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My Creations + A Puppet To Her Fame Inspired Works (Audio, Art, Fiction) · 3:03am May 12th, 2013

All current and future puppet related works will go here. My own collection of works is at the bottom.

A collection of all works inspired by my story, which was inspired by Dreampaw on Deviant Art.

Dramatic Readings:
Act I:
Act I: Soundcloud

by Malao567

Act II:
Act II on Soundcloud

by Malao567

Complete Reading with Soundtrack by ObabScribbler

Music: Hooks and Strings by Reverb Brony

Fan Fiction-
Inspired by puppet:
My Name is Twilight Sparkle by Jaestring
When A Heart Loses its Shine by Breath of Plagues

In the universe of puppet:


by drmythbusters

Jaestring has volunteered to make a proper cover art. Send her lots of love to cheer her on!

All of the following by Jaestring.

She's even working on a comic!

She also takes commissions. They enable her to work less, focus more on school, and of course provide excellent incentive to continue working on My Little Pony fan art.


PMV's by me:
Asylum Trailer (to One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest)
My Little Duke Nukem
Cutie Mark Crusader Communists (PMV for "Soviet Partisans")

Art by me:
"Rarity's List" from Secret Life of Rarity

Art made for me:
Jaestring's Dollhouse Cover
Jaestring's Dollhouse Comic

Dramatic Readings:
Puppet to her Fame - malao567

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Comments ( 10 )

Nice to see this finally up. I'll be recording chapter 3 tonight, and editing and posting tomorrow.

You just love showing off, huh Kaidan? :trollestia:

But seriously, you deserve all this love, dude! Can't wait to see more! :pinkiehappy:

Ze comic vas made by me. *German mode ACTIVATED*

:pinkiehappy: You are absolutely wunderbar! I will have to check out ze other contributions and inspirations as well, they look very very interesting!

They all asked nicely, and now I have one permanent home to put this stuff in. :pinkiehappy:

Also yes, I kinda have to show off because I get the feeling I'll never write something this good again...

What? Dude, this is just the beginning! I'm positive you'll birth into this world another kickass creation of yours that will surpass this in no time! Remember, you can only get better and improve from here on out! :raritywink:

Epic story, bigger sensation. You'll end up with the spotlighted Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, and My Little Dashie:pinkiehappy::ajsmug::raritystarry::twilightblush:

A Puppetverse would be awesome. Maybe Octavia goes off to find more puppets, starts her own orchestra. I've also considered a heart-broken Vinyl finding comfort in the drunken embrace of one Berry Punch. Kind of set a high bar for myself, though :)

Hey, I might just get in on this universe. If you don't mind is all. :raritywink:

I don't mind. I'm too busy to expand the universe myself. Also, I lack the self-confidence. If a fan messes up a sequel, it can't be traced back to me. :pinkiecrazy:

((But I'm really busy working on Dollhouse, and by that I mean playing video games / having family visit for Mother's Day, and wanting to write Dollhouse.))

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