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Recommended reading, Favorites, Authors, Editors · 12:56am Mar 15th, 2013

Here is a list of some of my favorite fiction.

Favorite Adventure: The Immortal Game
Favorite Alicorn Twilight: Cry For Eternity
Favorite Alternate Universe: Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine
Favorite Apocalypse: End Of Ponies
Favorite Body Swap: When A Pony Calls
Favorite Comedy: Oh to be old again
Favorite Crossover: Legend of the Brony
Favorite Dark: Pegasus Device
Most Gore (Also, most difficult to read): Cherilee's Garden
Favorite HiE: Project: Sunflower
Favorite Premise& Alt Ending: Hard Reset
Favorite Random: ...But the kitchen sink
Favorite Re-write: Transendence
Favorite Romance: Vinyl & Octavia University Days
Favorite Sad: Asylum
Favorite Second Person: Races
Favorite Serial Killer: Secret Life of Rarity trilogy
Favorite Slice of Life: Hiccups
Favorite Spin-Off: Cupcake Chronicles
Favorite clop storyline: The Beat
Favorite Tragedy: Background Pony

Brief reviews of things you should check out.

Pattycakes - A creepy story about how Fluttershy adopts Rainbow Dash as her new baby foal, conditioning her and regressing her age. Has two sequels and a prequel, involving a 'choose your own adventure' story.

Shattered - A story about Dash recovering from a horrible psychological trauma. As a healthcare provider, it and the emotions portrayed were accurate and chilling. Definitely one of the better dark stories I've read, the author does not rush to reach the climax of the story.

Solitary Locust - Wherein Twilight casts a spell to reveal changelings after the Wedding scare. The spell uses changeling magic, which TS fails to research properly, thus turning herself into a changeling. Unique in that she wasn't a changeling before the spell, she actually changed herself into one.

Sunset - Hands down the best "Twilight's descent into madness" story on the site. I learned so much from this story.

When A Pony Calls - Fairly popular, I only read it recently though. If you like HiE stories, or body swap with a pony stories, but mostly if you like 'punish the protagonist' stories, you'll love this. Great humor, great slow descent into madness, and most of all, the strangest cloptional chapter I've ever had the fortune, or misfortune, of reading.

Short Comedy:
Shipping Sickness - A ship I'd never heard of, Twilight x Night Stand. Yep, her furniture comes to life, and some pieces of it are more appreciative then others.
The Regalia - My favorite twist ending. Don't worry, you still won't see it coming.

Sad and Tragedy:
Transendence - He's doing a full re-write, and it's driving me mad. He just ended with the plot twist but broke his weekly update schedule. Very sad, I literally went through the five stages of grief at what happened to Scootaloo.

Short sad stories:
Daredevil's End - A very touching, sad story of self-sacrafice.
Four Little Words - Another short, very sad, story of idol worship.

The Beat - Anyone ever tell you "I read clop for the storyline?" Well, they're lying. Except with this one. I read it, missing the mature/sex tags. About 5 chapters in was the first clop scene. But the plot was so good (And lets face it, TwiDash rocked) so I kept reading. It explains the backstory of the Changelings, and their opposite 'The Sisters'. Celestia would kill them all if not for Luna's intervention. Twilight has to fight the darkness inside herself or lose Dash forever.

I know dozens of great authors and editors, this is just a short list. Please don't hate me if I didn't list you :fluttershyouch:

(Author Editor Best Friends Forever)
Daemon of Decay, TypeWriterError, The Parasprite, Jaestring

Author's you can't go wrong with:
ShortSkirtsAndExplosions, BronyWriter, MilesPrower06, Brony2893.

Awesome Editors
Gage of Grandiloquence, ArgonMatrix

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Oh lord The Regalia was one of the best one-liners I have read in a LONG time. Thanks for that.:pinkiehappy:

919492 Your welcome. I love when a short story has such a great feature to it.

Oh, I've read Solitary Locust. This is oh, so good of a fanfic.
Speaking of which, mines is coming along nicely

919609 I look forward to a new story :pinkiehappy:

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