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This story is a sequel to Dash of Humanity 2: A New Dawn

My time in Equestria has been eventful: I woke up trapped in Dash's head and sharing her body. I saved the world from Discord, adapted to life as a pony, and survived a love triangle between Dash, Soarin, and myself. Just when I thought I could finally relax and enjoy my new relationship, Equestria had one more surprise to throw at me.

I'm trapped in a time loop, cast by some unknown jerk, reliving the same day over and over. Twilight's out of town so I don't get to pull my favorite move: the ask a Princess to fix it for you card. As the only pony who can remember the time loop, it's up to me to fix it. I'll have to get help from the few unicorns left in town: Rarity, Lyra, and my new neighbor Minuette. Could this day get any worse?

Editor: TheEighthDayofNight
Updates: Wednesday and Saturday
A Re-Write of Dash of Humanity 3, focused on the Comedy HiE aspects that made the first two stories a success.

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Could this day get any worse?

Keep asking questions like that and you'll find out.

Well thanks for asking, my headphones died as soon as I started playing a video

It's right up there with "Wow, the ER sure is quiet" on my list of things you never, ever say.

Time to crank up the volume on your speakers then. What could go wrong? :trollestia:

Yay! It's back! How often do you plan on updating the story?

Long description says Wednesday and Saturday, and the connected blog says that there's already a complete first draft.

i am so happy to see this story being reborn.
and the hints to told story's are strong.

I’d even made it a point to find the one place in Ponyville that could serve bacon to try and escape this cruel fate.

i so remember that as i am sure every pony will remember the explosion after the fact. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I tried to do callbacks in a way new readers could learn from them and old readers would enjoy the reference. There will be another bacon callback for everyone that didn't get to enjoy the original train scene, but really, how can you top perfection? :rainbowlaugh:

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Thanks. It's a new writing style for me, Puppet to her Fame is the only other story where I completed the story first, then edited and released. If this works out well, I may do this more often. It should prevent writer's blocks, unexpected delays, etc. I think it'll also shorten the publishing so that the entire story is available by February.

I'm glad to see this series continued. The original was some of the first fanfiction I read and I really liked it.

Excellent work love you dash of humanity are you going to put romance tag in your story you did it in your old ones

There isn't as much romance in this one, which is probably the one unfortunate thing about it, but it does lead Dawn to an important realization. I will have to do a nice romance sequel to handle the birth of Dash's child eventually, she is an undetermined number of month's pregnant after all. I want to tie up all the unfinished plot threads from the first two stories, but instead of trying and failing to tackle them all at once like in "Consequences", I plan to give each it's own shorter story.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the original so much, it was also very special to me to write. I'm hoping this story is very true to the original's characterization of Dawn, as well as it's style of humor. I consider it sort of a 'do-over' to make up for when I lost sight of what made the original great as I did more sequels and other stories.

I did find the sudden shift to dark themes in 3 rather jarring. Hopefully this version pans out better than original 3rd story

OH your making more?

*Checks notification*

*Sees this series is alive once again*

Well, at least one gift is going to arrive before Christmas.

I’d always hoped to see a return of ADOH. Welcome back, mate :twilightsmile:

Yep it goes a lot better. Pinkie Promise. :pinkiehappy:

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I want to thank everyone that's commenting, after 8 years I wasn't sure if anyone would still be around and want to see more. It means a lot to me that you left a comment. :twilightsheepish:

Well, you have been really good this year, so you deserved an early present. :scootangel:

I don't know if I should read this now or wait for Christmas to enjoy this gift you gave us thanks

Wait, I'm not on the naughty list for once?

Loud sounds of a handsome German barber playing with the brush instead of using it on your hair


after 8 years I wasn't sure if anyone would still be around and want to see more

Really? My man, Dash of Humanity is easily one of the best fics on this site! I would put it side by side with 5 Score in fact. So seeing an update after so long is quite exciting

Holy shit. It's been eight years.

That's very kind, I love 5/4. Maybe someday I'll write a story so popular they'll have to add a site-wide rule about spin-offs of it. Five Score Divided by Four is a legend. :rainbowlaugh:

I know, I can't believe it. I was writing, I went out for a pack of smokes or something, and suddenly 2013-2021 happened. Better late than never, I guess, and Gen 5 was just the spark I needed. :twilightsheepish:

Nope you're not on the naughty list, but if you'd like to get on it, you should break into Rarity's basement sometime. I've heard rumors about what she's got down there...

That's a tough one. The prequels could probably tide you over until Christmas. That's the Day chapter 7 should post, though if editing goes well I may have to sneak in some bonus chapters or something. For once I'm excited enough about a story to probably be more impatient than the readers to get it out. :pinkiehappy:

Time loop stories are some of the best, and Dash of Humanity is still in my favorites list. Welcome back.

So far, looking like a much better continuation than your previous attempts. The tone is spot on and there's a nice mix of chemistry between Dash and Dawn.

I also like how you've managed to work in the elements of newer seasons that feels like a natural evolution of the universe you established in the first books.

What I didn't expect, though, is Discord is apparently alive in this version? But he's now banished to the sun, which leaves the possibility of further ~~shenanigans~~~. Though, maybe that's just me mis-remembering something. Regardless, I like the addition.

Oh, the day that knighty would have to ban DoH spin-offs :rainbowwild:

The whole joke with banishing him to the sun is that it would/did instantly vaporize him. On the other hand, canon has since shown that Discord can come back from that...

Yeah I was excited to be able to advance the story from the originals that took place in season 3, and get some new characters/locations to use. As for Discord, he was definitely banished to the sun in DoH. Whether he's dead or just working on the world's angriest tan remains to be seen.

I'm glad I'm re-watching the series, I forgot / didn't realize it was canon Discord can survive vaporizations, that's hardcore.

Hard Reset is my favorite, I've wanted to do a Hard Reset inspired story since 2013, and I've wanted to fix Dash of Humanity 3, so I did both. Maybe we'll finally get to see the weather vane trick. :trollestia:

all the yays :yay:

But thise vaporizations were not with EOH in affect

Glad you’re rebooting the third one. I didn’t really like the direction it went.

Me either, it was too dark, too many story arcs at once, and I always regretted that the story sucked all the fun out of my favorite series. If I could time travel like Dawn, I'd have to go back and whack myself in the back of the head. :scootangel:


Hopefully it will be a home run.

Of course. Home Run really needs it's own character tag for stories at this point. :rainbowlaugh:

Hey good to see DoH stuff again. Guess you got pulled back into pony by the G5 movie. I was hoping some fic authors would be.

Time loop this time, huh? The first story was inspired by a Stargate episode... can't help but wonder if this one will parallel some aspects of the Groundhog Day-esque episode they did. Or if you just did a Groundhog Day thing directly. I guess we'll find out. Either way I approve of further sci-fi-esque influences with my pony.

Oh yeah a side note... I am guessing (remembering?) Don gave his name out and ponies mistakenly thought it was Dawn, a real pony name, and he just rolled with it because why not, doesn't make a difference most of the time to him anyway since it's pronounced similarly.

YSK Dawn is a real human name. I worked with a Dawn. It's a woman's name, to be clear. :) Of course in Equestria I suppose it could be gender neutral there. Now that I'm thinking about it, I suppose a lot of names would be,

Nice to see a summary of things that happened in the previous stories. It's been a while. And I guess it seems you've moved the timeline forward as well. A lot of good fics were set early on in the show (when the hype was at its highest) and couldn't take advantage of some of the cool worldbuilding done in later seasons. So this is good to see.


Very first episode of FiM hints Nightmare Moon may have trapped Celestia in the Sun (it's where she possibly seems to come from when she reappears), and defeating Nightmare Moon freed her.

Just finished reading all the way up to this chapter in a single night. Good stuff indeed

Thanks, I was indeed pulled back by the gen 5 movie. This does have a stargate-inspired chapter as well as references or story elements from every time travel film. I only had one story to fit in all the references. I think my favorite though is a Ferris Beuller's Day Off inspired scene that just sort of happened as I wrote.

The Don/Dawn name switch was the ponies misunderstanding the name, but also played into Dawn exploring their gender identity. That story arc got overshadowed by the other arcs, but it did make for a good name that could work for a stallion or a mare. If I ever revise DoH2 I'd do the identity crisis better. I'd say Pinkie and Fluttershy are still on Team Mare, but Dawn is more confident who he is now.

It was also a fun controversy at the time, because apparently not everyone pronounces Don and Dawn the same. They still sound the same to me.

Season 5 seems like a good season to base stories in, and I haven't rewatched 6-9 yet. The school of friendship seemed too far in the future and too many characters, so I think I advanced the series to a good spot for future stories.

Glad that you enjoyed it and did a reread.

This was one of my favorites when I reread it before the gen 5 movie to catch up on my work. The authors notes were like a time capsule back to a younger version of myself, and I fell in love with the characters all over again.

Comment posted by shadow wolf1573 deleted Dec 6th, 2021

Oh no. This was not a reread. This was a first time read

Ah then welcome New fan! Did the references age well? I tend to go a bit overboard on pop culture references. :twilightsheepish:

Well I'm gonna say a few did a few didn't. Given it was so long ago. But now you can make new references and I'll be able to understand them just fine

a time loop could help him learn alot in a seemingly short time. i mean that is what ends up happening alot on time loops and it is understandable that dawn is gonna either gain or have alot more experience with some skills by the end of the loop.

That is a really awesome reaction video. Also, Dash of Humanity is best doggo. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, this story allows Dawn to learn a lot about himself and others. I found it interesting because when he first became a pony, there was so much going on it was hard to just let him discover himself and grow. Now he has got all the time in the world. So hopefully he comes out of it a more well developed character.

seeing how magic is likely linked to to soul or mind he also might grow magicly in ways others canot since that would likly be brought back with him along with his memorys

Prediction; The guy he tried to save is the one responsible for the time loop, the "accident" was deliberate to erase knowledge of how the culprit did it.

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