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Favorite Songs & Some PMV's · 10:37pm Mar 15th, 2013

A list of favorite songs, PMV's, and the 2012 Top 25 videos. I'm always looking for more great music, be sure to comment with your own additions!

Some of my Favorite Songs
Listed from 'least well known' to 'insanely popular' based on youtube views

First, my personal favorite. Just wish it was heavier on the bass.

This lullaby haunts me. As far as I'm concerned, this is the canon story of Celestia and Luna. Crap gets real each time my playlist shuffles to it.
(also, my second favorite.)

Anthropology song, beautiful singing voice, dedicated to fan fiction of the same name.

A song that isn't dubstep / generic techno? Eurobeat is an incredible genre, and pulling it off creates great music like this:

Inspirational? check. Great vocalist? Check. Restored my faith in guitar music? Check.
Great to be Different.

When LivingTombstone does a fan remix of a fan remix, you know you're doing it right. The Gypsy Bard is so catchy. (Also a nice PMV)

If you haven't heard this song, you're doing the MLP community a huge disservice.

A classical piano piece? Beautiful. If I ever got off my lazy flank, and started playing piano again, maybe I would be this talented one day.


How Twilight really became an Alicorn. 6 out of 5 stars.

Dash, in flight, using the Source engine. F**king amazing. If you haven't watched it, we can't be friends.

Dubstep Dishwasher. Quickly nearing 'God Tier.'

God-Tier Remixes and PMV
What I mean is, if you haven't heard of these yet you live under a rock. Still including, as they're my favorites too.

Discord by Living Tombstone. Also, the best song for my 8" subwoofer.

Picture Perfect Pony

Avast ye Fluttershy's Ascot

Rainbow Factory.

RF Sequel, Awoken

2012 Top 25's

Top 25 songs:

Top PMV's

Report Kaidan · 924 views ·
Comments ( 7 )

Review on songs:
1. Pony Rock Anthem: Epic Remix!!!! VINYL SCRATCH IN DA HAUUUUSEE!!
2. Lullaby for a Princess: It's quite a tragic tale...
3. Anthropology: I like Lyra. A LOT!!
4. Diamond Dogs: "The diamond dogs are poachers, and they hide behind trees"
5. Great to be Different: We are UNIQUE!!
6.The Gypsy Bard: I like listening to this. A lot.

Listen to the jingle jangle of my gypsy tambourine

7. Join the Herd: I heard it, just forgot when it was...
8. The History of Ponyville: I say, its good
9. Red Bull Stratos Skydiving: Red bull: gives you wings
10.Taking flight: She just made the place 20% cooler!
11. Dubstep Dishwasher: I wonder how it would sound with a cello?
12. Discord by Living Tombstone: I imagined a music video with this.
13. Picture Perfect Pony: Where to rank this?
14. Avast ye Fluttershy's Ascot: Not what I expected it to be, but whatever.
15. Rainbow Factory: I listened to it, Octavia and her cello or a pony with a violin?
16. Awoken: I'll put this as the credits song in my show in the making.

Yes, 16 songs there are here. (search "Fire Hive" on YouTube)

922205 I'm searching Fire Hive now and the song you mentioned in the other post. As to #14, it grew on me. If only Fluttershy had cheered that well, Dash would have broken the sound barrier a hundred times out of a hundred. An entire song made of 'yay' . . .

edit: You should recommend music more often. Even though I've heard of UKF, I still seem to have a hard time finding the 'good' dubstep / electronic / techno songs. iTunes is horrible at labeling it's music, so I've given up trying to hunt down the good ones on there.

922267 ok i will. Tell me what you think about the songs later on

I can't believe you left this out of the best brony music.

922444 My collection is fairly new, I am always looking for more good songs. Thanks for linking this one. :rainbowdetermined2:

What was the first one? Is there a re-upload somewhere?

you my good sir... high hoof!
(good music is good)

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