks. You could've even had her name the black snake zord "Boulder two". It kind of fits her character, don't you think?

4333051 I see, well just hope you are Ok with this. With 20 rangers teams it hard to keep up with who on what team and how the person wants it.

very awesome chapter! It was also a good choice to choose Celestia as the Red Ranger:twilightsmile:

4333511 Well she did make the first ranger team. Of course she fit the red ranger and, except for Maud, the team was actually another person idea, his name is powerponies101 and I know he on Fanfaction.

"My name is Phantom Star. The first Alicorn to be know across Equestria."

I thought the first alicorn was Lauren Faust. :rainbowlaugh:

Overall, a pretty nice chapter. I personally think writers and animators giving Maud emotion in their creations is becoming a bit overused, but that's okay. :unsuresweetie: Nice choise with the villain, by the way. My villain is literally the equivalent of an internet troll who has magic, an army, and a desire to destroy Equestria and all worlds like it. (At least, for my normal Megaforce season...)

As I've said, very nice chapter. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Oh, and about the dream at the beginning, I suppose I'll give you that as well. However, I will say that I'm thinking of removing those robot trash bins and replacing them with a different kind of army...

Comment posted by Lance Skyes deleted May 6th, 2014
Comment posted by Lance Skyes deleted May 6th, 2014

4344703 Lauren Faust are fans idea since she made Friendship is Magic and is a real person got to do something different you know, plus your using her in you Megaforce story. Also the same comment appear three times. So I got rid of two for you.

4344748 I apologize for the comments. My computer did a... weird thing. :pinkiecrazy:

Also yeah, you do have a point there. :twistnerd:

4344758 Happens to me too. :twilightblush:

I already plan on have the next chapter crossover the Megaforce Rangers and the Element Rangers. Why?, because unlike power coins, the Elements can't be destroy. Drain and weaken yes, but destroy, no.:trixieshiftleft:

4344778 Sounds good. :moustache:

I'm still debating over whether or not my Elements of Harmony will be destroyed of if they'll be given to the Tree of Harmony.

4344926 Don't destroy them, giving them to the tree is fine. You know, in case they ever need the again or you going to have whatever is in that box from the show for them.

4345002 How is the next chapter for Season Two coming? My next chapter needs a monster and I'm good to go.

4345015 At a bit of a roadblock. I'll PM you about it if you're willing to help. :eeyup:

4354710 Ok, I on a road block too. By the way my Pony Rangers Meet the Power Ponies is already up. Just one chapter and I already got 11 likes and 2 dislikes.

4354725 Maybe was can help each other with our season two's. Send me a PM so I can see what I can do.

4363035 I think I sent one the other day. Not sure if you got it, though. :unsuresweetie:

4364391 No, there was nothing in my PM.

4364401 Okay. Let me try to resend it then.

i have an idea for united we stand when you get to it and last laugh

4376622 Well why do you tell me now? Any ideas will be a great help to move on with the story.

sorry any this monster/alien based on a Pharaoh from Egypt controls Celestia Luna and cadence and meanwhile flash is acting like a jerk because of some gas or needles in his back or neck also in last laugh Maud the only one who dose not laugh and flash dose he gets caught by an alien named jokester then Luna and cadence get hit with tickle wind and you know what happens to Celestia and near the end only Maud and shining can stop jokester

4437562 Hm, true it might be some time to get there but I think about them. Though Celestia laughing at where the monster does you know what sounds a bit odd to me. But again give me time, other ideas are welcome and Yes the Megaforce Pony Rangers will meet the Megaforce Power Rangers later in this story.

okay also you should do the element pony and power rangers samurai team up base it of of hurricanger vs gaoranger

4437626 Are you going to ship Maud and Flash?

never watch this Power Rangers be for so this will be all new and i wont be able to finger out what is the same or new but i like it so far :twilightsmile:

4544457 You know that Celestia not only a ranger in this, but she the one that created the Element Pony Rangers and Pony Rangers In Space!

4544465 yes i know i read that from the other stores and this one and i can tell you are making them all part of each other

4544465 when r u going to add more chapters:twilightsmile: I've seen all of the power rangers megaforce episodes and super mega force episodes:raritystarry:

5311593 I do plan on it. Just not sure when I'll get back to it.

5311701 pleaaaaaase:fluttercry: try because I love this story:heart:

5311736 Well, my second chapter is have the Element Pony Rangers appear. I also want to get caught up on my other Pony Rangers stories as well.

"Claw if the Tiger! Megaforce Yellow!" Maud shouted

:rainbowlaugh: Oh fuck me...

How is it not possible to read this in a really loud monotoned voice?!

5359079 I whondered about that too:twilightsheepish:

5370186 What? Maud face was cover, so she could let her feelings out.

5370323 I know, I just thought I clear it up a bit.

5370381 but I hope it dosen t get canceled like the blind trust story its real sad:fluttercry::fluttercry:

5370381 when r u going to continue the story i'm starting to become impationt:facehoof:

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