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    Everfree Northwest

    Quick update. I'm at efnw this weekend if anyone wants to try and say hello. You can leave a message here, but discord would be best to send a dm. You can also keep an eye out for my metal gear solid / time traveling Twilight shirt. (I used to have a Twilight's dollhouse shirt but I can't find it and this is. The. Worst. Possible. Thing.)

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    June Update (6/19)


    • Writing Exercise
    • Everfree Northwest
    • Back to work on all the other stuff

    New One-Shot

    Hey all! It's been awhile. Apparently time flies, and the smoldering dumpster fire that is this tiny blue speck amongst the stars can be a bit distracting at times. Which is why I figured a little Escapism is in order!

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    24-04-22 Update

    Behold yet another date format.


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    Starscribe Story

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    3-27-2022 Update

    Turns off Elden Ring
    Wow, it's been a while...


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    2-12-2022 update


    • Delaying next DoH3 chapter 1-2 days
    • Electricity finally fixed

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2-12-2022 update · 3:01am Feb 13th, 2022


  • Delaying next DoH3 chapter 1-2 days
  • Electricity finally fixed

It's been an exhausting week. My main breaker melted after arcing and it took about a week to get it fixed, and my car needed maintenance, and work was more difficult than normal. Everything fixed now, and instead of rushing out the revisions I want to make to fix a chapter that already feels rushed, I'm just going to relax and edit it tomorrow. I'll probably have something to post mon, tue, and wed (so DoH3 will still end on schedule). Then I'll figure out something else to write. Today, however, I just can't see myself able to focus on it, and it's already 6pm.

Other than that it's business as usual: boredom, loneliness, and trying to fill the void with consumerism. Maybe if I consume enough, 2022 will stop sucking.

Hope you all had a great week, let's look forward to next week being awesome with the final chapter and epilogue, plus whatever else I can find that will give my 3 remaining dopamine producing cells something to get excited about.

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Comments ( 2 )

Have to keep us in suspense, don't ya.

Well, aren't you a tease... fine. I'll wait. It'll make the climax so much sweeter!

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