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Best Pony, Episode, Song, Etc... · 12:09am Mar 16th, 2013

Since everyone always asks these kinds of questions, I gathered them all in one place. My official stance is "I love all pony related things equally and have no favorites." However, that takes the fun out of it, so I'm going to make up all these answers for fun.

Who is best pony? Trick question. Every pony is best pony.
But that takes all the fun out of this. Oh all right. Twilight is best pony.

Best shipping? Vinyl x Octavia
Best uncommon shipping? Mac x Dash
Best crusader? Scootaloo
Best background pony? Lyra (thank the story Background Pony.)
Best song? Smile, Smile, Smile
Best Villain? Discord. I mean, come on, John De Lancie. Sorry, you can't beat that.
Best princess? Twilight :trollestia:
Best race? Unicorn. But if I were a pony, I'd be a pegasus. Why? Because the odds of my special talent being magic are slim to none, and if you're special talent isn't magic then what's the point of being a unicorn? I'll take flying anyday over being talented at finding gems. Wouldn't mind my talent being in dubstep though. /sigh.

Best Episode? Hmm, really tough. Many good episodes. It's about time?
Okay, how about this: Best Twilight episode? Lesson Zero
Best Dash? Read it and Weep / May The Best Pet Win
Best Applejack? Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 ("I learned nothin!")
Best Pinkie? Feeling Pinkie Keen
Best Rarity? Suited for Success
Best Fluttershy? Pattycakes. Oh, not fan fiction, you mean episode? "Best Night Ever." The only time she loses it, and it was adorable.

Uh oh. . .
Worst episode? Spike at Your Service - had it's moments but didn't 'feel' like it accomplished anything.
Worst villain? Sombra, only because he didn't have enough time to become the 'ambient evil figure' like Sauron. He was there, said two words, and got killed. Not banished, cured, or turned to stone. killed.
Worst Mane Six? No. Just no.
Come on... When I first started the show, I didn't like Rarity. She was snobby, whiney, and a drama queen. Episodes like "Dog and Pony Show" and "Sisterhooves Social" cured me of that. They are tools to her as much as flaws, so I can't dislike her anymore.
Worst writer? They're all awesome. Plus, they work as a team. I hate when people blame one person for an episode that over one hundred writers/animators/musicians/directors/producers collaborated on. Blame Hasbro for bad episodes.

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Okay, I'll see if I can answer these:
Who is best pony? Hmm..... Rainbow Dash? Fluttershy? I can't decide....
Best shipping? I...... agree with you (fanfic: My Roommate's a Vampire)
Best uncommon shipping? Big mac x Twilight? (Fanfic: Spiderses)
Best crusader? Yeah, I'll go with you on that one:scootangel:
Best background pony? LYRA AND VINYL SCRATCH!!!!
Best song? Giggle at the Ghosties (when remixed with "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence, it's 20% cooler)
Best Villain? Queen Chrysalis, I must say
Best princess? Twilight and Cadence
Best race? Mind if I say, Alicorns?
Best Episode? Games Ponies Play & Magical Mystery Cure (according to the times I smiled in the episode)
Okay, how about this: Best Twilight episode? Magical Mystery Cure and I agree with Lesson Zero
Best Dash? Yeah, agreed, plus Games Ponies Play, where she hugged the foal
Best Applejack? I will agree on mostly every question here
Best Pinkie? The doozy!! Oh, and Party of One. :pinkiecrazy:
Best Rarity? :eeyup: Yup, You know.
Best Fluttershy?Yes.:flutterrage: YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME!!!!!
Worst episode? Really hard to decide...
Worst villain? Discord. He is like Jinx from Teen Titans. They weren't meant to be villans. Not at all.
These are based on our opinions

How'd I forget that? Of course alicorns are best race. If I weren't a Star Trek fan, I'd agree with Chrysalis. There's just something about De Lancie's voice. . . Even after they sped it up and edited it, it still sounds great.

And I agree Vinyl & Lyra are great, but if I pick two for best background pony, then I'm obligated to pick Octavia too. Then Bon Bon gets dragged in, and Trixie, and next thing you know I'm back in the boat of having too many favorites. The Vinyl/Octavia ship has become integral to my appreciation of both their characters. Maybe because I'm a musician, maybe because I read the stories like "My Roommate's A Vampire" or "University Days." Haven't read many other good ships.

Though in reality, I have like 8 main cast favorites and a dozen background pony favorites. Such an excellent cast they've built up.

922055 Yeah, my new fanfiction has those background ponies. I'll add Trixie, Dr. Whooves, and Berry Punch in an episode soon

Awesome. I've wanted to mash up two songs like this.

Wonder what would go good with Moonlight Sonata to make it creepy, and fit for an insane Asylum fanfic...

922288 Something like "Find a way" from magical mystery cure?
Ya, and Evanescence is one of my favorite rock bands.:twilightsmile:

922331 That would go nicely with it, I just have to figure out how to separate the vocals from the music...

922346 Looking for a music program that does that as well...

Okay my turn:
Best Pony: Either Applejack, Rarity or Twilight
BTTATFOOT: Twilight embodies wisdom, so :twilightsheepish:

Best Ship: AppleDash
Best Uncommon Ship: Catamaran! :pinkiehappy: Actually PinkieMac
Best Crusader: :scootangel:
Best Background Pony: :derpytongue2: If we're counting fanon versions, then Octavia when she's classy and not bitchy
Best Song: Winter Wrap-Up, I still have it stuck in my head
Best Villain: Discord
Best Princess: Celestia, obviously
Best Race: Alicorn feels like a cheap answer, so I'll say pegasus. I'd gladly give up the ability to hold things for the power to nap on clouds. :rainbowkiss:
Best Episode: Sleepless in Ponyville. For me, this question is a no-brainer
Best :twilightsmile::Lesson Zero; after the introduction od Smarty Pants, I wanted to hug her so much...
Best :rainbowdetermined2::Sleepless in Ponyville or Hurricane Fluttershy. Coach Dash is awesome
Best :ajsmug::Super blahblah 6000. As much as I love her, (I'd marry that girl) she's too mature for a lot of drama
Best :pinkiehappy::Party of One? But only because it showed how vulnerable she really is.
Best :duck::Dog and Pony Show
Best :yay::Dragonshy: it's always the quiet ones...

Worst Ep: Tie! Spike at your Service and Just for Sidekicks. Seriously, :moustache: eps all seem to suck.
Worst Villain: Flim Flam Bros. But only because there was no reason for them to be such monumental dicks.
Worst Mane Six: Pinkie,m especially in The Cranky Doodle Donkey Episode. She just needed a face-punching sooooo bad
Worst Writer: Hasbro


Best Pony: :scootangel: hands down

Best Pinkie Pie Well Party of One. Not because it is the closest to Cupcakes, but because it actually made me cry for her. I screamed at the screen, when she assumed her friends didn't like her anymore. I still tear up when I watch it.

Best Rainbow? a toughie... Read it and Weep and May the Best Pet Win! I love the song in the Pet episode. Read it and Weep had the start of a potential TwiDash on the show.

Best Rarity? Dog in Pony Show! She can be very manipulative. She combined her whiny nature with a slightly cruel torture. Don't F*** with Rarity is the main lesson in that episode.

Best Twilight? Tie! It's About Time and Lesson Zero!! Crazy and OCD Twi is a good Twi in my book!

Best Fluttershy? Surprisingly the famous choice isn't on this list. Though Putting your Hoof Down, and that one scene in Griffin the Brush Off, where she tells Pinkie with a slightly annoyed look on her face that she is a year older then her is priceless, and Hurricane Fluttershy are. Truth is, I didn't like this episode as much, until I read Hurricane Rainbow Dash, which tells the episode from Rainbow's Point of view. This made the episode about 20% more entertaining and uplifting. Congratulations author I am too lazy to look up right now!!!!

Best Applejack? 3 way tie!!!! Fall Weather Friends, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Just for Sidekicks.... Yeah I said it, I like that episode. She was funny in that one.

Best Apple Bloom? 3 way tie!! Call of the Cutie, Bridle Gossip, Cutie Pox...

Best Sweetie Belle? Sisterhooves Social.. We need more Sweetie centric episodes!

Best Scootaloo? Sleepless in Ponyville!! She actually was the star of the episode.

Best Spike? No contest. He had good episodes in my opinion. Dragon Quest drove me a little crazy with his naive attitude about the other dragons, but otherwise he had good episodes. I can't in a clear mind, narrow the list down.

Best Princess? This category used to be blank, but now it has the benefit of hosting Luna! Now when Luna rules the world, she will have one extra follower to add to her fan club! This selection is unrelated to the Lunar Republic and merely because Luna had a lot of funny moments in the canon and in fanfiction.

Best Season 3 character? Babs Seed! I can relate to her situation. Not me personally, but while at camp, my friend bullied me to avoid being bullied himself. Though, he often said weird or crazy things to get attention and this eventually proved useless and was bullied anyway.

Worst episode? There aren't any in my opinion. Being a Crusader fan, you can imagine Ponyville Confidential is on this list. I actually like this episode, its just, I don't like how they try to do the right thing at some point, but end up getting blackmailed by Diamond Tiara to continue, then later get snubbed. I understand the power kind of went to their heads, but the reaction was a little intense because of blackmail.

Worst Pony? Diamond Tiara! This doesn't mean I am open to reading redemption stories for her. The fact she is a cliched mean girl type hurts me liking her. I love her shipped with one of the Crusaders, or all three, or two, and I love torture stories. But in the show? I hate her! Silver Spoon is only really evil when around her friend. Only Diamond had an episode where she was alone. Gee, I wonder where Silver was during that time.

Best Villain? All of them! I can't pick one! *hears shouts of outrage about Sombra* He had enough onscreen menace for me to fear him. That is enough in my book. I like Discord if you must be annoying about it.


Best Ship: VERY hard to decide... what pick one? Uh, :twilightsheepish::heart::rainbowkiss: :ajsmug::heart::rainbowwild: :fluttershysad::heart::rainbowwild: Screw picking one ship :heart::rainbowkiss:

Best unusual story with a common ship? I made this category up!! I am going with Tugging on my Undead Heartstrings! I found this story to combine a blood erotica with LyraBon! I found myself going WTF several times throughout this story! It was the first LyraBon story I read.

Best Dark Fic?: I usually try to avoid dark, tragic stories because I usually don't like hurting emotionally because of them. This changed when I read the summery for Harvest. Then I read Secret Life of Rarity, and had an emotional attack and felt myself slow down. Rainbow Factory was a surprise enjoyment, and I loved Pegasus Device. Rocket to Insanity was also enjoyable because I found it actually entertaining. So much so, that I prefer the original over the alternate unofficial ending by DarkJester. I now have a rule about them, and they have to have an unignorable summery for me to read them. The Cupcake Chronicles is also an enjoyable dark story.

Best Clop? Anything with Scootaloo is an instant win! ScootaDash is in this category as well. TwiDash and AppleDash are also instant wins and reads. FlutterDash has to be pretty damn good. I find that Fluttershy would be too awkward for sex and thus don't have many with her.

Best Background Pony with Mane 6 paring? A huge toughie! but I would have to go with DerpDash hands down.

Best Background Pony? Another Toughie as I usually tag with Dash and Crusaders now. But when I first got into the show, I started with Trixie! Then graduated to Lyra! I moved on to Octavia, and finally a combination of Scootaloo and Dash. But I like Derpy a lot! I hate it when she is stereotypically mentally challenged. Doesn't stop me from reading the story if it is a minor element, but the likability goes down.

Impact story? This category is here to show two stories that got me into certain characters when I wasn't a fan before. Xenophilia started me on the road to liking Dash, Secret Life of Rarity, got me to actually appreciate Rarity. How sad, I don't have many others as no other stories I have read made any other characters stand out. (I haven't read Pattycakes or 100% of Cupcakes and those two characters are already my favorite in my book)

Secret pet peeve about the fanon? Why doesn't anyone create a killer :ajbemused: story. I don't count the Great Ponyvile Picnic as it sounds on par with other troll grimdarks, and I technically didn't read it all the way through. Seriously, you create dark stories for the other 5, is corrupting the element of honesty really all that hard?

Favorite Meme? Uh, why do you ask? The show already is 20% cooler anyway.

HIE transformation? If I were to go to Equestria, I would probably be an Earth Pony, because of my ground bound activities. Though I wouldn't say no to being able to sleep on cloud beds.

Cutie Mark? That question just isn't fair. I have no idea what my special talent is.... Could this be the real reason I like the Crusaders? Maybe...

*Some time passes*

And that is how I put together a really long comment on someone else's blog post, on my favorite things about the show and fanon. I hope that your experience was an enjoyable one and can now say without a doubt, it was longer then it should have been. :facehoof:

Who is best pony? Pinkie pie because I just love her crazyness that's why. Also applejack goes in second of course:pinkiehappy:
Best shipping? Twilight x Pinkie
Best uncommon shipping? Rarity x Pinkie
Best crusader? Hard to choose I think sweetie belle.
Best background pony? Roseluck
Best song? Smile, Smile, Smile winter wrap up and all of pinkies songs what? I freakin love that mare.
Best Villain? Discord and chrysalis tie at this
Best princess? I don't care about them all too much if I had to choose it would be Luna.
Best race? Earth ponies hell yeah:rainbowwild:
Best Episode? Any pinkie episode
Okay, how about this: Best Twilight episode? Lesson Zero
Best Dash? Read it and Weep / May The Best Pet Win
Best Applejack? Too many to chose from
Best Pinkie? Feeling Pinkie Keen any pinkie episode where she is at her best.
Best rarity episode? All of them it's hard to choose
Best Fluttershy? Hurricane fluttershy since this was the only time she actually tried to do something
Worst episode? Wonderbolt academy because pinkie's characterization made me want to strangle her even if I am a huge pinkie fanboy:raritydespair: also the last round up I just found applejack annoying in this
Worst Mane Six? Fluttershy sorry I just could never stand her. I sometimes just want to yell at her to suck it up and actually do something:facehoof:

Who is best pony? Vinyl Scratch
Best shipping? Twidash
Best uncommon shipping? Vinyl Dash
Best crusader? :scootangel:
Best background pony? Vinyl Scratch
Best song? This Day Aria
Best Villain? Chrysilis. But it's very closely tied with NMM, I suppose discord would be third
Best princess? Why settle for a princess when you can have a queen Chrysalis
Best race? Alicorn, what's not to love about them?
Best Episode? Canterl;ot Wedding purely just because it was the first gen 4 episode I ever watched
Best:twilightsmile:: Magic Kindergarden thingy
Best :rainbowdetermined2:: Read it and Weep
Best :ajsmug:: Apple Buck season
Best :pinkiesmile:: Party of one
Best :raritywink:: The one with the fasion show and her depression
Best :fluttercry:: the gala part with phscoshy
Worst episode? Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
Worst villain? Sombra
Worst Mane Six? Fluttershy
Worst writer? Don't know

I like all your answers very much Kaidan:pinkiesmile:

Also you have really being collecting followers lately haven't you?:)


Best Fluttershy? Pattycakes. Oh, not fan fiction, you mean episode?

Kaidan you are wonderful and I love you. :heart:

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