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Permanent List: Things I've Edited · 2:16am Sep 13th, 2013

I enjoy editing for friends, and occasionally editing for people who ask nicely. Here are some stories I edited, I was told I should start a list, because it's what editors do. Listed alphabetically by author. It will be updated over time, and linked from my user profile.

out of date

Brony Writer:
Princess Celestia Gets Mugged
Secret Life of Rarity

The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle
Of Rocks and Showmares
[M] Shining Armor and Cadance do Some Roleplay

Every Night is a Night of Nightmares

Phalanx Spear:
Broadhoof Files: Corporal Phalanx
Lusus Naturae

Burning Orchestral Domination

Believing Stories
Broadhoof Files: Dr. Humors

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Comments ( 8 )

Is it sad I haven't read any of those?

I read Rocks and Showmares, and have been waiting for an update:pinkiesad2:

I know I've said this before, but...

I found The Secret Life of Rarity via your profile page.
It's now my new favorite series of all time...
And the only one to make me cry enough to stop reading for a few moments.

Broken Blossom ended up being an amazing ending to the story, and has the best feels in history.

Anybody who has not read The Secret Life of Rarity, I highly recommend it. It's amazing.


It was amazing, and had the feels. Also, I recommend his side story / alternate ending featuring Blossom.

You should tell Twixie that via a comment. He's always grateful for feedback, though to be honest I haven't heard from him in months so I'm not sure he's still writing...

I've edited others but I forget, and haven't actually updated the list in so long...

I'm planning on reading that, but probably later, I've had enough Dark-Feels for one 2-day reading marathon.

Justkiddinglol. I just started reading Scootaloo the Fugitive as I write this.

Not sure if you forgot it or thought by only editing one of the two chapters of it you didn't qualify for putting my thing in there. Either way, you can add it if you don't mind Neighziland being in your list. :V

Kai edits friend's stories, yet he doesn't edit HIS writing...

My mind is full of fuck... AND I LIKE I- *DELETED COMMENT AND BANNED*

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